Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's what I'm doing.  Appliqueing instead of piecing these into the borders.

A couple on each side for balance.

Appliqued but border is not attached yet.  Got to get all four sides ready at once.

Also been working on this in the frame.  The lines actually show up better than doing a fancy design.  That gets lost in the flannel.  So simpler is better on flannel.  It's a big quilt so this will take several more weeks in the frame.  It's hard to mark on flannel I use masking tape and quilt along the edge of it.  You go through alot of tape because of the fuzzy on the flannel.  But it really works well. 

Terry is home and not slowing down enough in my opinion.  I hope he heals ok.  He wasn't feeling great yesterday, and he got woosy before lunch.  So maybe he was just hungry....?   Probably not, he has been busy doing all kinds of things.  Which is why I haven't written as much.  I do things with him when he's home, and when he's not feeling well, there's more to do.  I just want him back to normal so I don't worry as much.

Started quilting "Press Any Key" at bee.  This is going to take a very long time bringing it to bee.  But I don't have much other time to spare to sit and quilt on any of my things. 

We had a very bad storm last night.  Lots of lighting.  So I run around and unplug everything I can.  The cloud was right over us on the ridge.  You could see the edge of it on the north and south side.  Didn't last long, but it was intense.  Those storms only used to be around in May... not any more! 

The Ritzy Thimbles quilt guild meeting is Monday night.  I'm looking forward to that!  Those women are really good!  Love people who enjoy the process!

"When you don't know where you are going, all roads will lead you there."

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