Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here's the patterns and fabrics I was going to make clothes and not take more than a day or two....

I'm in a holding pattern.... The shirt had these long sides that hung down.  And they were terrible.  I cut over 9" of fabric off each side and been trying to make them into the "shark bite" edge.  Almost there, but then life got in the way.

I also started another bag to give to a friend.  It's cute fabric, but I'm not sure it's what she will like, so I may have to do 2 to get it right.  Again, life got in the way.

Here's the side pocket...

Here's the orginal 4 bags I made from the Tulip Bag pattern.  I really like them!  4 sizes!  Too cute!

Love this fabric.  It matches the vest I made for the curved pieced vest!

So?  What happened to today?  Workout, kroger to get a cake for my birthday tomorrow.  Then  to Home Depot for  all the stuff we need from there.  Then we went and test drove a car.  We are planning on trading in 2 cars for one.  With a 2 car garage, it makes sense to have 2 cars, not 3.  Back to errands, home, phone calls.... go pick up my birthday present!  Home, and I'm exhausted.  I only slept about 4 hours last night.  Don't know why I'm not sleeping all through the night....

Got a call and I got 2 Honorable Mentions at the quilt show!  Not Bad!  So I'll be at the show on Sunday to see all the quilts and wait to pick mine up! 


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY!! Congratulations! See you Sunday. I'm a hostess Sunday.

  2. Happy birthsday to you, i think it is to day :-)

    I want to ask you where you buy the pattern to the bags you make, i like them SO most....

    Hope you understand the way my writing are ;-)

    Happy day to you and your family on this beautyful dagy from
    Mette in Denmark

    1. It is the 2 hour Tulip bag. Go to The company is called Anything But Boring. Cute! Janice Pope is the designer or the company owner. It took 2 hours to sew, but takes alittle longer to pick out fabrics and how you want to use them. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  3. Thank you.
    Have a nice day

    Mette from Denmark