Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finished the Dolphins!  Took me 2 years, on and off, to finish it.  I really love this one.  So it'll go up on my walls somewhere for a while.

Finished this blue and yellow Broken Star quilt and will ship it today.  Showed it last night at the guild meeting.

Fabrics out to make the class samples.  I'll teach the 9 Patch Pizzazz class next month.  It's an easy class and a very cool, quick way to make a quilt out of a large print fabric.  Or you can take blocks that you have (say from a block exchange) and get them to all fit, even if they are all off by an inch or two!  Have had that happen many times. 

Got to go work out this morning and get thing organized around here!  Tax paper work needs to be sorted... yuck.  So I have to get moving.  I will show other pictures of some quilts that I have made.  My brother wants me to put on the quilts that have family pictures on them.  I made a large one for Dad when he was having trouble with alzhimers.  The family pictures helped remind him who everyone was.  It was up on the wall at the assisted living, and people would come in to talk with him about it.  I had made a "map" of the pictures with everyone's name in the squares.  That way he would not have to remember who was who.  He could look at the map.  Or let others look.  I have to dig out the quilt later today and take pictures. 

We had a great speaker last night at the guild meeting.  Barbara Gram, she writes mysteries and quilts.  So she had lots of funny things to tell us about.  Writing mysteries is interesting.  The victum is the most important charicature.  And you can kill off imaginary's not illegal.  She had several ways to do that....wonder if her husband worries about this?  She also said how quilting is alot like writing.  Practice, fail, practice, improve, practice, succeed.  That's true about alot of things!  So we had a good laugh last night.  Glad I went. 

Enjoy your fabrics!  That's why we have them!  Patty

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