Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Got some pictures of the outside of the house!  Everything is growing and blooming!The front windows are my sewing room.  I love the front doors! 

Back yard from the lower patio.  Azaleas are in full bloom! 

The dogwood trees are so white this year!

When we had a guy put in this garden, I told him I like texture, color, and only 2 hours of gardening a year.  He did really well!

Then we added this retaining wall to keep the addition to the driveway from washing away.  The little pink flowers are happy this year!

The birdbath is right outside my sewing room window!  I get to watch the birds come in for the water.  It needs to be sealed.  The water seeps through it now.  Too many years of water freezing in it. 

I love my house.  It's almost remodelled inside.  Got to do the 3 bedrooms and the 2 bathrooms upstairs.  I dread the actual remodel, but when things are done, it's so wonderful! 

We had trouble with crabgrass and weeds last year and had the lawn sprayed....killed off almost everything.  Then was seeded.  SOOOOOO much better!  Who knew a lawn could be such a pain in the butt! 

I have been working on the one in the frame today.  So no pictures of quilts! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Nadia Mamelow!  She's here from Tunisia!  Wow.  We had a great day at Thursday Bee getting to know her and see what she likes to work on!  They don't have a lot of fabric shops over there, so she really uses scraps and leftovers. 

this is appliqued.  Reminds me of Mola's but it's not reverse applique. 

this is all embroidary.  Has a batting underneath but no backing yet.  Uses the pearl cotton.

Second version.  These are to be pockets on a bag that she is making.

This is one side of the bag, and

This is the other side.  The fabric is black and white, the colors are the embroidary she has added. 

Here's a closer look at her piece she was holding up.  The white was a sleeve she cut off, then added in the green pieces.  Drew the flowers with pencil to get them in the right place.  Then outlined with a Sharpie Pen!  Went over the lines with embroidary, and kept on stitching.  Very interesting work!

Deb was there and adding buttons to her piece!  This was made out of the scraps of the previous quilt she worked on. 

We laughed a lot today at bee!  That's what it's all about for us.  Nadia is going to be in town for a couple of weeks, so we'll get to see her at the guild meeting and bee again.    I will take her around to see some shops and up to see my studio.....hope I don't have to clean up too much.  I'd rather play around with fabrics than clean. 

Her blog is   go and see her things. She blogs once a week for a couple of weeks.  Then takes the 4th week off.  She took lots of pictures and notes to update hers when she can on this trip.  We met through this blog!  I met some one from Tansania!  Unreal and fantastic! 

She will give a talk at the UT Library on  women and how they have changed and become Modern.  April 16th, 3 to 5:30.  Should be fun to listen to! 

Just keep swimming....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two more bags made up and sent off to a friend!   I was supposed to go see her and go to the Sewing Expo, and then Terry needed gall bladder surgery. Bad gall bladder, bad.  I had wanted to be sneeky and find out what kind of fabric and color she might want.  Had to be more blunt and ask.  I couldn't decide between these 2 so I made both.  These bags are fun to I started another.

I didn't have enough of the sheep fabric left, but love the color combination, so the sheep will be the lining.  I also didn't want this to be square bag, so I'm redesigning it.  Also put in an extra pocket to put a bottle of water in, on the side.  Too tired to finish using the sewing machine tonight.... that will have to get done tomorrow.

Got the binding sewn around this quilt and will have to turn it tomorrow also.  There is alittle more quilting to go into the white area (somewhere), so that'll get done too.

I got the name of Loretta's quilt, it's "Guilded Diadem".  Needed to get this in so you would know!  I also got to go to the Norris guild's meeting today.  They meet during the day!  Nice bunch of women!!!  So I guess I will join that guild too!  they are up to 35 members!  The size of guilds really varies.  But each guild has such creative people in them.  They all make quilts for all kinds of reasons.  It's fasinating to see all the workmenship that goes into them.  And they are hungry for more all the time.  Want to see more, learn more, make more, and enjoy every bit of it!  You can never have too much fabric or too many quilts!  Now if we could only have all the time we want to work with them. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amazing quilting in this one!  The star just radiates! 

"Kaboom"  Love the colors in this!  The stripes really work well in it!

A log cabin with interesting bargello in it!  Very clever! 

This one is so wonderful.  The colors are soothing and the different sized blocks are a great design effect.

So?  What did I do today.  Taxes... and running around.  Errands take up alot of time.  Terry and I did go out for lunch.  We get all dressed up and this was my birthday lunch.  Got to say the service was excellent today over at Ruby Tuesday!!!  Got to wear my new birthday present too! 

Terry will be going back to work next week.  I can see several days of the quilt room buzzing with sewing going on.  Haven't gotten as much going on as I am used to.  But I do get alot more done than most people.  I made 2 bags for a present to a friend.  It's so much fun to pick out the fabrics and put it together.  Forgot to take pictures!  Ugh.  Well, if I didn't seal up the package yet, I can go get them!

Keep stitching!  Things will come together.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quilt Show Pictures 2012!  This was best wall quilt by Leona Harden, "For Alex: Love, Mom"  It is about 72" across, no small quilt.  Workmanship takes my breath away.  I don't machine quilt.  That's what this is...and it's wonderful!  She took doddles and drawings that her son had done and turned them into this quilt.  The trees are all threads.  I really love this one!
I did get permission from people to put up these quilts.  Will still try to get more up. 

"Golden Gossamer" by Loretta Painter.  Different from her others.  I really love this one. 

Now I hope I'm getting all the information in here correctly!  If not I am sorry ahead of time.!

Sandy Kambic did this as part of a challenge for the Tellico guild.  Had to be a travel poster!  You go girl!  Great design.

Deb DiPietro, "Curvy Cats". What a fun quilt!

Every show will have an Elvis quilt by Nellie Durand "My Velvet Elvis".

I think this is "Double Dip" by Loretta Painter.  She's changing her style! 

My "Spanish Coast".  A small one done with the Happy Village techniques.  I would love to do a bigger quilt, but the pieces are so small to handle... so either have to do larger pieces or forget it!

Tone Hagen-Cogburn's challenge piece.  She stretches her techniques and amazes me all the time!

Gloria Felter's " the Bear Walked Over the Quilt."  Just love the happy feeling with the paws tilted!  My kind of colors too.

My "Stylized Flowers".  It was hard getting colors that would work on top of this blue fabric!  Should have done somethiing with black on it!

Linda Claussen," NMAH and the Quilters".  Just love the bees in this one... there is a history to it...

My "9 Patch and Koi Fish" got an honorable mention.  I'm teaching this class in April through the Ritzy Thimbles Quilt Guild.

This one is yummy.  I think Leona quilted it... I can't find it in the book.  The sandy background color makes the jewel tones really stand out.

"Blooming 9 Patch."  I got an honorable mention for this one too.  I won't be making minatures much.  The small pieces are hard to control....

Linda Roy's quilt!  "Vintage Values"  is superb hand workmanship!  The camera can't pick up all the details. 

"Circular Motion", another of mine.  The quilt that got 3rd place in this catagory also used this technique.  Her's was in hot colors and was really fantastic!

Tone's turtle exchange ended up with a lobster in it!  Too Cute!  Just love the look of this one. 

I took 94 pictures.  There were about 175 quilts in the show.  If you didn't get there, you missed some wonderful quilts! 

Again, I will put up more quilts as I can.  I still feel that once they are in a public show, that you are allowed to take pictures but not to profit from them or use of them.  Believe me, I'm not making any money from a blog!  I love to share things about quilting and get people excited about making them.  Seeing quilts helps get your creative juices flowing.  People are going to "copy" them.  But most of the time, they rarely duplicate them.  They just can't.  I don't take pictures of someone else's patterns, but I do show what I have made, even if I used a pattern or book or a technique.  It's interesting at national shows, you can see a quilt that was made on one coast, and one on the opposite coast, and the quilts can be very, very similiar!  But the makers don't know each other at all.  As designs evolve, there will be similiar quilts.  Only if you stop looking at other peoples quilts all together will you come up with something that no one else has done. 

As you travel or have events happen to you, your designs will be influenced.  The journal pages that I saw one year in Houston were a testimony to that!  Working in a series is fun to try a twist on the second piece, or put in something else.  Adding and subtracting makes your creativity go to work.  I'm attracted to some one elses color choices and differnet ways that they put things together.  But that doesn't mean I'm copying things.  Influence is different.    So viewing quilts from a show will spark an idea.  I doubt anyone will copy exactly what is there. 

By trying different things, styles, or techniques, you may find something that is fun and that you love putting together.  Only by letting your creativity play, will you come up with something original.  Isn't that how the techniques are developed?  Books are written to help us try something new.  With all the wonderful fabrics we have collected, it's time to start cutting them up and playing around with them!!! 

"Plan to be Surprised!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My quilts that were in the show are the following "Stylized Flowers".  On a whole piece of fabric that I just didn't want to cut up!  So I had to applique something on it !

Circular Motion.  I love working with this design!  Used left over blocks that were log cabins....

This is Gloria Felter's "The Bear Walked Over The Quilt".  Wonderful layout of the blocks and great colors.  She gave me permission to post it.

My "BLooming 9 patch".  Got an honorable mention!  I don't usually do miniatures.  Too fussy for my taste, but this one with all straight lines wasn't so bad. 

"9-Patch with Koi Fish"  is a fun one to make and I will be teaching the class at the Ritzy Thimbles guild in April. 

And "the Spanish Coast" is another small piece.  Wanted to do a bigger one, but all those little pieces are very tedious to work with. 

There are 94 pictures of quilts.... and I got wind that some people would be very upset if I just post them without permission.  So?  If you enter a quilt in a show and people enjoy the quilts, and they take pictures.... isn't posting them like letting people look at your photo album?  I'm not going to make a profit.  And I"m not selling any idea or pattern.  And I won't be charging anything to show them to more people.  So why is there any problem with posting things that were in the public to be seen?  Or is this just that someone doesn't have complete control over things?  I am not trying to rattle anyone's cage, but I feel that I have permission to show photos of a public event that I was charged to go into.  Are we so scared to let people see what's there?  If you don't want your quilts seen, then why would you put them into a show?  Again, I won't be making any money, just want to share pictures of some great quilts....

Let me know what you think. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today was a car day!  Autocross is lots of fun!  You get to drive the car fast and learn to handle it better.  We had to empty out the cars first and have an inspection. 

Great looking engine!  And I'm not a car buff.  But it all fits in there just right!

Lined up and waiting our turns to first drive on the skid pad and see what it feels like to drive really fast in circles!  Then we did saloms really fast!

There is Terry!  We also did braking to get it up to 60 and slam on the brakes to see how far you need to stop the car.  Not that easy.

Here we are waiting for the final autocross of the day.  They set up cones and you drive the course.  Going faster each time, and practicing good methods to handle the cars. 

Tomorrow is the quilt show, and I'll have lots of pictures of those.  It's in Maryville at the college if you all want to go see!  Terry is out washing the car now.  I'm worn out!  I really love to drive.  Those cars are a dream to handle.  There was an empty beer can under the front seat !  When I did the braking thing the first time, it came flying out!  Have to have a talk with Joey about that! 

So it's really been a long time between quilting days.  I'm starting to go nuts about that.  But there are things that get put on the calendar, and you just have to do them.  About another week of those and hopefully, I'll get back to quilting more.  Hibernation didn't last long this winter!

Start to spin, both feet in.... that's what we learned today!  PUSH THE CLUTCH AND THE BRAKE AT  THE SAME TIME, when you start to spin.  Let go of the wheel and enjoy the ride.... (Then change underwear.)

I need to go hold some cotton for a while.  Too tired to eat.... Patty

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's see?  What did we do today....?  Got another car.  Traded in 2 and brought home one.  This way, no cars outside during hail storms and tornadoes.  The truck is out there. 

don't you just love the blue!  I do!  Can you guess what kind they are?  Does is matter....?  Well, I guess so.  I love mine and fit in it just right!

Meet the neighbor hood kitty.  She's the sweetest thing.  This time she came right up to me.  She's been kind of skiddish for a long time.  Just barely has a purr. 

Ok, I guess I should say more about the car.  But what can I say.  We had an Audi that Terry finally said he wasn't that crazy about it.  It didn't have a standard shifter.  We have always had that and while I was getting used to the Audi, I wasn't hooked on it either.  The Caymen was the car we got to go to the track days and drive that (yes this is the quilter!).  But that was in need of some attention since it was a 2006.  So this one is a 2009, and has the warrenty.  So if something is wrong with it, they fix it!  After just spending more than we wanted to on replacement things on the Caymen, we decided to trade those 2 in and bring home this Carrera.  Sweet.  Terry is out there learning all the buttons, bells and whistles now. 

So there is a quilt show this weekend and I'm going on Sunday!  I have fooled around with test drives, insurance agents, paperwork, and all that stuff!  I really need to just go look at pretty fabric things soon, or I'll go nuts! 

Practice Random Acts of Quilting!  Patty