Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some days you just feel like you are inching along.  But with circles, it's like setting in sleeves....lots of pinning and sewing slowly.  One more row.! Yea!

Same with the quilting on this one.  Just been hard to sit still lately.  But I'm getting there.

Terry was supposed to get home tonight.  But fog in Louisiana kept the helicopter from being able to go get him.  So he'll be late in getting home tomorrow.  He's still sicker too, so I have set up dr's appointments and will go get medicine to help settle his stomach. 

So I did lots of things that needed to get done before he got update quicken program.  Not crazy about doing it, but it makes tax time easier.    I also had to dye my roots.  I'm not a natural blonde.  There is no such thing as natural beauty after 50.  So I work hard at being a nut and dye my hair.  So what.  I just don't want to look like my mother.  I already sound like her....Maybe I should do some blue hair?  Saw one girl with the prettiest bright red hair the other day!  It looked like feathers.  Really cool.

Then it was so warm outside, that at 4:30 I went out and trimmed the Japanese Maple tree and a few other bushes.  It's wonderful out there.  Tomorrow the thunderstorms will be here.  I have I told you about how lighting has come in the house 15 out of 16 years!?  So I do go around unplugging every thing I can.  Yes we have surge protectors, and no they won't stop lighting.  Like trying to stop a train by putting a cork on the tracks.  It's going to come in if it hits close by.  The charge releases the magnetic force and takes out things that are sensitive to electrical anything that is computorized!!!!!  WHICH IS EVERYTHING.  I always unplug my sewing machine and everything in here.  Most everything else now has insurance to cover it.  I just find that it's usually just alittle more than the deductable, so you don't want to file a claim and have your premium raised... so, 8 phones, 5 modeums, routers, computor parts like you wouldn't believe, the ADT system, a car charger, the electric hot water tank, parts in our cars, the cable coming into the house was fried, and tvs.  The neighbors have had all the outlets melted down and a big hole put in their roof.  They have had more than us.  My hubby is a geologist and he thinks it's the rock formation that we live on.  So I unplug and go read.  You know, it's never bothered the washer and dryer.....

So tonight, I will get some sleep and help Terry out tomorrow and thursday....then bee.  Will try to get more interesting pictures up!  Patty

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