Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready for the next cutting out?  I wasn't.... some of the blues are slated for the border of the first blue first you have to...

cut and sew on the borders so you don't use that fabric up on the second project!  I have done that before!  Get an idea, and forget that you were going to use a fabric for binding or something... so I have to put the fabrics away with the top so I stop cutting every thing up.

Here's more of the border strips.  Waiting....waiting.

Yesterday was a day that started at 4am.  I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up at 4:30am... did get somethings done.  Worked out, went to chiropractor.  Then went to the newest fabric shop to open about 10 days ago.  I had been there and signed up for a drawing, and won something!  Went to pick it up.  After I got home, it was one phone call after another.  TruGreen came to fertilize the plants.  UPs dropped off a box my hubby had order wood venner...and I had to open that up to check it and unroll it.  More phone calls. Finally cut out the borders and tried to get them sewed on.  I got ONE side on.  Then my son came over for dinner.  Ok, I was pretty tired by then so after dinner, I knew I wouldn't be able to sew a straight line.  More phone calls.  None of them were sales calls...

Speaking of which.  What do you do when you have gotten an old phone number that was a "business" number....and you keep getting calls from the debt collectors for the previous person?  Yea, my son's phone number is that...and the business went out of business over 4 years ago.  We looked it up on line, and there's the phone number that is now my son's.  Pain in the butte.  I think the website is responsible for updating and taking it off the "air".  I think this is a problem that if happening more than just to one number. 

When we had first moved here over 16 years ago, we got the number that had been a small rental car business that had only closed a couple of month every time there was a home football game in town, and people were flying into Knoxville, we were delughed with phone calls all wanting to rent a car.  Try answering a few hundred of those and you start to think that you could rent your own car out for the day!  When we moved into our house and went to switch the phone service, I got a different number.  Then we got a number and the people had left a few bills unattended.  (Isn't that a nice way of saying it?)  So we finally are not getting calls for them anymore.   

Oh, Yea....I did change out the straps on my favorite bag to carry work around in.  Wore out the handles and had this webbing.  Easy stitching and now have nice handles that match the flag.  Pretty cool to just have this stuff about. 

So I woke up at 5 am this morning.  Already have laundry done.  Realized that I did not blog...that still sounds funny to me!  So here I am at 6:45am, writing and not being real interesting.  But I'm here.  Somedays that is what is important! 

As Dory says in Nemo, "Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming...."

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