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Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Please put a label on your quilt as soon as you put on the binding.  I am still putting on labels.  And it's my own fault for not doing it as soon as I finished the quilts.  I used to always get the casing on for hanging, label it, and a picture or two.  THEN it is done. 

And another.....

And some more!

So what do you put on the label?  Title.  Spell it correctly!!!  Short and sweet is better than something that reads like a novel.  Then your name, address, and phone number.  I now put the size of the quilt on there.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to go remeasure quilts when I was filling out paperwork. 

Now you can put on the date.  But when selling a quilt, a strange thing is happening with people and dates.  They are so used to looking for dates on food in the store, that a date on quilts now has them asking for something more current.  What?  It doesn't expire, or go bad!  You either like the quilt or you don't.  I keep records so I can go look it up or guess when it was finished, but I don't put a date on there any more.

If the quilt is a present or for a special occasion, then take some time and write out the story.  Or make the label pretty with who it's for and why.  The history of a quilt can get lost so easily.  There are many that are baby presents, so put on the date of the birth and name of the baby.  Wedding quilts should have the date of the wedding on there.  (Then the groom can always look up the day he got married and not miss an anniversary!)

By the way, you do know the best day to get married on, right?  HIS BIRTHDAY!  He will never forget his anniversary.  And if he does, then the wife doesn't owe him an birthday present or an anniversary present! 

Keep quilting, and keep good records.  Someday, someone will ask about a quilt, and you will want them to know you made it!  Patty 

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