Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have started to sew the circle parts together.  Love this one.  Will take a while.  Slow going on curves.  But there aren't as many blocks as some of the other quilts.

Picture didn't come through well.  Just don't know what it was doing.  The blue and yellow is out of the frame.  Now I quilt the border in the hoop.  Turns out much nicer.

The triangle one is basted!  Did that at Thursday bee.  Put 3 big tables together and could get the whole thing done.  At home, my table is ok, but can only do about 1/3 of the quilt.  Then you have to pull it over and do another 1/3.  Doesn't always work out as well moving it around.  My table is at a better height, so my back does better. 

Didn't get to blog yesterday.  Crazy day with repairmen coming around.  Furnace guy got that all done, and the humidifier going nicely.  Then the Culligan man came by and we figured out that the water pressure in the house is too high. The pressure release valve must have quit.  Needs another....plumber coming tomorrow to do that and replace the core to the shower controls that are leaking.  All the extra pressure in the house has ruined different faucets and fixtures!

Been a busy week with that going on.  Did my talk at the Oak Ridge guild and I'm going to join that one!  Very productive group!  Should be fun! 

Extremely tired at 7pm!  So it's time to just go vegg out in front of the tv, and wait for Project Runway!  Someone asked me if I would try out for that with all my quilted clothes.  Think I would do better on the Comedy Channel! 

Important to have fun and make things you like!  Patty

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