Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally, I got back to sewing on this one!  I got two sewn together incorrectly... so I had to take them apart, turn one block and got it back together.

Bottom row...over 4 from left side.  Better.  Got two more rows to sew up.  Love this one. 

It was a long week last week, and just got the plumbing/Culligan/furnace/humidifier/phone all working.  Today Culligan came up and turned the water softerner back to soft water, YEA!  and no leaks.  Then the phone didn't work at all this morning.  Some work men down the road digging up the lines...ours are under ground in this neighborhood.  So I called into to AT&T and left a message on the computor.  No real people answer phones at the phone company.  I find that ironic enough as it is!  So I get a call while culligan is here...and the guy says that the phone is now working....with enough static on it even he could tell there was a problem.  Well I didn't report that.  Well not this last time, but the 3 times before this, I did.  You are only allowed to pick A, B, or C through the computor.  So this guy said he would tell "maintenance"... ?  Ok.  another truck shows up and laughs about the static.  Well, they have been working on the line... ok, check it again PLEASE, because it's been here for what ever he finally checked, it's now static free!   WHEEEEEEEE!  Only took 5 to 6 weeks and so many phone calls. 

So  I will have paper work to do in the 'putor before Terry gets home tomorrow.  Then I will sew to my heart's content!  This blue one will get sewn together, and I'll figure out what I want for a border. 

The small blue one from the left overs of the other one, I now have an interesting idea on something else to do with that.  More on the artsy/fartsy side... have to quilt it first before I can add what I want.  Needs stability for the next part.  So I'll get batting out and backing and get that ready to quilt.  I can drag that to bee on Thursday!  Love Bee!  I can take things there to play around with.  Like mother's day out for Moms!  No kids.... lots of sweets. 

We have a rule about birthdays at bee.  We could not remember everyone's birthdays, so if it's your birthday, you are responsible for bringing the cake.  This really works out well!  You pick out the kind of cake, and you always get what you like.  No one feels guilty about forgetting the date.  Everyone is happy that you were born!  It is a win/win thing.  So let them eat cake!  My birthday is in March.  I usually get a turtle cake, or a cheese cake.  I always hope top bring the extra home.... it's always all gone!  So maybe I should take out an extra piece or two before I bring it down there!

Eat dessert first!  Then get the chocolate off your fingers before you sew.  Keeps the needle from sticking in the fabric.  Patty

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