Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Pictures today.  Terry didn't get home yesterday.  That's the trouble with working so far from home.  He also has been sick for days.  So as soon as I got him home, it was chicken soup, toast, and tea.  Then he was sleeping all afternoon.  So I quietly quilted on the blue and yellow one.  And you can't really take a picture of the progress very well on that one.  Less than 2 borders to quilt. 

Storms today have also kept me from plugging in my machine.  That's ok.  No trees down anywhere. 

Tomorrow is Bee, but first I'll get Terry to the doctor's and make sure he's ok.  He's had this for 8 weeks!  Poor guy!  No one needs his stomach to be upset that long! 

So I'll go check out fabrics in my stash for backing of something else and figure out what to bring to bee once Terry's been checked. 

Keep quilting!  or just look at all the pretty fabrics!  Better than TV.  Patty

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some days you just feel like you are inching along.  But with circles, it's like setting in sleeves....lots of pinning and sewing slowly.  One more row.! Yea!

Same with the quilting on this one.  Just been hard to sit still lately.  But I'm getting there.

Terry was supposed to get home tonight.  But fog in Louisiana kept the helicopter from being able to go get him.  So he'll be late in getting home tomorrow.  He's still sicker too, so I have set up dr's appointments and will go get medicine to help settle his stomach. 

So I did lots of things that needed to get done before he got update quicken program.  Not crazy about doing it, but it makes tax time easier.    I also had to dye my roots.  I'm not a natural blonde.  There is no such thing as natural beauty after 50.  So I work hard at being a nut and dye my hair.  So what.  I just don't want to look like my mother.  I already sound like her....Maybe I should do some blue hair?  Saw one girl with the prettiest bright red hair the other day!  It looked like feathers.  Really cool.

Then it was so warm outside, that at 4:30 I went out and trimmed the Japanese Maple tree and a few other bushes.  It's wonderful out there.  Tomorrow the thunderstorms will be here.  I have I told you about how lighting has come in the house 15 out of 16 years!?  So I do go around unplugging every thing I can.  Yes we have surge protectors, and no they won't stop lighting.  Like trying to stop a train by putting a cork on the tracks.  It's going to come in if it hits close by.  The charge releases the magnetic force and takes out things that are sensitive to electrical anything that is computorized!!!!!  WHICH IS EVERYTHING.  I always unplug my sewing machine and everything in here.  Most everything else now has insurance to cover it.  I just find that it's usually just alittle more than the deductable, so you don't want to file a claim and have your premium raised... so, 8 phones, 5 modeums, routers, computor parts like you wouldn't believe, the ADT system, a car charger, the electric hot water tank, parts in our cars, the cable coming into the house was fried, and tvs.  The neighbors have had all the outlets melted down and a big hole put in their roof.  They have had more than us.  My hubby is a geologist and he thinks it's the rock formation that we live on.  So I unplug and go read.  You know, it's never bothered the washer and dryer.....

So tonight, I will get some sleep and help Terry out tomorrow and thursday....then bee.  Will try to get more interesting pictures up!  Patty

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally, I got back to sewing on this one!  I got two sewn together incorrectly... so I had to take them apart, turn one block and got it back together.

Bottom row...over 4 from left side.  Better.  Got two more rows to sew up.  Love this one. 

It was a long week last week, and just got the plumbing/Culligan/furnace/humidifier/phone all working.  Today Culligan came up and turned the water softerner back to soft water, YEA!  and no leaks.  Then the phone didn't work at all this morning.  Some work men down the road digging up the lines...ours are under ground in this neighborhood.  So I called into to AT&T and left a message on the computor.  No real people answer phones at the phone company.  I find that ironic enough as it is!  So I get a call while culligan is here...and the guy says that the phone is now working....with enough static on it even he could tell there was a problem.  Well I didn't report that.  Well not this last time, but the 3 times before this, I did.  You are only allowed to pick A, B, or C through the computor.  So this guy said he would tell "maintenance"... ?  Ok.  another truck shows up and laughs about the static.  Well, they have been working on the line... ok, check it again PLEASE, because it's been here for what ever he finally checked, it's now static free!   WHEEEEEEEE!  Only took 5 to 6 weeks and so many phone calls. 

So  I will have paper work to do in the 'putor before Terry gets home tomorrow.  Then I will sew to my heart's content!  This blue one will get sewn together, and I'll figure out what I want for a border. 

The small blue one from the left overs of the other one, I now have an interesting idea on something else to do with that.  More on the artsy/fartsy side... have to quilt it first before I can add what I want.  Needs stability for the next part.  So I'll get batting out and backing and get that ready to quilt.  I can drag that to bee on Thursday!  Love Bee!  I can take things there to play around with.  Like mother's day out for Moms!  No kids.... lots of sweets. 

We have a rule about birthdays at bee.  We could not remember everyone's birthdays, so if it's your birthday, you are responsible for bringing the cake.  This really works out well!  You pick out the kind of cake, and you always get what you like.  No one feels guilty about forgetting the date.  Everyone is happy that you were born!  It is a win/win thing.  So let them eat cake!  My birthday is in March.  I usually get a turtle cake, or a cheese cake.  I always hope top bring the extra home.... it's always all gone!  So maybe I should take out an extra piece or two before I bring it down there!

Eat dessert first!  Then get the chocolate off your fingers before you sew.  Keeps the needle from sticking in the fabric.  Patty

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I had to reroll and move quilts around so I put up this on in the hallway now.  I love this one.  It's the "3rd Day of the Universe".  Pieced background, appliqued blue circles to represent planets, and the overlay of the black with the circles cutout and appliqued down.  I had to machine quilt in the black.  That was suiting fabric (and on the back).  Too thick and stiff to hand quilt through all those layers!  I did hand quilt within the open circles.  It won the theme in the Pennsylvania Extravaganza show a few years ago! 

this one is an exchange in Thursday bee, of flowers.  Can you tell which flowers were mine?  This is up in the bedroom now. 

Yesterday was NOT a nomal day.  Went to a funeral in the morning.  I'm not good with those.  But it was important to go.  So I went to lunch with a very good friend later, who is a great listener, and she brought me a cupcake to help cheer me up.  Which it did!!!  We walk around shops after late lunch, and I got another hat.  Love hats!  This is a nice soft wool hat. Want to see it on?!

Ta-Da!  Brenda said I just need the violin case with the tommy gun in it... ok, just the case.  I always wanted a guitar case to carry my clothes in it.  People will ask if you play, and the answer is no.  But it looks great when you carry it around! 

As you can tell by the clock, it's 5:30am.  I woke at 2:30 and rolled around until almost 4am.  Just haven't been sleeping long hours at night.  But 4 1/2 is not enough.  I got up anyways and have started the day early.  Sheets and a couple of blankets have been washed and are in the dryer.  Plenty to do today that is not sewing.  Terry will be home tuesday and I have to go through the files to get papers out for taxes... bleck. But that's my part.  Then he puts the numbers in the right places in turbo tax. 

As you can see in my bathroom, I love color in there too!  Used to have over 200 scrubbies hanging from the curtain hooks.  Then the rod started to bend, so I had to decrease.  The flamingo found it's way in there.  Too cute! 

Well, I'd better vacuum and get the yucky things out of the way.....or I could just sew for a while?!  Yea, that's the ticket.  More later if I don't take a nap! 

Quilting is the rhythum of my soul.


Friday, February 24, 2012

No pictures today.... spent the day with a plumber in the morning trying to get the water pressure to stop flucuating in the house.  Not an easy thing!  It was actually building up and making things leak around here.  I think it's under control, but I'll be checking everything all weekend.

Then Mike came over.  Waited for the plumber to finish up... then Mike and I went to lunch.  Then drove up to Harriman to the quilt shop, Loose Threads.  I hadn't been up there for 2 years.  I was surprised that they didn't have more fabric in there.  They do have a huge room for classes now.  So I don't know if they had a big sale recently, or if they have cut back on the bolt count.  The fabrics are great, and priced about 11.99 a yard.  (Just so you know.)

So here I am, still quilting on the border of the blue and yellow quilt.  I did get the triangle one in the frame yesterday.  Can't start that one until I get the blue and yellow one done.  So I have to make myself work on these. 

Strange weather around here.  70's in the morning, cooling off all day long.  Rain, Sun, Clouds... just strange.  I would love to start another quilt right now, but have one on the design wall that I ahve to sew up also.  So no new pictures....

I'm setting up to teach a class with the Ritzy Thimbles quilt guild in April.  Once they know they have the room, I'll tell you more.  9-Patch Pizzazz!  Lots of fun and easy to do! 

Just keep quilting....just keep quilting....   Patty

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have started to sew the circle parts together.  Love this one.  Will take a while.  Slow going on curves.  But there aren't as many blocks as some of the other quilts.

Picture didn't come through well.  Just don't know what it was doing.  The blue and yellow is out of the frame.  Now I quilt the border in the hoop.  Turns out much nicer.

The triangle one is basted!  Did that at Thursday bee.  Put 3 big tables together and could get the whole thing done.  At home, my table is ok, but can only do about 1/3 of the quilt.  Then you have to pull it over and do another 1/3.  Doesn't always work out as well moving it around.  My table is at a better height, so my back does better. 

Didn't get to blog yesterday.  Crazy day with repairmen coming around.  Furnace guy got that all done, and the humidifier going nicely.  Then the Culligan man came by and we figured out that the water pressure in the house is too high. The pressure release valve must have quit.  Needs another....plumber coming tomorrow to do that and replace the core to the shower controls that are leaking.  All the extra pressure in the house has ruined different faucets and fixtures!

Been a busy week with that going on.  Did my talk at the Oak Ridge guild and I'm going to join that one!  Very productive group!  Should be fun! 

Extremely tired at 7pm!  So it's time to just go vegg out in front of the tv, and wait for Project Runway!  Someone asked me if I would try out for that with all my quilted clothes.  Think I would do better on the Comedy Channel! 

Important to have fun and make things you like!  Patty

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's cut out and on the board.  This one is going to take some time to piece because of the circles.  Not going to do it too fast because I want them to come out nicely.  I really do love these colors.  Added in more of the black and it really added to it. 

Now I have to clear off the table to baste the next one for the frame.  Almost done with as much as I can get to in the frame.  I have to quilt the 5" pieced borders in the hoop on the table.  It'll come out nicer. 

This has been a tough month for people being  sick, and passing away.  Seems like sickness is hanging on and not going away.  Many friends have had family members pass.  Just has been a tough winter.  I'm really looking forward to spring.  Will be a funny year.  Plan on lots of bugs without the cold to get rid of them. 

Ok, I had the furnace guy here and tried to get the humidifier working correctly.... and now I'm not sure if it was working right and the gauges around the house were not.  So I went to Walmart and got 2 new ones... you'd think any 2 of 4 would read the same numbers.... but NO.  They are all different.  

Tomorrow will be another day.  Patty

Monday, February 20, 2012

Slowly it's coming along. Didn't have alot of time for this one today.  But I really love the colors. 

Still cutting out pieces from the strips and the plain fabrics.

Closer picture of sections.  Won't sew the circles together until I cut out all the parts.  So far it's looking like it might turn out to be 6 x 4 blocks.  Good wall hanging size. 

Pretty tired.  Tomorrow, the furnace guy comes to replace a couple of parts.  Not broken, but honestly, why wait?  It'll happen during the coldest night on a friday... and you will have to pay extra to find the guy.  So I get things like this done earlier, rather than wait.  I hate being cold.  Maybe that is why I make so many quilts!  Patty

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some of the same blues are in the next quilt.  Since I had so many out, I figured to keep going.  I mean, we buy all this pretty fabric, let's keep cutting and sewing up quilts!

I cut 2 strips from each fabric, 1 1/2" wide.  You sew together 2 panels.

Then you start to cut out the circular parts and place them up on the board.  I will be cutting other solid pieces out also.  Only cut out of one panel so far.  Now my eyes and back need a rest.  I used to keep going.  I would be so into the process I wouldn't listen to my own body.  Now I have to or I'll pay for it tomorrow! 

So far, I'm loving the effect of the black and white in there.  The pieces will get moved around as I add to it.  It was raining today, so I just quilted at the frame first, then worked on sewing the strips together.  Tomorrow is monday, and I have the routine things to do in the morning.  Then get organized to go talk to the local guild!  "It's ok to be Creative" is the title to this lecture.  Want to get people excited about trying to do their own thing!  Yea!

May all your stitches be tiny!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The sheep now have borders.  Two shades of blue, and green will be the binding. 

You can see the border well in this one.  I have 3 quilt tops to baste now, so next week I'll get the backings sewn to size and open the battings for a couple of days.  I like to let them breath, or relax.  It makes them easier to handle and the folds workout more before you try to get them to lie flat.

Today I was at the Children's Museum, demonstrating quilting.  It was ok.  They were having a festival going on, but I was at the opposite end of the building!  Good lighting, and very few people going around.  So I stayed a couple of hours.  Then I tried to get to another thing that was going on.  The traffic was so slow!  So I missed out on that one!  Ok, came home and tried to get some more done on these quilts.  I just started cutting out 1 1/2" strips for the next thing.  Have a headache like a cold coming on.  Rats.  Could have been from that reception the other night.  I need to take more vitamin C and just go to bed.  No more cutting tonight!

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

On sale at Michael's Craft store are these "books" that open up and you store thiings in them.  I love them.  Can keep all those ideas that are on bits of paper, loose scraps of ideas, and torn out pages.  Then stack them up and they keep the dust off the papers!  They have a magnet to help keep them closed.  (30% off right now.) 

This one is open so you can see the inside is nice.  They all can go inside each other very nicely.  I got a couple extra for gifts.

Then last night, I did something I don't usually do.  I went out!  There was a reception for the new car coming out this year.  A big "To Do", and they did it up big!  Very posh.  Lots of fun.  There were valets to park cars, and NO ONE was using them.  They all parked their own cars, thank you very much.   Can you guess what kind it is?  I was given one for my 26th wedding anniversary!  He said I was worth it!  Ahhhh.  Only thing better than chocolate!  (Does this car make my butt look big?)  I took the picture, don't know who is standing there....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready for the next cutting out?  I wasn't.... some of the blues are slated for the border of the first blue first you have to...

cut and sew on the borders so you don't use that fabric up on the second project!  I have done that before!  Get an idea, and forget that you were going to use a fabric for binding or something... so I have to put the fabrics away with the top so I stop cutting every thing up.

Here's more of the border strips.  Waiting....waiting.

Yesterday was a day that started at 4am.  I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up at 4:30am... did get somethings done.  Worked out, went to chiropractor.  Then went to the newest fabric shop to open about 10 days ago.  I had been there and signed up for a drawing, and won something!  Went to pick it up.  After I got home, it was one phone call after another.  TruGreen came to fertilize the plants.  UPs dropped off a box my hubby had order wood venner...and I had to open that up to check it and unroll it.  More phone calls. Finally cut out the borders and tried to get them sewed on.  I got ONE side on.  Then my son came over for dinner.  Ok, I was pretty tired by then so after dinner, I knew I wouldn't be able to sew a straight line.  More phone calls.  None of them were sales calls...

Speaking of which.  What do you do when you have gotten an old phone number that was a "business" number....and you keep getting calls from the debt collectors for the previous person?  Yea, my son's phone number is that...and the business went out of business over 4 years ago.  We looked it up on line, and there's the phone number that is now my son's.  Pain in the butte.  I think the website is responsible for updating and taking it off the "air".  I think this is a problem that if happening more than just to one number. 

When we had first moved here over 16 years ago, we got the number that had been a small rental car business that had only closed a couple of month every time there was a home football game in town, and people were flying into Knoxville, we were delughed with phone calls all wanting to rent a car.  Try answering a few hundred of those and you start to think that you could rent your own car out for the day!  When we moved into our house and went to switch the phone service, I got a different number.  Then we got a number and the people had left a few bills unattended.  (Isn't that a nice way of saying it?)  So we finally are not getting calls for them anymore.   

Oh, Yea....I did change out the straps on my favorite bag to carry work around in.  Wore out the handles and had this webbing.  Easy stitching and now have nice handles that match the flag.  Pretty cool to just have this stuff about. 

So I woke up at 5 am this morning.  Already have laundry done.  Realized that I did not blog...that still sounds funny to me!  So here I am at 6:45am, writing and not being real interesting.  But I'm here.  Somedays that is what is important! 

As Dory says in Nemo, "Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming...."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I got flowers for valentines' day!  I love it!  They smell so good!  And the colors are so pretty.  Lillys look like they will open up in a couple of days!

Here's a valentine wall hanging for sale.  $125.  All hand done.  Hand appliqued in the Hawaiian style.

And hand quilted.  Course that is my favorite thing to do!  So send me a comment if you are interested in purchasing this piece. 

Rainy and gray are so wonderful to get  on a day like this!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Please put a label on your quilt as soon as you put on the binding.  I am still putting on labels.  And it's my own fault for not doing it as soon as I finished the quilts.  I used to always get the casing on for hanging, label it, and a picture or two.  THEN it is done. 

And another.....

And some more!

So what do you put on the label?  Title.  Spell it correctly!!!  Short and sweet is better than something that reads like a novel.  Then your name, address, and phone number.  I now put the size of the quilt on there.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to go remeasure quilts when I was filling out paperwork. 

Now you can put on the date.  But when selling a quilt, a strange thing is happening with people and dates.  They are so used to looking for dates on food in the store, that a date on quilts now has them asking for something more current.  What?  It doesn't expire, or go bad!  You either like the quilt or you don't.  I keep records so I can go look it up or guess when it was finished, but I don't put a date on there any more.

If the quilt is a present or for a special occasion, then take some time and write out the story.  Or make the label pretty with who it's for and why.  The history of a quilt can get lost so easily.  There are many that are baby presents, so put on the date of the birth and name of the baby.  Wedding quilts should have the date of the wedding on there.  (Then the groom can always look up the day he got married and not miss an anniversary!)

By the way, you do know the best day to get married on, right?  HIS BIRTHDAY!  He will never forget his anniversary.  And if he does, then the wife doesn't owe him an birthday present or an anniversary present! 

Keep quilting, and keep good records.  Someday, someone will ask about a quilt, and you will want them to know you made it!  Patty 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So?  What did you do today?  I was making and sewing on labels on quilts that will be going into our show next month.  I thought I had already done this!  But nooooo. So got those done and found many others that needed them.  Got quite a few done today...and sewed on the quilt in the frame.  I also started digging out things for a lecture I'm going to do in about 10 days.  Need to show certain quilts.  Mine are not very organized, so this was some digging.  Will finish that tomorrow.

Not every day is creative.  There is paperwork, labeling, sorting and storing that is always going to come up.  I'm also going to a festival on the 18th and will demo quilting.  Good chance to hand out my card and tell people about the up coming quilt show. 

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a cash advance."


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pieced and it's bigger than my wall!  I do like the flannels.  They are very soft and easy to work with.  Quilting them, it's harder to make the stitches close together because of the thickness of the fabrics.

Here's the full on shot.  Now I have to figure out what might look nice for quilting designs. 

Phone got fixed today, but I never saw anyone around the house fixing the outside box.  It's too cold out there for me to fool around with it to see if he did do it.  But the static is gone.  The weather started out at 31 this morning and went down from there!  Snow flurries all day.  Winter is back in East Tennessee. 

When Terry is home, Saturday night is always pizza night.  That started a long time ago when he rode his bike 250 miles a week.  80 on Saturday, and 40 to 60 on Sunday.  So I know all about carbo loading.  I'm doing ok loosing a few pounds from the holidays.  I'm just not going to do it out in the cold.  That is why I go to a gym 3 days a week to work out. 

Tomorrow I'll get back to the quilt frame. 

Don't mistake endurance for hospitality!


"Once upon a time, there was an amazing woman..."


Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting the strips together, and piecing borders.  Should get this done in another day or two.  Then figure out what might look good for the quilting design.

Ever have a day you just want to get things fixed or checked?  That was part of my day.  Called AT&T.  Still had static on the line after 2 other calls for repairs.  So I took a phone outside to the box on the side of the house to find the static was there.  Means it's their problem and not in the house.  Then I realized that inside the box is a section that says do not open... and it was loose.  So I shoved it in farther and, ta da!  No static.  But you need a special tool to finish tightening it up.  So back on the phone to talk to a REAL person and get this across to them.  Which I think I did....then later another real person called to ask if I still had static on the line.  NO, BUT you have to come out and fix the box.  So tomorrow morning, I will be awaiting the phone guy.  Then we got the AT& T bill, and it's slowly crept up over $50 a month... more calls tomorrow!  (I also cut my thumb on the stupid box outside, so this means I can't quilt too well for a couple more days!)

Furnace gets checked next tuesday.... stay tuned....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All  cut out and on the board.

Getting it sewn together into strips.  About half done.  There will be 2 borders, cut 4", so add about 7" all the way around.  It's going to be about 84" square.  Love the colors and the flannel! 

Bee was today.  Nice to sit and laugh.  Needed that!  Went for a walk with Terry, he's still out and about.  I can't last as long as he can out there!  But I do go to the gym 3 mornings a week.  That's so I can lift bolts of fabric! 

I have collected alot of short sayings that are fun.  So maybe I should end with one or two of those a day.

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

Learn to enjoy the little things, so you know how to love the BIG things.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Starting the next quilt!  Squares in place.

The blocks will be very large.  So it's not taking too long to get to this one.  Flannel fabrics. 

Ever have one of those days?  Mine started yesterday with some family things that need attention.  So I missed the guild meeting.  Rats.  But you go help out family first.  Then Terry landed at 11pm.  so it was after midnight by the time I got to bed.  Had to get up early for an appointment.  Just alot of running around.  Mike was over for dinner... and now I have laundry going at 8pm... not my usual goings-on.  I did get this quilt started.  Love the soft colors and fabrics.  It's going to be big.  It's for a customer.  Will have a cotton batting and flannel backing. 

So I'm off to bed as soon as I can get the wet laundry into the dryer.  I'm bushed.....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Leftovers!  Don't you just love them!  I had the squares that I took off the bottom 2 rows, and the thin strips that made up the sashing parts.  Put them up on the board. 

Then sewed them together.  I like how they turned out.  I want the top and bottom to be uneven.  It's going to look cool when I get this quilted up.  Might put on fish and a mermaid.  Never know.  Got to get started on the next one for a customer.  So that's going to get pieced first.  Then I'll play around alittle more with this.

I always have parts cut out sitting on the table when I'm done.  So I make bags, small quilts, and other things.  If the colors are all coordinated, then go with it.  I think I'll cut more strips and put together something else.  Love to work with colors, and blue is the easiest for me. 

Guild meeting tomorrow night!  Will bring show and tell for sure this time!  Patty

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ok, put on a funny movie and got it all together!  What's your favorite type of movies or music to have on when you are sewing/quilting?  Today was comedy spy movies.  Killers is on....

The men are always tricking the women while they do the spy thing.  Anyways, next I have to decide if I want borders around it...I'll measure it and see what the size actually is....just a minute.... 76" x 85".

The queen sized batts are 90 x 108.  You have to leave about 2" all they way around for working on it.  So about 86 x 104 is the good size for a queen top to be....time for math.  Mmm?  A border of about 5" around will make it a nice size.  I'm going to have to work out the colors in the next couple of days. 

Didn't sleep well last night. Was there a full moon?  Just woke up for a couple of hours in the middle of sleep.  So I'm too tired to make decisions now.  Don't do that, and don't keep sewing if you are tired.  That's when you sew the wrong sides together, and your seams get very irregular.    Time to vegge out in front of the tv, or sit and quilt alittle bit....


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Missed 2 days of posting.  Sorry about that!  Here's why...all the blue sashing are sewn up.  Corner blocks too.  Have several long strips sewn together.  It's getting there.

Here's a different view so you can see how long it's getting.  I took off 2 rows from the bottom.  Just  alittle too much.  But if it's not wide enough, I can put them up and "make more sashing".  Ugh.  I am getting tired of that.

Yesterday, went for a long ride with my son.  We love to go discover back roads.  Found a great one!  Nicely paved, not much traffic, inbetween two ridges.  Love those roads!  First time in a long time that I didn't do any quilting on the day. 

So today is catch up on laundry, the quilt in the frame and paperwork.  Yea, yea, yea.  Have to do's.  I'm never crazy about paperwork.  I can remember when the Out of Towners was making quilts and entering them in shows.  I was doing paperwork 3 or 4 days a week!  Trying to keep up with deadlines, entries, shipping, finances, and what shows they had been to.  It was crazy!  Who knew that quilting was so paper intensive.  So I'm not entering shows like I used to.  About 3 a year is plenty.  I still make as many quilts as I used to!  So that's why I still intend to take pictures and post the ones for sale.  Mmmm?  Now when was I going to do that?  I took one day in January, and only got one rubbermaid full done.  Still have 2 or 3 of those buckets and many, many pool noodles with quilts rolled on to those.  Really do need to organize. 

Tiny stitches add up.  So do taking small steps in the other large projects!  Another rainy day here, so it's back to quilting!  Yes!  Patty

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today's work.  Getting there!  34 more sashing parts to construct.  And corner blocks...I have lost count on those.  I really like the way it's coming together.  I did cut out too many blocks.  Took 2 off the bottom of each row.  Can add them to the side or bottom if I want it larger.  And add borders. 

I do like simple piecing.  Then I'll do some nice quilting in each block.  Bee tomorrow!  then Friday I think I'm out driving!  Patty