Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

To work on the sheep panel, first you have to clear off the design wall!  These keep coming out of hiding and I haven't made anythiing with them yet.  I usually take small blocks with me to applique something on them when I travel.  So there are still a ton of blocks waiting for my next trip....

Ok, carefully cut the panel apart so you can use all the fabric around the outside edges. 

Then put them on the design wall, and space them out.  I also cut out the centers of the pillows and added those squares.

Cut out 2 1/2" strips and start to make 9 patches.  I have used a few books before and love what they teach you.  These are the 3 books that are wonderful to use the techniques!
"9-Patch Pizzazz" by Judy Sisneros
Magical Four-Patch and Nine-Patch Quilts" by Yvonne Porcella

(Ok, this is what I get when I try to add something after I already wrote out the whole day... this is inserted in the middle of the blog by accident.  But this is the coat!  *The story is farther down on the page!  I actually got on the front of the style section of the Knoxville paper!  April 2000.)

"Quilters Playtime, Games with Fabrics" by Dianne S. Hire

I did a quilt using 9-Patch Pizzazz and brought it to guild about 3 years ago.  They wanted a class.  So I got permission to teach it from the publisher as long as I didn't copy any of the book.  I didn't and some of the class did buy their own book.  It is the easiest set up to make quilts.  All the MATH is done!  And you can change things around if you want to make a variation.  That's the good part about using 9 patches. 

So here's a few 9 patches made up and added.  You just keep filling in the blanks.  And change things around if you don't like the colors in places.  If something is too small in one space, add a strip.  Too big, you can cut alittle off.  I love it!

Add some more....

And keep filling it in.  I think I'll applique some sheep onto some of the blue blocks too!  I want this to be a throw on the couch.  So it'll have to be alittle bigger.  I'm going to keep working on this today, but wanted to start showing you some of how I work. 

One woman in Bee asked me to show the progression of my work.  Ok, never done that before.  I have to stop and grab the camera every once in a while.  I haven't started to sew this together yet.  You make the smaller parts first and get the color to work over the whole top.  I also don't usually put something right smack dab in the middle.  Either put it alittle off center, or higher.  I just have made so many quilts that I try to be different.  The first thing you get in quilting... be exact.  Center things.  Points must meet.... come on.  I want to create and not fuss.  I will be very careful to cut as exact as I can, but then I want to sew it together to get to the hand quilting.  To me that adds the "soul" to the quilt.  To see the secondary design in a quilt if the AH! part.  Like adding lines to people's faces.  I really don't understand botox. 

As a kid, I remember seeing an older woman who had lines beside her eyes.  I asked her about them and she said they were her "laugh lines"!  She had had a wonderful, fun life!  And it showed there on her face!  I couldn't wait to get my laugh lines!  It's part of our souls, and it shows on our face!  I guess I just see things differently than most people. 

I'll keep working on this and show more tomorrow. 

*Now the story about my coat.  I can't find a picture of it right now, but if I don't tell you the story now, I'll probably forget to! 

I started on the sleeves.  Not nomal, but by now you should know that I'm not and don't care.  The sleeves have big puffy parts at the top, and pieced down to the wrist.  I had them pinned onto my t-shirt and loved them!  So then I realized I had to make a coat to go inbetween them!  Wow!  Found the lama that I treasure and put some on the shoulders.  Big puffy collar, and lots of bright colors pieced front and back.  Hadn't quite lined it yet when Mike came into the sewing room.  Now he is a computor geek and proud of it, so he's inside all the time and very pale.  He saw the coat and went even paler, and asked, "you aren't going to wear that in public, are you?"!!!  (Poor kid, he didn't stand a chance.)  He was in high school, freshman or sophmore...and I said, "No, BUT if I ever get a call from the principal's office, I WILL WEAR this coat and when the bell rings, I'll be in the hallway, waving and yelling....MICHAEL!! 

Mike never got in trouble at school.  You can control you kids with fear of embarresment.  And he also knew that I would do it!

So you see, I'm all for having fun and enjoying things.  Yes I do try to make my points meet, but if they don't, I usually don't rip too much out.  I love designing and working with colors.  Cute works great, and a joke hidden in quilts is even better.  I had collected checkerboard fabrics for a long time and made a quilt out of it.  Called it "My Checker Past."  Hee hee hee.... just fun!  I also sold that one faster than most!  So the more fun you have, the more people will like them too. 

Keep quilting!  Patty

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