Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This one is dark... but it's one that I reproduced for the visitor's center up in the Smoky Mtns. 

This is a small one that I did .Love the village effect.  Would love to do a larger version.  These small pieces are hard for me to handle. 

I do put t shirts together into quilt tops.  Then they have to go to a person with the large quilting machine.  This was for a customer.  I did one for myself, and still seem to have more shirts ready to cut up.  Ever notice how the shirts shrink in the drawer?

Love this one.  Need to do it in blues.  Been picking out the blue fabrics for one.  That's sitting on one end of my table.....

Dresden Plates.  Sweet quilt.  Got the top in an antique shop and have hand quilted it.  It's for sale.  $800... write if you are interested.  

I try to baste quilt tops at the same time.  I had a terrible habit of not marking the batting that was open.  Did I cut out a section?  So I now draw a rectangle on to paper, and mark out how much I have cut out of a batting.  Then put the paper in the bag so you can see it through the plastic.  Saves so much time!  I used to remeasure so many things.  Also put the size of the quilt on the label or on the back... 

Someone suggested that "someone" make up electronic chips to be put into the quilt.  Then a lost one could just be run over a scanner.  Like the chips for animals.  Why not!  Wouldnt' that save alot of time.  I have heard of people signing the inside of the binding, so if a quilt is stolen, you could always prove that it was yours.  Mmmm?  What do you do to "protect" your quilts? 

There was a story about women who helped each other out, taking turns going to each others houses and quilting up a quilt in a day.  Whom ever's turn it was, fed the quilters.  There was always one in the group that barely did any quilting...and when it was finally her turn to have a quilt done, everyone showed up at her house.  The quilt was set up in the large frame.  So the women sat and started to quilt.  that's when they realized that the owner had left her own house!  No lunch was there, or refreshments.  Story goes that when she came back, the quilters were gone and  the quilt was all done.  She was thrilled and started to look it over.   Stitches were beautiful and small.  Then she started to realize that things had been quilted into the layers of the quilt!  Sissors, pin cushions, pencils and other items!  the quilters left their mark on the quilt.  

So don't cross a quilter.  They may just sew you into a large bag of polyester double knit!  Rumor has it, that fabric is bullit proof.  

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  1. Love that small quilt with the houses.Did you "build"it from scraps of fabric?