Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking pictures today and barely scratched the surface! Took pictures of 48 pieces.  More to come other days.   This is a Hawaiian Style quilt, the bird of Paradise.  Love the fabric with the stars!  Always seem to have a Hawaiian one around to take with me.  It's alot of work in a small package!

This small one about 12 x 12" is one I was playing around doing curved piecing.  "Grass" was not too hard to work with.  Made a much bigger one and that sold at the shop in Norris.  I have since taken all my things out of there.  I just don't have the time to work the 1/2 day, and keep making  "stock" to put in there.  If sales had been better this past year, I would have stayed in there.  But I have at least 4 quilts in now for customers, so I am going to be at home making quilts and be online selling my things.

I took Laura Wasiloski's class when she came into Knoxville.  Iron on and machine quilting.  I'm not great at it, but it was fun to make a dragon.

Blue Bird of Happiness!  Just too cute.  Wings, legs and topknot is three-D. 

Castle bag was a pattern.  Very thick walls, and alot of fun to make.  Some people don't have directions so I can understand them easily.  Or my mind just works differently.  So I did change a couple of parts around.

The Fish Bag!  Was also a pattern for cats to play in!  But I love it as a bag.  Could you see me using it as a gym bag?  Most people at a gym are being too "cool" to understand me.  I'm just having some fun.

this was a challenge when I was in charge of challenges in Smoky Mtn guild.  The rules were, you could NOT make a square or rectangular piece.  Boy, did that throw some people!  So I made this....called.... "I just wanted to make a Point."  Don't you just love it!  It is two seperate pieces and then attached to each other.  Honestly, break rules.  Try something different.  Invent another way to sew something together.  Flip over a fabric.  Tucks, pleats, raw edges, curves.  Take classes, and see if you can do it differently.  That's how easier methods are invented and new designs.
Remember, if it's your design, there are no mistakes!

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