Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sheep panel!  So what do you do when your finger is so sore that it's bleeding and you can't quilt? I pulled out this adorable panel of sheep and bees!  I'll cut it up and add 9 patches and strips to make it bigger and alittle more creative juice goes into it.  Just love the sheep!

Here's a closer look at the panel!  The bees are cute too!  Having been over to England last April, it was "lambing" season!  The little babies were in the fields every where.  When they are first born, their bodies are the same size as their legs!  Skinny.  The lambs really stay close to the moms.  I did notice that the fields either had moms with one lamb or two lambs.  It was explained to me that ewes with a single birth had to be seperated from ewes that had two babies.  The moms would fight if they were together.  Not sure the reasoning why, but if a mom had one and the other had two, it's either that she wanted to have two, or was mad that the other did have two.  So fields were covered with the single birth moms and others had the double birth moms.  Never saw any with more than 2 lambs. 

The lambs were usually all white or with the black face and ears.  There was only the occasional all black little lamb.  As they got about 3 weeks old, then the lambs would "hang" out together and climb up on everything.  Only once did we see any that got out under a fence.  Most of the time, they didn't like to go investigating! All lambs were cute!  I would just smile as we drove past all the fields of them!

Here's the coordinating fabric for this panel.  I found all these fabrics in Florida.  Haven't seen them else where!  On the selvage is "World of Susybee for Hamil Textiles Design # SB 20042" for the panel and #SB 20052 for this fabric.  It's cut off the pillow panels, but if you find one, you usually will stumble across the rest of the matching things. 

Three pillow tops in this piece of fabric.  One



Ok, I have about 40 minutes before loading up the car with boxes and going to Maryville.  Should be a nice day with Brenda.  I plan on cutting fabric up when I get home.  Someone asked me once, how can you cut up all this wonderful fabric?  Go for it!  Play with it!  Or just look at it and touch it.  Doesn't matter.  I got over that years ago when I realized that I have way more than I will ever use up.  And they are always making more!  It really is fun to cut it up and have it in a quilt or clothing.  I wear my blank and white coat and hat everywhere in the cold weather and get lots of great comments!  Last winter, when I was wearing the other fleece coat, one woman leaned in  and whispered to me, "It must take alot of courage to wear that."  What?  I'm having FUN!  Life is too short to not do these things!  Everyone smiles at these things.  Whether they are happy and enjoying them, or they are just astonished that someone would actually wear 10 years, who's going to care?!  I'm not hurting anyone.  And I am warm and happy.  Course, there are times when Terry says, "can  you wear something  alittle less quilty?"...ok, for him, but only him! 

I'll tell you the story about one coat and how it kept my son from getting into trouble at school...



  1. At this year's (2011) PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival), there was a vendor booth by the people who make a whole lot of animal applique patterns, and the designer/artiste was working on felting lambies and sheep with wool roving . . . the natural, un-dyed state of the roving was perfect to needle felt sheep, and then she outlined the faces, I think, and then the composition was just adorable, incredible, and this sheep panel might enjoy having some wool sashings with some more lambies added . . . just a thought!

  2. Great post, I read it with laugh lines....
    You make your quilts so otherwise as I learn an do, but I like the quilt. I sign up as a follower. Lots of hugs Tiny