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Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheep are pinned and ready for applique.  Aren't they cute?  I'm having fun figuring out  how I want the legs to stick out.  Some are running, standing, and just looking surprise.  Not sure about the faces yet.  Someone said to make them faces, but I think I'll embroidare something on there. 

This one is appliqued.  Big fluffy sheep.

This is the one in the frame.  Got the very middle section quilted.  It'll take a while to get this one done.  I usually put on a movie and listen to that.  I do think about alot of things while quilting.  It's a form of meditation.  You can't help it.  The problem is when I start to think of all the things I have to get done that day.  So I keep a notepad there and write things down.  That makes me sit still alittle longer. 

Quilting is time consuming.  No surprise there.  But I love adding in all the stitches.  I know several people who have the big quiting machines.  Physically, it's more to standing there pushing the sewing machine around.  Uses different muscle groups.  But it's still the same that once you get used to that, you can go into the thinking process of other things.  I'm not sure what to think about the people who use the computorized quilting machines.  You program in the design and let it go.  Does that make them a quilter or a computer operator?  My Dad had worked in a factory (way back when I was 4 or 5) that made the candle wicked bedspreads.  I can remember going there and the huge machines were clanking away!  Stacks of the bundled up fabrics and threads were all over the place.  I understand how they could all go deaf very quickly!  And all  the dust from the sewing going on.  There were a bunch of women on sewing machines finishing the edges and fixing places where the big machines had missed a place when some threads had run out. 

I think that all quilting has it's uses and places.  The machine quilted pieces are ones that look like the old way of the factories.  One over all design.  That's great if you are going to use the quilts alot .  The ones that are quilted every 1/8"...why do they do that?  To prove they can?  To use more threads for the thread companies?  The quilts don't even bend after that.  Yes, they can fill in spaces, but I don't really "get" it.  It's not my taste. 

Shows didn't even let machine quilted quilts into shows for a while.  Then they did and it seems that is all there is now and there's a distaste for hand quilted ones.  It certainly takes longer to make so there are more machine quilted ones showing up.  Don't get me wrong, there are some machine quilted ones that I love and think are beautifully done.  But not all of them.  Just like there are some hand quilted ones that really need to redone.  I feel like as a hand quilter, I'm being pushed back alot of times.  Tell someone you are a professional hand quilter, and they "think that's cute."  Geeze, give me a break. 

Ok, this is a touchy subject because everyone has their likes and dislikes.  I'm constantly telling people about quilting.  There are actually some people out there that don't know anything about the quilting world!  But when someone brings me a quilt made in China and they want it repaired....ugh.   I send it home with a curse to burst into flames. 

Too early in the morning to be writing I guess... need Bee to lighting things up!  It's 8:15am... still haven't figured out how to change the damned clock....

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  1. Hi, Patty. I pretty much agree with you. My grandmother was a hand quilter and I'm repairing/restoring several of her worn quilts by hand. My mom machine zigzagged on one to hold a hole together! Had to pick out all the zigzags. Obviously, my mom wasn't a quilter. I fall into the machine quilter category because I prefer doing a lot of needle turn appliqué and there simply isn't enough time (sigh). I enjoyed seeing the quilts you posted.
    best from Tunisia,