Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Redesign a deck of cards... this is the 2 of Circles.  You had to use shapes instead of the standard pips.  Circles and squares in cool colors.  Triangles and rectangles in hot colors.  This was for the guild.  Best one was the King, made from Elvis! 

3 of Squares. 

6 of triangles.  I did embellish each one.  Actually thought about trying to make a whole deck...yea, right.  They are the size of a sheet of paper.  Maybe someday!

This is 1/4 of Face the Music.  (Get it?  There are faces on the notes?!)  the Out of Towners worked on this quilt.  We each had a section and we each had to pick out the music for ours.  Mine is "The heart of Rock and Roll is Still Beating."  Oh yea.... I pieced all the background so the sections would all blend together. 

Then I also make silly little things!  These are baby turtles.  One is just peeking out.  Made about a dozen, but there's only 6 left... Don't know where they went?  (pin cushions.)

Today wasn't great.  The weather was so bad this morning, I decided to just stay out of it instead of going to work out.  When it cleared, I did the errands I wanted to, and ate lunch out.  then about 2:30, the rains came back.  Strong winds, hail, Thunder and LIGHTING!  Now I hate lighting.  We have lived here for 16 years, and had lighting come IN the house 15 different times.  We have  had to replace phones, modeums, repair the ADT system, battery chargers, and all sorts of computer equipment.  It's scary when storms come barreling up the ridge and zap the house.  It hit the neighbors once and we got the residue electrical charge.  What a hassle.  So when these storms come around, I'm unpluging everything.  It came in the tv cable once.  We had unplugged that, but you could hear it sizzel all the way to the end.  The white insulation inside it was burnt.  The electrical hot water tank was running one time, and lighting went for it.  Popped the seam open on that.  Of course it was labor day weekend.  Try to get something worked on on a holiday. 

Ok, so I am not crazy about storms.  I did get alot more done on the lambs.  And start quilting onthe one in the frame.  Tomorrow is Bee, so I'll get alittle done in the sewing room and work on the one I'm taking to Bee, which is a Hawaiian style of dolphins. 

Keep quilting!  Patty

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