Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink is not "my" color.  But I love this design.  You have squares where you can show off the fabrics.  Great for batiks or larger prints.  Or you can show off quilting designs in the larger squares.  I just really love this design.  This one was a baby quilt for a customer.
So I started cutting strips yesterday.... I lost a day somehow.  I thought I had put this all on line.  I just got working on things and spaced out.  Happens to me when I'm working.  Everything else just goes away. 

Here's some of the blues I pulled out of my stash.

And these from the dark side!

Mixing and matching colors seems to stump some people.  You need to have some that are a little bit into another color.  There are some that have alittle purple in them.  One has little yellow/orange dots.  A smidge of green works with blue.  And I might just throw in a single yellow square to catch your eye. 

I go to lectures and workshops.  Doreen Speckman was great.  She said that you should piece your background.  If you use one fabric and you run out, you are in trouble.  But if you use 25 fabrics,(and you know you have them!) and if you run out of any, it's easy to slip in the number 26!  No one would notice.  I love that idea!  It changed the way I look at backgrounds completely.  Not only that, but when you use many different ones in the background, you barely use each fabric.  So you have them for the next several quilts.  And you don't seem to run out of anything!  And so my stash just keeps growing.  This quilt I'm hoping to make it at least double bed...which is almost any size.

When people call to have a quilt top hand quilted...I always ask the size of the quilt.  Double bed sized is the answer.... so I ask for the size in inches.  Throws them off completely.  I have had people bring over a quilt for their queen bed, and they want it to drape over the sides of the bed, down to the floor.... that makes it more around the size of a king bed.  And it will take alot longer to quilt.  Try to convince them that it's NOT a double bed quilt.... if I have to get a king's not double bed. 

Well, today I'm cutting more and setting up to sew straight lines like crazy.  This top will go together very quickly!  I'll start getting the next one lined up for a customer too.  And lunch out with a good friend!  So I may slip in more pictures later today. 

I got the blues today, and I'm happy with that!  Patty

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  1. I like the design as well, and it seems pretty easy.