Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Outside my sewing room window.  I'm not going anywhere today.  Not alot of snow, but it's over black ice!  Why chance it?  Pretty, but the wind chill is 11 degrees.  Again, I'm staying inside!  Great in the sewing room with the iron on.  Gets nice and toasty.

That's the deck.  Probably 1" of snow.  The flakes coming down last night kept turning on the security lights! 

This group is the postcard exchange that Thursday Bee did a while ago.  Exchanges can be small for quicker results. 

This is mine...can you tell where I want to be? 

This is my first felted piece!  I did the center section at Leslie's over in Scotland.  Then I stitched on to the fabric, couched yarns on to it, and beaded the "waves".  I really love it!

And the blue bird of happiness!  He's so cute!  the wings, topknot, and feet are 3-d.  Too easy to make.  Draw a pear shape for the body and braid the legs.  My son said the  face looks stunned, like he's going to hit the windshield at any minute!  Well this got made way before the angry birds game came out....

I should be going to work out... nay.  I'm going to get the sheep quilt top together and start to cut out the appliques for it.  Will sit at the frame and quilt.  Take more pictures of quilts that I have... Sweet day!  Love the planning.  Just need someone to make my meals and I will be in heaven.  Well, that would be warmer too. 


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  1. Oooh lovely, all that snow. I wished we had a little bit of that. You make beautiful things. Got your blogadress from Joukje (The Netherlands) Warm greetings from a very wet Holland.