Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ok, I love blues.  I cut out several blue squares 6"... that was too big.

The pieced sashing is 5 1/2 " long.  So I'll be cutting the squares down as I go.  I also think that it'll be way too big if I use all the squares I cut once there is sashing in between them all.... The original baby quilt only used 20 squares... I think I have 9 x 12.  It's going to be too long.  I have been sewing ALL DAY, and only have sashing for about 2 rows....

It's going to be really nice with the white inbetween.  I think 8 x 10 will be closer to a better size quilt.  I will probably add a border around it to pull it together. 

This is the way I work.  Cut plenty and have left overs.  So there will be a smaller quilt or a bag, or clothing from the leftovers.  Why not?  It's all color cooridinated.  That's sometimes the part that takes the longest to get sorted out.  I have been in the sewing room for about 12 hours.  I had a good day.  My eyes are tired and my back is mad at me.  But the brain is very happy!  I have the blues! 


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