Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

kitchen things... know what happens when you remodel?  You empty out the cabinets and put the stuff in boxes.  Then when the remodel is done, you don't want the same colors of things  back in the kitchen.  So these things have been sitting in boxes for 2 years!  Time to get them out of the house.  I plan on taking them to a resale shop in Maryville.  I never found one closer to home!  I'm sad to see the blue  and copper things go, but Terry did all earth tones and stainless steel.  Time to see if I can get alittle money for this stuff and more fabric!  Why not! 

Had a thing for candle holders and teapots....

Blue is still my favorite color.  Just have to stick to fabrics in blues.

Mom gave me these copper bottom crepe pans.  Do you think I ever made crepes?  Right.

I used to sell tupperware, so I still have a ton of that!  Just don't need all of it.  (Notice the sippy cups!  That was a staple while Mike was little!)

And the biggest Jello mold in the world.  Geeze Mom... the lazy susan is nice.  Have the 6 glass dishes that go with it still in the original box!  Not much cooking around here.

The candy dish with the pick edge, well, I just don't remember where that came from.  It's cut crystal.  Not my taste...

And many blue dishes.  All have to go.

So that's how I spent this afternoon.  Emptying out boxes to take pictures.  Emailed the woman who owns the shop and see if she'll work with it.  Would have rathered getting the backing sewn together to baste the next quilt...but sometimes life interupts.  It's been 1 1/2 years since the kitchen was finished, so it's about time I get these boxes out of the "guest"bedroom.  There's no bed in there because of all the stuff!  Got some antique furniture to unload also.... That's another day.

Tomorrow, hair cut.  Car in shop for oil change.  Bee!!!  Yea!  Then I can go home and start basting.  Errands are neccessary but so time consumming. 

Last night was the guild meeting.  That was fun.  Show and tell is great.  They used to have someone to take pictures of all the shows and tells.  Then if you missed something you could see it on the web site.  They don't have a photographer right now, and I'm just not good at paying attention.  So I missed some of it. 

The guild's quilt show is coming up in March.  I entered 5 pieces.  There are always great quilts to go see!  I'll post more on the days and times soon.! 

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  1. I want the zippy cups! Name your price. I have so many grandchildren now and only 3 of those cups. They are at least 25 years old now!