Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blue and yellow quilt!  It's so striking in the colors!  There is more applique on it in the corners, just didn't get it into the pictures.  This is just before I basted it.

You can see a few spots that aren't lying flat.  Will take some fussing to get it as flat as I can during quilting.

Has  2 triangles on each side that has space for something to be quilted in there.  Not sure what's going in yet.  Need to talk with the owner.  I was thinking that I could duplicate some of the applique in just quilting.  Would look nice with out being overwhelming. 

I really do love the hand quilting part.  Even when it's a challenge to get it to lie flat.  I  had bought a top in an auction, and the center of that Lone Star looked more like the Appalachian Mountain range.  I had to deconstruct alot of it and resew.  Then quilt the heck out of it!  And it was flat when I was done with it!

This morning I got all the things done that I had wanted to, plus a couple more errands.  Hair was cut, got 2 magazines at Joannes that I wanted.  Bought new rechargeable batteries for the cordless phone that is not working well.  (Let's hope that is all it needed.)  Then took the car in for an oil change. I did try to find fleece socks, but didn't have any luck.  (Dick's Sporting Goods looked at me very funny.)Then to BEE!  Love it with the girls!  2 of the regulars brought in their daughters who are home for college breaks.  Great to see them!  Can't believe how much they have grown.  I have been in this Bee for 16 years.  We have watched so many kids grow up and several now have their own babies! 

Been home all afternoon and basting this quilt.  It's big, so I'm taking two days to work on this part. If I try to do it all in one day, my back gets mad at me and it'll hurt for more than 2 days.  So do it in sections and work on other things too.  That's why I have so many projects going at one time.  You have to just do sections and change chairs, or postions.  Or you will hurt yourself.  Did I mention that I have a great chiropractor!?  I go once a month to get the kinks out of my spine.  I'm not going to quit quilting, so I have to take care of things. 

There are so many ideas for quilts floating in my head right now, I need to start a couple.  It I get out the fabrics and start them, then I don't forget about them.  I have scraps of papers with doodles for quilts, and millions of magazines and books with ideas.  Not real organized on that end, but if I need an idea, I just start to dig through one pile or another.  I guess I love the process more than anything.  Working with colors and shapes, designing something new that no one else has done, or working from a pattern, is what I want to be doing.  That is why I have so many.  So next week I'm planning on taking at least a day to start photographing what quilts I have.  Unfortunately, other pictures of quilts are on the older computor...and it's not working right now.  So what do you do when you can't get pictures back?  Do it again?  That's what I'm in for.  That's Tuesday....


  1. Do you have any tips on how to get all the layers to stay flat and smooth while you are basting them together?

  2. When you put the backing down first, tape it to the table. don't stretch it because then when you are finished, it could put in. Smooth the batting carefully. If you have to move it, don't pull, lift it up and move it when it's up. Smooth that out carefully. The top has to be put on slowly and unfold it so as not to shift the two layers around. Then I put something heavy in the corners to keep it from moving around when I'm basting. I baste with thread not safety pins.
    If it's a really large quilt and I have to move it to baste more of the quilt, you have to be careful to re-aline the layers again. Not with alot of tugging, but again, gently lift and shift, then smooth. If you have someone who can help you holding opposite sides of the quilt, that's even better. And if you have tables to push together so you don't have to shift the quilt too much. Then you work from the outside to the inside and might have to slide it off the table alittle to get to it all.

    Hope that helps! Patty

  3. Thanks so much for all the great tips!