Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Basting is half way done on this quilt.  So I got the frame ready to put the quilt in there.

This is the frame without the outer part there.  It's like a big rectangular hoop.  there are the strips of musling that I use to roll up the sides and tie them so the quilt isn't hanging down.  Chair on each side, you quilt down one side, switch chairs and quilt down the opposite side.  The frame is about 2' x 4'.  Card table style legs, so I can fold them up and put this behind a door....yea, right.  It's never been up behind a door!

This is the outer part just set there for a moment.  There is a wingnut in each of the opposite corners for adjusting the tension around the quilt. 

Other half of the quilt is now basted. and ready to go into the frame.

And viola!  In there nice and neat.  There is a light on either end.  You can see some of the books I have in the new shelves that Terry built for me. 

Now if you look at the end of my finger, you will see that I sew until I bleed.  I have to stop for a couple of days to let that heal.  I should know better, but when I am working on something that I like, it's hard for me to stop.  I also don't always stop to eat.  One time I was sewing on the machine and I was falling head went forward and hit the machine.  That seam wasn't straight!  Time to go to bed.  

Tomorrow I'm going to Maryville to lunch with Brenda!  I also have the 5 boxes of kitchen stuff to take to a resale shop down there.  Great to clearing somethings out of the house!  I'll get rid of dishes way before fabric any day!  I guess if I can't quilt tomorrow afternoon, then I'll design something and start to cut it out.  I was putting pictures into new little "brag" photo albums today.  I found the one that I have used for years, and it was falling apart!  Also turning yellow.  So I picked a couple up at Walmart and have been finding extra pictures to put in those.  So I can drag that around with me when people want to see what I make. 

Isn't it funny how there is a whole part of society that doesn't even know that people are quilting!?  And they have no clue that quilts are not just little triangles and squares!  I feel like I'm constantly telling people about the "quilt world" and what's going on.  Shows that have prize money of $15,000 for best of show...that's Paducah... People's eye open up like I'm making this up. 

Our guild, Smoky Mountain Quilters of East Tennessee, is having the show on March 23 - 25, 2012 at Maryville college.  It's so worth going to see it even if you don't quilt.  The quality of the quilts is exceptional.  There will be demonstrations, small quilt sale, scissors can be sharpened and other vendors.  Now they trust little women to bring sharp objects in there.  We will defend our quilts to the death, and take care of fabrics.  Of course you know why they don't want armed women in the service and fighting wars? (and this is a joke.....)  Because the war would be over in 28 days, and the women would come home with their weapons..... (love that!)  You know that women don't start wars.  But we could finish them!

Ok, got off track there.  That's what I get for writing later in the day, it's about 8:15.  Too dark to pick out colors for another quilt, and my finger is hurting enough that typing is not easy.  So I'm done for the day! 
Y'all have a good night and keep you stitches tiny.  Patty

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