Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

9patch with coi fish, almost done!  Don't you love the 9 patch and all you can do with it!  That and the Ohio Star are the ones I seem to use the most.  I'm quilting the borders now.  Want to get them done and the binding on in the next day... If I would stay off the putor!

I did finish the "Ice Dragon".  It is a pattern, but I love dragons so I had to do him.  It's hand appliqued, curved machine pieced borders.  And hand quilted with some silver thread.  also did beading!  Not my usual thing, but I have been buying beads, so it's about time I put those into some smaller pieces.  Hint:  put the beads on last!  I beaded and then had more quilting to do.  Couldn't use the hoop after that!

Here's the close up so you can see more of the beads. 

And some in the tail.  You can see the silver thread on the border.

So Terry leaves tomorrow and I'll be basting a quilt for a customer.  I'll have plenty to organize in Januray.  Going to clear out things and start to list what I want to sell. 

Happy New Year.  I slept through it.  Got close...11:15pm, and I was out. 

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