Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 are done!  "I love Ewe."

And "Ewe's Fluffy". 
I like how they turned out!  I'm making eyes for the big quilt.  9 sheep, 18 eyes.  I'll put them on tomorrow at bee!

I used polyester batting in these.  I like the Mountain Mist Light batting.  It is easy to make small stitches and the needle goes through easily.  It also has been treated on both sides to prevent "bearding".  Most battings are treated now.  Back when I started quilting (early 70's) the polyester batts would beard.  Fibers would come through the cotton fabric as if it was growing a beard. 

Cotton batts are better now too.  they have mixtures of cotton and polyester to keep the batting from coming apart in the wash.  There is also wool batting and silk.  I have 2 wool battings and haven't tried them yet!  I did use a dark batting not too long ago.  It was a little on the stiff side, but needled easily.  More fluffy than what I normally like.  But the fabrics were all dark, so I tried it.  The dark colors weren't washed out from a white batting.  Nice effect.

We did a batting sampler in the guild a while ago.  And I did one about 20 years ago when I lived up north.  Many, many more batts available now.  It was nice to have a strip of each to quilt on to see what they felt like to work with.  One surprise was the bamboo batt.  So extremely soft to the touch, but the needle dragged through it!  Like trying to quilt through a manila envelope or sticky paper!  Maybe it would be great for machine quilting, let the machine do all the work.  So pick up some small packages of battings and try them out.  Cut a 2" x 18" strip of each and put them on to 18" wide muslin.  On the back of the muslin, write down what kind of batting it is.  Then put a fabric on top and quilt.  You'll be able to compare the results of all the battings all in one spot. 

Always try new things to see if it fits into your way of quilting. Patty

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