Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Well, I was looking for the winter pictures of the house to show how much snow we got a couple of years ago, but all I could find are the pictures in May!  I do love the garden when stuff is blooming.  You see our new doors!  Well, they are about 1 1/2 years old now, but I love them.  Need to make a quilt with the design.  We have lived here for 16 years and SLOWLY getting things remodelled and made over.  Then you seem to need to stop and repair.  Never ending.  I'm not a great gardener either.  Terry laughs when I go to put in a new bush to replace on that crapped out.  He says to just dig the hole deeper and bury it because it's going to die anyways....but I keep trying!

So now that I don't seem to be able to find the pictures I was thinking about, heres some that are just coming out.  This is one of Leoma's quilts.  Might be the one I couldn't find before.... I need to organize the photos in this computor....

Ah!  One of my son!  Mike.  He had this beard for a while.  Now he has a goatee.  He's in our living room... so it's a fairly recent picture!  He'll be over tomorrow for Christmas!  We'll all be together on the right day!  Terry works away from home for weeks at a time, so we usually have Christmas when it fits into our schedules...

This is Leslie and Terry.  We were over in Scotland visiting Les!  She and I have known each other all our lives.  Our parents were best friends before we were born.  So the Moms were together during the pregnancy of the two of us!  Pretty cool to have a friend this long!  We don't have to explain things from our pasts, or wonder what each other is thinking.  She took me to go see castles over there!  More on Leslie some other days.....

This is Leslie's house, the view from the bedroom we stayed in.  It's looking out over the North Sea.  The weather was super while we were there in April.  There is a bird santuary right on the coast, so there is a walking path along the cliffs. 

this is the "beach".  No sand, but all rocks that are rounded by the motion of the waves.  The colors of the rocks was sutle and beautiful.  What I found hard to take was all the plastic trash that floats up onto the rocks.  The world is so polluted.  You can pick it all up, and the next day, there is all "new" trash there.  Not just fishing stuff that got away, but plastic bottles, bags, toothbrushes, ets. 

So I couldn't find the snowy pictures.  Could be because I don't like to live in cold anymore.  We aren't moving farther south.  I do love Tennessee.  You have 4 seasons, and the winter one isn't too long.  The first year we were here, we did get a snow storm that left 18" of snow!  That was fun.  Played in that til we were soaking wet.  Still have the tobogans up in the attic.  (Things you slide on NOT hats. Who named those tobogans?)

I go up to New Hampshire every summer to visit my sister.  Grew up in Ludlow, Vermont.  So we know about snow.  She still loves it and goes skiing.  I do, in my mind.  That's good...I have lived in Florida and Hawaii and prefer the beach and hot sands and sun!  Tan!  Not much clothing on... This cold weather and 30 layers if tough to take!   I remember the very old farm houses had doors that come out of the second story of the buildings.  That was the winter door.  When the snow got so deep, you stopped shovelling it  on the first floor level and used the upstairs door.  Yea, I know about snow.... I learned how to drive in it.  SLOW down and take it easy... they don't do that here!  So I load up on food and stay home and quilt.  They also don't know how to take care of the roads around here.  In VT, they would hire the guys who just finished high school.   They could stay up all night and plow.  So we never missed a school day.  Except that one day!  It not only snowed 24", but it blew all around.  Dad went to open the backdoor and the drift was over his head!  So he had to almost swim to the garage to get the snow blower.  Then he couldn't use it because it was so deep.  No School!
Have a merry Christmas!!  Eat lots of good stuff and rip open the packages!  You all deserve the best!  Patty

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