Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Trading cards, ever make any?  This was a group of a little village.  Was fun to make, but once I cut them apart, I wasn't so thrilled with them.  Still, I do like them!  Made several different groupings of cards. 

Something about down loading pictures this morning.  Most came out with discolorations.  This isn't too bad.  I hand appliqued these.  Gave one to Ginger Ashworth!  She had contacted me years ago.  We both have the same last name and quilt!  Haven't written too much lately to each other.  She's out in California, and I'm in East Tennessee. 
This is my quarter of one of the last quilts made by the out of towners.  When we stopped and had to divide up the quilts, there were 5 quilts and 4 of us.  So we each got a whole quilt, and then we cut this one back apart.  I do like my part.  It's in my bedroom right now. 

Yesterday was a long day.  I slept great... Now I need to get back on track.  Didn't get any quilting done even though it was Bee-day.  Errands in the morning, then lunch out with hubby.  Then quilting.  Need the weekend to sew. 

Fabric sales going on at all the shops close by...but do I really need anymore fabric.  Not Need!  But would love to go look.  And I don't usually come home empty handed.  But if I can't get more fabrics into quilts, then I don't have room to store more.... I have cabinets full of fabrics.  I have more than Walmart ever had!  Yea.  It's fun.  Now you know why I don't worry about getting snowed in!

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  1. Speaking as Ginger Ashworth, I am so happy to have been the recipient of one of Patty's creations . . . when I get the time (sigh) I am going to make a quilt of appliqued birds, but that will be after I finish the rabbit (green batik backgrounds, and brown rabbit bodies) quilt, and the cat (black on white, and white on black) quilt . . . The bird quilt will have a whole lot more colour . . . I have a lovebird pattern from one of my son Adam's friends, and a lot of inspiration—it seems as though birds are very popular. Patty is so way more prolific than I am, but, I am holding down a full-time job . . .