Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

T-Shirt quilts are really fun.  I think I have assembled around 30 tops.  Then they have to go to someone with a very big quilting machine to get quilted.  I did one of my shirts, and never got it quilted.... just didn't get to that.  I did back it and finish the edges.  Now I seem to have more shirts cut out and ready to do the next one.  They are soooo warm and very heavy.

This was another panel that I quilted for a customer.  Love the colors and content.  Panels are fun.  I have several that I want to get done....they are in this room somewhere.  Just waiting for the snowed in week to month in the winter!

Ok, I'm into bunny slippers in a big way!  This was last years!  My good friend, Brenda, gives me a new pair every Christmas!  I wear them out!  When this pair got dirty, I threw them into the washer.  What ever the heads were stuffed with, the gray color came through...they looked like extremely dirty bunnies.

These are this year's bunnies!  They are the original Maxine Bunny Slippers!  She found them in a Hallmark store!  Too cute.  When you put them on, the ears stay up!   We had  a large part of the house remodelled over a year ago.  The carpenters knew about the bunny slippers!  Then when the Heartland Series came here and filmed me working on a quilt in the frame, at one point, I had to move from one side of the frame to the other...if you look at my feet, you will see the bunnies!  The camera man did that very carefully to get them in without distracting from the quilting.

That was fun to be filmed by the Heartland Series.  It was an episode on Working Hands.  They talked to a farmer, a man who worked on auto body repairs, a cabinet maker, and a jazz pianist, and me a quilter... then when I went to my chiropractor, he also works on the autobody repair guy's back... and that man said, "Yea, the quilter got more air time than me."  Bit touchy?  

It did show that everyone did what they loved and it was wearing out everyone's hands.  But what doesn't?  I think it also showed that there isn't anyone younger wanting to learn how to do these things.  You don't make alot of money at many of these things.  So trying to live on that is tough.  If I wasn't married, then I couldn't do this full time and keep eating.  And pay rent...

So teach people how to do these different crafts.  It's important to show how it used to be done as well as look for better ways.  I would love to take the courses in England that show how to do all the different types of needle work.  But, that's not going to happen.  It's a 2 year course and I don't have the time to just go.


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