Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!  Here's our tree!  Charlie Brown would be proud!  This has been our tree for years.  I like the added whisteria.  Why you ask, do you have a fake ficus tree?  Well, we used to have a dog, Sunshine, with a tail that could clean off the coffee table in a swish.  It could also knock over trees and take off ornaments.  This tree worked well in height and stablity.  So there it is.  I dusted it off a minute ago.    Having lived in so many areas that don't have fir trees, I have used all kinds of plants to be for Christmas.  It's in the heart that matters, not what kind of tree you have.  Sunshine was part golden retriever, part german shepherd...go she was a golden shepherd.  Beautiful and Sweet!  We miss having a dog, but not the work around taking care of her.  So we plan on getting one once Terry retires.  He wants to train the dog.  Can't do that when you are gone for weeks at a time.

And there's our stockings and some Christmas cards.  I love those as decorations.  Mike will be over soon and will have our unwrapping of presents.  The little 9 drawer chest here is an antique from New England.  I love it!  Some farmer made it to hold his tools.  It fits clothing patterns in the drawers perfectly!  so the bottom 6 have patterns, the top 3 have tapes, sissors, and things like that!  It's wonderful. 

So then I started walking around the house to show you what quilts are on the walls.  This one is "are there any fish today, Dad?"  Candace gave me the batiked panel and I just couldn't cut it up.  So it looks like someone has taken a mask and set it in the water and can see the fish.  I quilted fish all over it, like  a school of them swimming together.  Got terrible remarks from some judge.  She thought that the panel should have been right in the middle.  Big deal.  I love the colors.  It's in our bedroom...over the stuffed animals.  There's Stitch in 2 sizes!  Everyone knows that smaller stitches are better!

This little 9 patch I made for Terry to put his AMA motorcycle pins on.  Some how we lost year 13... and there are a couple of other pins on it.  But you don't loose them once they are on, and you can enjoy seeing them.

This one is one of my favorites.  My own design.  The background fabric was supposed to be cut out and made into a skirt.  Got it at (of all places) Walmart!  It's 54" wide.  And I just didnt' want to cut it up!  So I designed the ribbons  to go on it.  Title is "Floating".  Got best hand workmanship in the Pennsylvania show.  Very proud of this one!   I still think, that when you are doing "your own thing" it will always turn out better and you'll enjoy it more.  It's not easy to just make something that no one else has ever done.  So many people do need patterns.  Start by changing the colors, then tweek the borders....Come on, you can do this!

This is my own Hawaiian style design.  I made one that was 42"square, called Ocean Dance.  this one is Puddle Jump.  About 22" square.  Needle turn.

And the 2 frogs on the flower!  Called Star Gazing.  It's a pattern I got at a show last March.  They were just too cute!  I think one of them needs to be smoking a cigerate!  I quilted in a snail in the lower left corner.  Love to add something in that you kind of have to find!

One more in the hallway, will have to go back and photograph that one.  It was a challenge piece....

So?  How's your Christmas going?  After presents and the pizza, I will quilt and enjoy the day! 
PS... I'm the world's worst speller.  So don't get too upset if things are not spelled well.  Mom had been an English major in college.  She used to correct my letters home from college and send them back to me.  I told her to cut it out, or I would stop writing!  She did.  I don't like to use spell check if people who text are going to shorten things and the world misspells for advertizing.  So please bear with me if some words are not correct.

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