Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little over a year ago, I tried the Sketchbook Project.  You send away for the book and you fill it in with the theme you pick.  Or just fill it in.  This is through a library in Brooklyn, NY.  They do this every year.  So I have mine in there.  My theme was "In 5 Minutes."  I also picked triangles to see what I could come up with!  These are ironed in.  Here's the first page.

There are not in order.  But there has to be a dragon in there, somewhere.

Fun with triangles!  You can play around and get ideas for your quilts.

Design all kinds of things.

Just added a ladder or chain.

The tree is my favorite!  Really was getting into the designing by then!  Added the bluebird!

Of course a quilter has to add in spools.

Animals were a challenge.

Teddy Bear wasn't so great, but you get the idea.

Boat and a goldfish.  The whole idea for the "in 5 minutes" was fun.  But what can YOU do in 5 minutes?  Take a deep breath and relax.

A stylized beach with waves, and getting home!

Sit with your quilt! 

You should try other things.  I don't know if anyone even has looked at my stetchbook.  But I gave it a go.  I'm sure most everyone gets a journal for Christmas.  So pull it out and add something, anything, to it.  Doesn't matter what.  Draw, paint, iron-on was easy and fun.  Stretch alittle and try something different and see how it will end up in your quilting.  I have done some iron on things.  But I'm not very good at it.  I need to do some more.  I also want to do more felting too.  I actually got a felting machine over 1  1/2 years ago, and it's still in the box.  Terrible!  I need to write on my calendar to take it out on one day and play.  That's how I give myself permission to try.  It's on the calendar!  So it's ok...

I did finish a quilt yesterday!  Which is why I didn't get to blogging.  (Blogging still sounds strange to me, like clogging....)  Anyways, I'm bringing it to bee.  Since I may enter it into shows very soon, it's not wise to put up pictures yet.  Aaaaah. 

A while ago, some shows and very strick contests said that they didn't want entries that had pictures up in public or online, ANYWHERE.  So it's made quilters pull back from showing things at quilt guild meetings or put pictures "out there".  I will post more pictures of things especially when I get going through the stacks of quilts I have at home.  How many quilts do you have in the house?  Every time I start counting, I loose track. 

Way back, when I was first married, I couldn't sleep one night and started counting (in my head) how many quilts had I made so far.  When I got up to 40, I realized it was time to make a list and get pictures organized.  Well, many had gone to customers, so those I don't have pictures of.  But I have taken pictures of almost all the others.  It's not done until I take a picture and catalog it.  I have worked on over 813.  Some I have done just alittle bit to, like mark it or sew the blocks together.  Then I don't know how to count the purses that I made 4 from one pattern, so that was "one".  I just keep going and don't worry about being real picky on things like that.  I do have pictures and books from AQS to keep track.  If several months have gone by, I'm in trouble trying to remember when I finished something. I'm in the sewing room all the time. 

Today is Bee!  I'll show the quilt and bring something else to work on.  I have been beading a dragon, and quilting on my dolphin one.  Plenty waiting their turn.  At least quilts don't spoil like food while sitting there!  I hate cooking..... but that's another story!


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