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Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do you handle it when you buy something and it's broken?  It happens to me ALL the time.  I'm very good at returning things, but I'm so tired of it!  Is it just me, or does anyone else have this happen on a regular basis?

We got Mike a new office chair.  Leather, and there is a big tear in the back.  Mike called it a nick, but you can't miss it.  So it's a tear.  I have got a picture of it and the receipt, armed and ready to go back to Staples and see if they need the whole chair or just the back.  I'm so sick of this.  Merry Christmas.  Bah. 

When Comcast said you needed these new little boxes to get their upgraded signals, I went and got 2 for free.  Sure enough, one didn't work.  Even the woman there said that was the first one that didn't work!  Took it back and I got charged for the third one.  We dropped Comcast Cable after that.  Todays bill for the internet went up $3.... great. 

I also have this problem with taking in cars for repairs.  When you pick it up, just make the next appointment right then for tomorrow.  Always happens.  Order a book, and it's torn.  Clothes don't fit right, or come the wrong color.  I know everyone is screaming about "made in America," but could they work more on being careful about all the details.?  Get a new car and there is always something out of wack.  On the Volvo I got the part that held the trunk open was bent.  Had to have that replaced.  The last new car I got, the back windows on either side had to be replaced because they leaked.  NEW CAR.  We usually say that we got the one made on friday just before quiting time.... always in a rush to get out of work.  But honestly, everything can't be made like this.  What ever happened to PRIDE in what you are making!  The car alarm in this car now started to go off in the garage.  $250 for the part and put it in...from Italy. 

The new cook top was put in our kitchen and I tried to use it.  BANG!  the whole thing shorted out.  During shipping a wire got caught up inbetween something sharp and cut the coating off the wire.  Turn it on and it shorted out all the computor components and the mechanics of the induction cooking.  The double oven had such sharp edges to the doors, that the guys putting it in not only got cut, but it took a chunk out of his thumb!  Come on Sears!  These are things that should be caught in the factory. 

I love hand made things by artists who love what they are doing.  The attention to detail is everything.  I must come from another planet.  I'm so tired of having to go back and exchange things.  So?  Is it just me and what we get?  Or do others have problems with things?  They must see us coming and move the broken stuff to the front of the lines.....

(Not bad for a first time rant.  Probably won't be the last time!)And I can't change the time on the blog!  Tried 3 times...It's 8:10pm when I'm writing this....

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  1. Wow Patty, thought I had a large stash, I guess I had better get buying again!! having said that I sold half of my fabrics last year before moving. Love all of your work it is all fantastic, puts me to shame. Happy New Year