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Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hi Everyone...more quilts!  This one I did make a long time ago and recently added more quilting.  I do love the Amish style of quilts.  Easy to piece with lots of room for the hand quilting.

Now I'm not a "pink" person, but I really love this one.  I do want to make it again in blues.  It was a baby quilt for a grandmother to give to give to her great grand child!  I love things like that!  Lots of hand quilting on this one.  Used a polyester batting.  The white fabric is "white on white".  I don't remember where I put the measurements for the size of the blocks, so I'll have to do the math again when I get around to making it!

I do buy old tops that aren't finished.  Then I hand quilt them.  this is a wonderful dresden plate quilt.  Someone put alot of effort into it.  So it needed to be finished!!!  Something about the very old traditional quilts that I find soothing. 

So I have a question for everyone.  When is a quilt actually done?  For shows they always say they want a quilt that has been made or finished within a certain time frame.  But does that mean that if you finished a quilt in December of the previous year, you can add alittle something to it and say you didn't get it done until yesterday?  Or is it finished when it gets entered into it's first contest/show?  Some people say it's finally done when you add the label, or binding.  It's kind of a stickler point with me.  I actually stopped putting dates on the label because I think it's mute.  If other people are changing the "dates" on the labels to get it into one more show, then I don't think I need to be so precise with my records!  I'm more interested in putting the size of the quilt on the label.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to remeasure my quilts to find rods to hang them or write on an entry form. 

What do you put on your labels?  Title of the quilt...which should be short and sweet and SPELLED correctly.  Believe me, after filling in a ton of entry forms, the shorter the title, the better!  Your name, and anyone else who worked on it.  ADDRESS! and phone number.  So many quilts get lost, misplaced and could find their way home if you would put it there.  Some people even write their name on the quilt and put the label over it so that even if the label is removed, you can find the real owners name.  Ok, then the size of the quilt!  It really would help. 

After that, there are people who have another label that they list all the shows it has gone to and what it won.  Ok, I'm not fantical about record keeping, but it would keep it current and upto date.   

When I work on quilts for other people, I would love to put a label on every quilt and have my name there.  Quilts that are for a wedding present, well, having the date on it helps the guy remember his anniversary!  But there are alot of people who don't want that label on there.  I think it's odd, but there you go.  What can you do?  I think it's important to have a label on the quilt to let others know who made it.  You can put a story on the label about who made it and why.  Then the meaning of the quilt will not dissappear. 

By the way, do you want to know the best day to get married on?  So the guy will never, ever forget his anniversary?  You get married on HIS birthday!!!  If he forgets that day, then you don't have to get him an anniversary present OR a birthday present!   (and no, we didn't get married on his...)

Bee was today.  It's so wonderful to have a group of women where you can go and have fun every week.  We do mostly laugh and sew.  Sometimes we cry when someone is hurting.  It's such a great place to go when you can be yourself and get creative input.  We have so much creative energy there.  You get ideas, see books  that just came out.  Some people do beading, knitting and dye or rust fabrics.  We all try different things and share.  Sometimes we have challenges or make quilts for the small quilt sale at the guild's show.  Thursday bee gets me through the rest of the week!  I have been going to bee for over 16 years.  Can't imagine not going! 

Keep quilting!  Start another project!  Buy more fabric and love it!  Ever notice how no one is trying to stop us from quilting?   They all want a quilt!  Patty

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