Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Here's something else I started doing.  You take old wooden spools and write a saying onto fabric.  Then put it onto a colorful fabric and wind it around a spool.  Embellish/decorate, add a snap or hook and eye.  They really can turn out cute!  I get started and had way too many sayings!  Still have lots of spools but you get the idea.  Start saving sayings and they you can do this too!

I hope you can read these.  I was selling them at the Appalachian Art and Craft Center in Norris, TN.  But I'm getting so busy with all the quilt orders I have for customers, I'm dropping out of the shop for now.  So if you want any of these, you'll have to contact me at  I'll be bringing these all home next week.  They are $9.95 each.

There was one saying "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."  One woman bought one and asked for a second one.  She has 2 daughters and wanted to give one to each of them!  I love the saying, "Don't mistake endurance for hospitality!"  there are so many cute sayings and you can add a decoration that goes along with the saying.  I love old wooden things.  So I have kept wooden spools, sock darners, baskets, and other small wooden thiings.  One time in an antique store, I found a darner and took it to the counter.  The young girl said, "oh, you found the masher."  She thought it was for the kitchen... I had to explain that people used to fix their socks when they wore out the heels or toes.  She thought I was crazy.  No one would do that! 

I collect alot of little things.  Intaglio salts.  My Mother had collected those.  So I asked for those when she died.  I also collect thimbles and penny candy scoops.  You don't find the scoops much any more.  They were used in old stores that had the jars of candy and you went in with your pennies.  Got a penny's worth of what you wanted. They had to use the little scoops to measure out the correct amount.  There are several around that look like little beer mugs.  Some people think they are for toothpicks.  Nope.  I have quite a variety of the little mugs.  One has the "NECCO" on it.  the New England Candy Company... they had their own scoops made to advertise. 

I have lots of other little collections of pin cushions with the little men around them.  Those are getting harder to find.  And tins of all shapes and sizes.  Drives my hubby crazy to see all this stuff around.  He likes the clean look.  (He married the wrong person!)  I told him, that if he wanted "normal", he should have kept looking!!!  He has quite a collection of tools, and guy stuff.  So he doesn't bug me about fabrics at all!  He really does understand that I sew before I eat and breath... it keeps me home and out of trouble!  Can't ask for more than that! 

Y'all take care and enjoy Christmas, family and friends.  Then go work on a quilt or two! 

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  1. Hey Patty, I didn't know you took a photo of the doll I made! you have been really busy with all of your quilt projects and I love the dolls you all made, what a good idea. Here's wishing you and all your friends a very Happy New Year.