Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Here is one for Leoma and her 92 year old mother.  Leoma brought over 3 tops that her grandmother had made.  She had died 52 years ago!  So these tops were very special and needed to be hand quilted.  I found pictures of 2 of the 3.  When you browze through the pictures, they are about 3/4" of an inch small and very difficult to see.  So when I come across the 3rd one, I'll add it into the blog.  Leoma's mother got to see all three of them done, and she died a few weeks later.  She was sweet.  Came up to my house and picked up the quilt one time.  One of the quilts is on the Heartland Series "Working Hands."  They interviewed me and showed me working on the quilt in the frame.  I was talking about quilts and Leoma's was done and sitting on the table.  Wonderful quilt to show! 

This is Tone and I at the Asheville quilt show.  The quilt is "Sour Grapes", made by the Out of Towners.  We are two of the Out of Towners.  Candace Tucker and Bridget Matlock were the other two members.  Candace moved to Florida, so that kind of ended us working together.  In all, we made quilts together for about 10 to 12 years.  Very creative process and learning each others' strengths.  When we split up, we each got a quilt to keep.  This one was all done in silks, cotton batting, hand quilted.  Very thick layers because the pineapple blocks were paper pieced with an extra layer of thin fabric to keep the silks from shifting. 

Here is Leoma and the third quilt.  All done.  It is so wonderful to finish an older quilt top.  You really sit and wonder about the person who pieced it together and where all the fabrics came from.  Several were from clothing, or left over projects.  Iwould love to see pictures of the women who make any of the quilts I work on.  So much time and effort go into each quilt.  Please put labels on your quilts so you can be remembered and recognized for the creations that you have made.

Terry didn't have to go to the rig.  They are waiting on pieces of equipement to get out there.  So my whole week's schedule has changed.... ok, I do love having him around, but I feel like I running everywhere at once.  We just went and ordered a tv to be brought after Christmas and installed.  I do need another computor.  This one is getting more than finicky.  Since I really don't know what all the jiberish is about, it's like, just go get a computor for me and hook it up!  Make it work!!!  I don't want to make decisions and have it come back at me later that I said something and that's what I what?

Remember when I first tried to start a blog and the first question I was asked ...."how many pixels does your camera have?"  The fairies inside the camera, right?  So don't ask me any questions about what I want in the computor.  It has to talk to the pixels, or I don't want it! 

By the way, in Austraila, they are having a contest to make fairy costumes!!!  I need to make a pixel one.  Lots of colors!  And now I will go work on the quilt that will need the binding that I can't find.  So I picked out another fabric and will live with it!  Judges be damned, I want the quilt finished! I have several thousand waiting to be done!  (I need some chocolate.)


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