Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ah, the castle is getting more added to it!  The sign on the front says "It's good to be Queen" put on by Deb.

Ruppensal is added by Candace.  Tone did the banner of the dragon.  The gold dragon was a present from Karen.

I added more to the moat.  Sandy put down the first layers of water.  I added tulle netting and fish, beads, and flowers. 

I also have put vines on the walls all the way around.  Inside there is "dirt road" where the coaches and horses have come in through the front door.  I will still add a draw bridge to the front.  And put in some chess men for fun.  This is something you can just keep putting more and more into.  Any thing relating to dragons and castles will go into it. 

My in laws live 5 miles from a Raby Castle in England.  I love going through there when ever we get over there.  Last time we left the day before they opened for the summer season.  the time before that I left a day before Elton John had a concert on the property.  They filmed some of Harry Potter up around the area.  So going over to England awakens something in me!  I just feel at home over there. 

Someone asked me to put on this blog, how I go about making a quilt from beginging to end... Mmm?  Don't have anything in pictures all the way through.  So I'll have to keep that in mind the next project or two that get started.  I have plenty of projects waiting to be worked on.  Never call them UFO's, they are "in progress!"   They are only unfinished if you die before they are done.....

I lived in Hawaii for about a year.  That's where I saw a Hawaiian quilt in a frame.  It was stunning.  I took a class on how to cut and baste the tops.  The Hawaiian woman teaching it (and I don't remember her name)  told us stories about things as we worked.  When women over there die, the family wraps the quilt(s) she made around her and buried them with her.  They believe that part of the maker's soul is in the quilt.  They are going to need a back hoe for me!  I have made way too many.  And I would like to have all my fabric and machine down there too, on a long extension cord!  I don't want to quit quilting just because my heart stopped beating!

Keep quilting!!! 


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