Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Ah!  Another exchange by Thursday bee!  Spirit Dolls!  We each made the dolls' bodies out of the fabric of our choice.  Then they got passed around and we each added something to each doll.  Great fun to see them getting more personality as they were added to them!  Mine is the blue doll with the red feather hair!  Don't you love it!  This is the front of the dolls....

this is the back!  My blue doll got added butt cheeks!  We did have fun with these!  There were about 8 dolls total.  So I don't seem to have pictures of the rest.  If you go to Nellie's Needles blog, she has alot of Thursday Bees things.  She had the pattern for the dolls.

This was a baby quilt I made for a customer.  Ginham checked fabrics and embroidared faces.  It turned out cute.  I added flowers on each animal.  this is a pattern that I always add things to them.

this is a spirit doll that a friend of mine, Dorothy  in Vermont , did after she met Kate Cox. Both women are fromm England.  Kate is from London and Dorothy was from the Northern parts of England.  Kate taught a class in the north... And I do know both through quilting!  Kate now lives in Colorado and is teaching quilting in the USA.  Dorothy now lives in Vermont.  The doll looks alot like Kate!   

And here's yet another Hawaiian one I have made twice.  I love needle turn applique.  This one is about 22" square, and it is for sale.  Since I have 2, I will part with one.  $125. 

Christmas was really wonderful this year.  I'm very mellow today.  No returns.  And no running around!  I did go work out.  Weight went up with all the cookies, pies, cake and chocolates!  Those are still around in abundance... So I can't skip working out.  I go 3 days a week to the gym and walk, use the machines, lift weights, and stretch.  I'm trying hard to be able to keep quilting and stay healthy.  It's not just a battle anymore, it's all out war to stay healthy.  Hand quilting is touch on the muscles, joints, and back.  I go to a chiropractor once a month at least.  When you stay bent over a quilt frame or sewing machine for hours everyday, it will take it's toll on your body.  So anything you do for long periods of time, take care of yourself.  I read books on how to set up your chair at the machine, and height of the work tables.  that has helped alot.  I think one book was "RX for quilters."  Worth checking out.

Now someone asked me once, "What do you do when you get tired of quilting?"  I just looked at her.  I haven't gotten tired of quilting in 40 years.  Not sure what else I want to do.  I have tried some dyeing of fabrics... ok, takes up alot of space and is very messy.  Not good to do on the new carpeted areas.  I have done some knitting, but not that crazy about it.  Used to embroidare on all my clothes before I found quilting. When all my clothes were covered with pictures, vines, animals, flowers, dragons, and a castle, etc, I started to make more clothes.  Which lead to scraps of fabrics left over.... which ( you guessed it) lead to quilts.  About that time, a friend of our family brought 2 quilt tops to the back door with backing fabric.  Some little old Vermont woman had died and they were clearing out her house.  The friend knew I sewed, so she brougth these to me!  Wow!  What do you do with them?  Mom gave me an old blanket to put inbetween and I tied them.  Before they were tied, I just kept looking at the blocks and wondering why in the world would anyone cut up all that fabric into little pieces and sew them back together...!!!???  It was a few years before I made a big quilt.  Certainly sewed lots of things out of scraps, but never realized it was "quilting".  Funny how things lead you to what you will love!  

I must have 15 to 20 projects in progress.  I just can't help but pull out fabrics and get the colors going together.  Get an idea or pattern going.  I have antique tops waiting to get quilted, and then things for customers.  I love looking at other quilt blogs.  To see what else people are making is inspiring.  I don't thing I'll ever get done with quilting.  Just too many ideas!  

Keep quilting!  Patty   

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