Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Again with Thursday Bee!  We did a house exchange, which my entry was the castle at the top of my blog.  This is 2 sides of Candace's house.  Candace did the chair with birds (her trademark designs!), and I did the plants.  There were 5 people doing the houses. 

This one is Deb's dog house!  I did the footprints on the roof.  The other side of the roof has the frizbee up there!  (And it's on my ironing board in my sewing room.  Usually a mess.)

Sometimes when you go to a quilt show there is one quilt that just sticks in your mind.  This is it for the Florida quilt show by Mancuso.  I absolutely love this.  The way it was designed with the lines running up and down and making a zebra in there!  Terrific.  Don't know if a computor helped, but I have got to try something with the basic design.  That quilt show was so worth the trip.  It was in October.  I got to see Candace. She moved down there almost 2 years ago.  She and 2 other women and I used to make quilts together.  We were the "Out of Towners".  It was so much fun to work with other people who designed about the same way.  It ended up being alot more work other than quilting.  Once you make a quilt....then what?  Well you send it into shows.... and you have to keep track!  And shows overlap in time that it will be traveling.  And a quilt is only "good" for 2 years from the date it was finished.  So there is alot of paperwork in entering a quilt in many shows.  We each would be in charge of a quilt and work out the scheduling.  Then there was keeping track of expenses, fees and prize money, and prizes.  How do you split things 4 ways when you only get one of each item.  It was alot of work beyond making the quilts.  I do miss the work days we had.  We'd end up with some gorgeous quilts, and eat very well! 

This is a CASTLE in FLORIDA!  What a hoot.  It's in the middle of nowhere, next to Ono, FL.  A man bought the property and started building this from scraps of things.  A true recycler.  He was into construction and welding.  He made over 80 staiined glass windows, and has statues everywhere.  Great sense of humor in his creations.   The outside is the metal that newspapers use in printing.  They throw them out after the paper is printed, so he's collected them and has the printed side to the inside of the castle.  When the light hits the metal, wow, was that bright!   

Then he found out that his property floods during the rainy season.  So he built a boat in a moat.  There is a resturant in there that seats about 50 to 75 people!  No little thing.  There is a light house behind it.  He also has a room to rent in the tower of the castle, so you can stay overnight.  One man's junk is another's fun.  His 5th wife is the tour guide.... The other 4 must be in the dungeon.... 

Anyways, you should go to these different places and see what other people are creating.  He uses discarded things and makes wonderful fun things.  Now he charges admission, so he can stay home and still have an income.  No dummy there.  

I love to drive places and go see friends.  We have a car just for the track days.  I still need an instructor to help me learn the "line" of the tracks.  But it's so much fun to go as fast as you can handle the car, and not have to worry about a police man coming up behind you!  We went to the Barber track in November.  But the end of the second day, no one was passing I got as fast as the others in the Novice group.  Not bad for an older woman!!!  So that's the Other Thing I do besides quilting.  Terry takes care of the car, and I make sure to decorate my helmet....

Start something new this new year!  Finish up something old!  Patty 

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