Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

About a year ago, Pat brought in her scraps to Thursday Bee.  All the scraps had the iron on stuff on the back.  So we brought in fabric for the background and we all played that day in Bee.  These are some of the pictures of things we worked on.  This was mine.  I did later machine quilt it and add the words "Bloom where you go to seed."  It was completely different for me to iron on and machine quilt.  Fun, fast, and finished.  Not bad!

This is Nellie's!  Same bag of leftovers!  Everyone had very different tastes in fabrics and designing.  We "feed" off each other's creativity.  Really alot of fun.

This is SANDY's!  She is really coming around to doing original designs.  I never saw this one finished.  It was really turning out well.

Here's Gloria's!  Love the colors!  Some of these got finished and put into the small quilt sale at the Smoky Mountain Quilt Show.  That's coming up in March in Maryville College.  You need to come and get a small quilt!

Here's Tone's!  The color choices are so individual in this group.

Gloria started a second one... It ended up being a vegie pizza!  wonderful!  The cheese added was cheese cloth! 

Being in a group that meets every week keeps your creativity going.  We often bring in projects to show, or ask for advice.  Since we are full of it (advice), there is plenty of "try this" or see if this works, or what if.  You don't have to use any of it, but if it leads you to the next step, then it's worth listening to it all.  Thursday Bee is kind of known as the loose group.  We don't like rules or being told what to do or how to do it.  So when we set up a challenge.... we have a tendency to ignor the rules or do what ever the he.... we want to do anyways.  Corners don't have to meet.  Lines can be crooked.  Unevenness is encouraged!  I'll have to find the picture of the quilt I made the hasn't got any straight lines.  I think I mentioned it in another blogday.  the judge was making such a stink about "straight lines should be made straight", and you know people tried their hardest to do just that.  The quilts get handled, folded, shipped, stacked, and moved.  So you just need to smooth them out alittle and the lines would be straight.  Mine is curved piecing... circles, and wiggley lines.  Ok, I'll go through the pictures and see if I can dig it out.... 

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