Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

T-Shirt quilts are really fun.  I think I have assembled around 30 tops.  Then they have to go to someone with a very big quilting machine to get quilted.  I did one of my shirts, and never got it quilted.... just didn't get to that.  I did back it and finish the edges.  Now I seem to have more shirts cut out and ready to do the next one.  They are soooo warm and very heavy.

This was another panel that I quilted for a customer.  Love the colors and content.  Panels are fun.  I have several that I want to get done....they are in this room somewhere.  Just waiting for the snowed in week to month in the winter!

Ok, I'm into bunny slippers in a big way!  This was last years!  My good friend, Brenda, gives me a new pair every Christmas!  I wear them out!  When this pair got dirty, I threw them into the washer.  What ever the heads were stuffed with, the gray color came through...they looked like extremely dirty bunnies.

These are this year's bunnies!  They are the original Maxine Bunny Slippers!  She found them in a Hallmark store!  Too cute.  When you put them on, the ears stay up!   We had  a large part of the house remodelled over a year ago.  The carpenters knew about the bunny slippers!  Then when the Heartland Series came here and filmed me working on a quilt in the frame, at one point, I had to move from one side of the frame to the other...if you look at my feet, you will see the bunnies!  The camera man did that very carefully to get them in without distracting from the quilting.

That was fun to be filmed by the Heartland Series.  It was an episode on Working Hands.  They talked to a farmer, a man who worked on auto body repairs, a cabinet maker, and a jazz pianist, and me a quilter... then when I went to my chiropractor, he also works on the autobody repair guy's back... and that man said, "Yea, the quilter got more air time than me."  Bit touchy?  

It did show that everyone did what they loved and it was wearing out everyone's hands.  But what doesn't?  I think it also showed that there isn't anyone younger wanting to learn how to do these things.  You don't make alot of money at many of these things.  So trying to live on that is tough.  If I wasn't married, then I couldn't do this full time and keep eating.  And pay rent...

So teach people how to do these different crafts.  It's important to show how it used to be done as well as look for better ways.  I would love to take the courses in England that show how to do all the different types of needle work.  But, that's not going to happen.  It's a 2 year course and I don't have the time to just go.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Trading cards, ever make any?  This was a group of a little village.  Was fun to make, but once I cut them apart, I wasn't so thrilled with them.  Still, I do like them!  Made several different groupings of cards. 

Something about down loading pictures this morning.  Most came out with discolorations.  This isn't too bad.  I hand appliqued these.  Gave one to Ginger Ashworth!  She had contacted me years ago.  We both have the same last name and quilt!  Haven't written too much lately to each other.  She's out in California, and I'm in East Tennessee. 
This is my quarter of one of the last quilts made by the out of towners.  When we stopped and had to divide up the quilts, there were 5 quilts and 4 of us.  So we each got a whole quilt, and then we cut this one back apart.  I do like my part.  It's in my bedroom right now. 

Yesterday was a long day.  I slept great... Now I need to get back on track.  Didn't get any quilting done even though it was Bee-day.  Errands in the morning, then lunch out with hubby.  Then quilting.  Need the weekend to sew. 

Fabric sales going on at all the shops close by...but do I really need anymore fabric.  Not Need!  But would love to go look.  And I don't usually come home empty handed.  But if I can't get more fabrics into quilts, then I don't have room to store more.... I have cabinets full of fabrics.  I have more than Walmart ever had!  Yea.  It's fun.  Now you know why I don't worry about getting snowed in!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ok, somedays I just don't have it together.  Terry took me for a walk.  I thought it would be 20 minutes around the block....1 1/2 hours later, we got home.  If I didn't loose 10 pounds from that, I quit. 

Bee was pretty quiet today.  But I needed it.  Then we went to lunch.  Terry and I later got Mike and his chair and exchanged it.  Took it back to his place and put it together.  Only took 4 hours of my day... So!  Tomorrow, I'll have things to do all morning, and then I want to quilt. 

I actually couldn't quilt today at bee...when you forget the bag with the needles, thread, sissors, and thimble, well, you can't do much.  I don't think there was any brain power left after the walk.!    No pictures today... I'll just have to do better tomorrow! 

Keep quilting!  Fabric feels so wonderful.   Patty

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do you handle it when you buy something and it's broken?  It happens to me ALL the time.  I'm very good at returning things, but I'm so tired of it!  Is it just me, or does anyone else have this happen on a regular basis?

We got Mike a new office chair.  Leather, and there is a big tear in the back.  Mike called it a nick, but you can't miss it.  So it's a tear.  I have got a picture of it and the receipt, armed and ready to go back to Staples and see if they need the whole chair or just the back.  I'm so sick of this.  Merry Christmas.  Bah. 

When Comcast said you needed these new little boxes to get their upgraded signals, I went and got 2 for free.  Sure enough, one didn't work.  Even the woman there said that was the first one that didn't work!  Took it back and I got charged for the third one.  We dropped Comcast Cable after that.  Todays bill for the internet went up $3.... great. 

I also have this problem with taking in cars for repairs.  When you pick it up, just make the next appointment right then for tomorrow.  Always happens.  Order a book, and it's torn.  Clothes don't fit right, or come the wrong color.  I know everyone is screaming about "made in America," but could they work more on being careful about all the details.?  Get a new car and there is always something out of wack.  On the Volvo I got the part that held the trunk open was bent.  Had to have that replaced.  The last new car I got, the back windows on either side had to be replaced because they leaked.  NEW CAR.  We usually say that we got the one made on friday just before quiting time.... always in a rush to get out of work.  But honestly, everything can't be made like this.  What ever happened to PRIDE in what you are making!  The car alarm in this car now started to go off in the garage.  $250 for the part and put it in...from Italy. 

The new cook top was put in our kitchen and I tried to use it.  BANG!  the whole thing shorted out.  During shipping a wire got caught up inbetween something sharp and cut the coating off the wire.  Turn it on and it shorted out all the computor components and the mechanics of the induction cooking.  The double oven had such sharp edges to the doors, that the guys putting it in not only got cut, but it took a chunk out of his thumb!  Come on Sears!  These are things that should be caught in the factory. 

I love hand made things by artists who love what they are doing.  The attention to detail is everything.  I must come from another planet.  I'm so tired of having to go back and exchange things.  So?  Is it just me and what we get?  Or do others have problems with things?  They must see us coming and move the broken stuff to the front of the lines.....

(Not bad for a first time rant.  Probably won't be the last time!)And I can't change the time on the blog!  Tried 3 times...It's 8:10pm when I'm writing this....
By the way, when you use a pool noodle for rolling your quilts up, a twin bed sheet is the right width to make the sock to go over it.  You can get about 3 out of one flat sheet. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Again with Thursday Bee!  We did a house exchange, which my entry was the castle at the top of my blog.  This is 2 sides of Candace's house.  Candace did the chair with birds (her trademark designs!), and I did the plants.  There were 5 people doing the houses. 

This one is Deb's dog house!  I did the footprints on the roof.  The other side of the roof has the frizbee up there!  (And it's on my ironing board in my sewing room.  Usually a mess.)

Sometimes when you go to a quilt show there is one quilt that just sticks in your mind.  This is it for the Florida quilt show by Mancuso.  I absolutely love this.  The way it was designed with the lines running up and down and making a zebra in there!  Terrific.  Don't know if a computor helped, but I have got to try something with the basic design.  That quilt show was so worth the trip.  It was in October.  I got to see Candace. She moved down there almost 2 years ago.  She and 2 other women and I used to make quilts together.  We were the "Out of Towners".  It was so much fun to work with other people who designed about the same way.  It ended up being alot more work other than quilting.  Once you make a quilt....then what?  Well you send it into shows.... and you have to keep track!  And shows overlap in time that it will be traveling.  And a quilt is only "good" for 2 years from the date it was finished.  So there is alot of paperwork in entering a quilt in many shows.  We each would be in charge of a quilt and work out the scheduling.  Then there was keeping track of expenses, fees and prize money, and prizes.  How do you split things 4 ways when you only get one of each item.  It was alot of work beyond making the quilts.  I do miss the work days we had.  We'd end up with some gorgeous quilts, and eat very well! 

This is a CASTLE in FLORIDA!  What a hoot.  It's in the middle of nowhere, next to Ono, FL.  A man bought the property and started building this from scraps of things.  A true recycler.  He was into construction and welding.  He made over 80 staiined glass windows, and has statues everywhere.  Great sense of humor in his creations.   The outside is the metal that newspapers use in printing.  They throw them out after the paper is printed, so he's collected them and has the printed side to the inside of the castle.  When the light hits the metal, wow, was that bright!   

Then he found out that his property floods during the rainy season.  So he built a boat in a moat.  There is a resturant in there that seats about 50 to 75 people!  No little thing.  There is a light house behind it.  He also has a room to rent in the tower of the castle, so you can stay overnight.  One man's junk is another's fun.  His 5th wife is the tour guide.... The other 4 must be in the dungeon.... 

Anyways, you should go to these different places and see what other people are creating.  He uses discarded things and makes wonderful fun things.  Now he charges admission, so he can stay home and still have an income.  No dummy there.  

I love to drive places and go see friends.  We have a car just for the track days.  I still need an instructor to help me learn the "line" of the tracks.  But it's so much fun to go as fast as you can handle the car, and not have to worry about a police man coming up behind you!  We went to the Barber track in November.  But the end of the second day, no one was passing I got as fast as the others in the Novice group.  Not bad for an older woman!!!  So that's the Other Thing I do besides quilting.  Terry takes care of the car, and I make sure to decorate my helmet....

Start something new this new year!  Finish up something old!  Patty 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ah!  Another exchange by Thursday bee!  Spirit Dolls!  We each made the dolls' bodies out of the fabric of our choice.  Then they got passed around and we each added something to each doll.  Great fun to see them getting more personality as they were added to them!  Mine is the blue doll with the red feather hair!  Don't you love it!  This is the front of the dolls....

this is the back!  My blue doll got added butt cheeks!  We did have fun with these!  There were about 8 dolls total.  So I don't seem to have pictures of the rest.  If you go to Nellie's Needles blog, she has alot of Thursday Bees things.  She had the pattern for the dolls.

This was a baby quilt I made for a customer.  Ginham checked fabrics and embroidared faces.  It turned out cute.  I added flowers on each animal.  this is a pattern that I always add things to them.

this is a spirit doll that a friend of mine, Dorothy  in Vermont , did after she met Kate Cox. Both women are fromm England.  Kate is from London and Dorothy was from the Northern parts of England.  Kate taught a class in the north... And I do know both through quilting!  Kate now lives in Colorado and is teaching quilting in the USA.  Dorothy now lives in Vermont.  The doll looks alot like Kate!   

And here's yet another Hawaiian one I have made twice.  I love needle turn applique.  This one is about 22" square, and it is for sale.  Since I have 2, I will part with one.  $125. 

Christmas was really wonderful this year.  I'm very mellow today.  No returns.  And no running around!  I did go work out.  Weight went up with all the cookies, pies, cake and chocolates!  Those are still around in abundance... So I can't skip working out.  I go 3 days a week to the gym and walk, use the machines, lift weights, and stretch.  I'm trying hard to be able to keep quilting and stay healthy.  It's not just a battle anymore, it's all out war to stay healthy.  Hand quilting is touch on the muscles, joints, and back.  I go to a chiropractor once a month at least.  When you stay bent over a quilt frame or sewing machine for hours everyday, it will take it's toll on your body.  So anything you do for long periods of time, take care of yourself.  I read books on how to set up your chair at the machine, and height of the work tables.  that has helped alot.  I think one book was "RX for quilters."  Worth checking out.

Now someone asked me once, "What do you do when you get tired of quilting?"  I just looked at her.  I haven't gotten tired of quilting in 40 years.  Not sure what else I want to do.  I have tried some dyeing of fabrics... ok, takes up alot of space and is very messy.  Not good to do on the new carpeted areas.  I have done some knitting, but not that crazy about it.  Used to embroidare on all my clothes before I found quilting. When all my clothes were covered with pictures, vines, animals, flowers, dragons, and a castle, etc, I started to make more clothes.  Which lead to scraps of fabrics left over.... which ( you guessed it) lead to quilts.  About that time, a friend of our family brought 2 quilt tops to the back door with backing fabric.  Some little old Vermont woman had died and they were clearing out her house.  The friend knew I sewed, so she brougth these to me!  Wow!  What do you do with them?  Mom gave me an old blanket to put inbetween and I tied them.  Before they were tied, I just kept looking at the blocks and wondering why in the world would anyone cut up all that fabric into little pieces and sew them back together...!!!???  It was a few years before I made a big quilt.  Certainly sewed lots of things out of scraps, but never realized it was "quilting".  Funny how things lead you to what you will love!  

I must have 15 to 20 projects in progress.  I just can't help but pull out fabrics and get the colors going together.  Get an idea or pattern going.  I have antique tops waiting to get quilted, and then things for customers.  I love looking at other quilt blogs.  To see what else people are making is inspiring.  I don't thing I'll ever get done with quilting.  Just too many ideas!  

Keep quilting!  Patty   

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!  Here's our tree!  Charlie Brown would be proud!  This has been our tree for years.  I like the added whisteria.  Why you ask, do you have a fake ficus tree?  Well, we used to have a dog, Sunshine, with a tail that could clean off the coffee table in a swish.  It could also knock over trees and take off ornaments.  This tree worked well in height and stablity.  So there it is.  I dusted it off a minute ago.    Having lived in so many areas that don't have fir trees, I have used all kinds of plants to be for Christmas.  It's in the heart that matters, not what kind of tree you have.  Sunshine was part golden retriever, part german shepherd...go she was a golden shepherd.  Beautiful and Sweet!  We miss having a dog, but not the work around taking care of her.  So we plan on getting one once Terry retires.  He wants to train the dog.  Can't do that when you are gone for weeks at a time.

And there's our stockings and some Christmas cards.  I love those as decorations.  Mike will be over soon and will have our unwrapping of presents.  The little 9 drawer chest here is an antique from New England.  I love it!  Some farmer made it to hold his tools.  It fits clothing patterns in the drawers perfectly!  so the bottom 6 have patterns, the top 3 have tapes, sissors, and things like that!  It's wonderful. 

So then I started walking around the house to show you what quilts are on the walls.  This one is "are there any fish today, Dad?"  Candace gave me the batiked panel and I just couldn't cut it up.  So it looks like someone has taken a mask and set it in the water and can see the fish.  I quilted fish all over it, like  a school of them swimming together.  Got terrible remarks from some judge.  She thought that the panel should have been right in the middle.  Big deal.  I love the colors.  It's in our bedroom...over the stuffed animals.  There's Stitch in 2 sizes!  Everyone knows that smaller stitches are better!

This little 9 patch I made for Terry to put his AMA motorcycle pins on.  Some how we lost year 13... and there are a couple of other pins on it.  But you don't loose them once they are on, and you can enjoy seeing them.

This one is one of my favorites.  My own design.  The background fabric was supposed to be cut out and made into a skirt.  Got it at (of all places) Walmart!  It's 54" wide.  And I just didnt' want to cut it up!  So I designed the ribbons  to go on it.  Title is "Floating".  Got best hand workmanship in the Pennsylvania show.  Very proud of this one!   I still think, that when you are doing "your own thing" it will always turn out better and you'll enjoy it more.  It's not easy to just make something that no one else has ever done.  So many people do need patterns.  Start by changing the colors, then tweek the borders....Come on, you can do this!

This is my own Hawaiian style design.  I made one that was 42"square, called Ocean Dance.  this one is Puddle Jump.  About 22" square.  Needle turn.

And the 2 frogs on the flower!  Called Star Gazing.  It's a pattern I got at a show last March.  They were just too cute!  I think one of them needs to be smoking a cigerate!  I quilted in a snail in the lower left corner.  Love to add something in that you kind of have to find!

One more in the hallway, will have to go back and photograph that one.  It was a challenge piece....

So?  How's your Christmas going?  After presents and the pizza, I will quilt and enjoy the day! 
PS... I'm the world's worst speller.  So don't get too upset if things are not spelled well.  Mom had been an English major in college.  She used to correct my letters home from college and send them back to me.  I told her to cut it out, or I would stop writing!  She did.  I don't like to use spell check if people who text are going to shorten things and the world misspells for advertizing.  So please bear with me if some words are not correct.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Well, I was looking for the winter pictures of the house to show how much snow we got a couple of years ago, but all I could find are the pictures in May!  I do love the garden when stuff is blooming.  You see our new doors!  Well, they are about 1 1/2 years old now, but I love them.  Need to make a quilt with the design.  We have lived here for 16 years and SLOWLY getting things remodelled and made over.  Then you seem to need to stop and repair.  Never ending.  I'm not a great gardener either.  Terry laughs when I go to put in a new bush to replace on that crapped out.  He says to just dig the hole deeper and bury it because it's going to die anyways....but I keep trying!

So now that I don't seem to be able to find the pictures I was thinking about, heres some that are just coming out.  This is one of Leoma's quilts.  Might be the one I couldn't find before.... I need to organize the photos in this computor....

Ah!  One of my son!  Mike.  He had this beard for a while.  Now he has a goatee.  He's in our living room... so it's a fairly recent picture!  He'll be over tomorrow for Christmas!  We'll all be together on the right day!  Terry works away from home for weeks at a time, so we usually have Christmas when it fits into our schedules...

This is Leslie and Terry.  We were over in Scotland visiting Les!  She and I have known each other all our lives.  Our parents were best friends before we were born.  So the Moms were together during the pregnancy of the two of us!  Pretty cool to have a friend this long!  We don't have to explain things from our pasts, or wonder what each other is thinking.  She took me to go see castles over there!  More on Leslie some other days.....

This is Leslie's house, the view from the bedroom we stayed in.  It's looking out over the North Sea.  The weather was super while we were there in April.  There is a bird santuary right on the coast, so there is a walking path along the cliffs. 

this is the "beach".  No sand, but all rocks that are rounded by the motion of the waves.  The colors of the rocks was sutle and beautiful.  What I found hard to take was all the plastic trash that floats up onto the rocks.  The world is so polluted.  You can pick it all up, and the next day, there is all "new" trash there.  Not just fishing stuff that got away, but plastic bottles, bags, toothbrushes, ets. 

So I couldn't find the snowy pictures.  Could be because I don't like to live in cold anymore.  We aren't moving farther south.  I do love Tennessee.  You have 4 seasons, and the winter one isn't too long.  The first year we were here, we did get a snow storm that left 18" of snow!  That was fun.  Played in that til we were soaking wet.  Still have the tobogans up in the attic.  (Things you slide on NOT hats. Who named those tobogans?)

I go up to New Hampshire every summer to visit my sister.  Grew up in Ludlow, Vermont.  So we know about snow.  She still loves it and goes skiing.  I do, in my mind.  That's good...I have lived in Florida and Hawaii and prefer the beach and hot sands and sun!  Tan!  Not much clothing on... This cold weather and 30 layers if tough to take!   I remember the very old farm houses had doors that come out of the second story of the buildings.  That was the winter door.  When the snow got so deep, you stopped shovelling it  on the first floor level and used the upstairs door.  Yea, I know about snow.... I learned how to drive in it.  SLOW down and take it easy... they don't do that here!  So I load up on food and stay home and quilt.  They also don't know how to take care of the roads around here.  In VT, they would hire the guys who just finished high school.   They could stay up all night and plow.  So we never missed a school day.  Except that one day!  It not only snowed 24", but it blew all around.  Dad went to open the backdoor and the drift was over his head!  So he had to almost swim to the garage to get the snow blower.  Then he couldn't use it because it was so deep.  No School!
Have a merry Christmas!!  Eat lots of good stuff and rip open the packages!  You all deserve the best!  Patty

Friday, December 23, 2011

Here's something else I started doing.  You take old wooden spools and write a saying onto fabric.  Then put it onto a colorful fabric and wind it around a spool.  Embellish/decorate, add a snap or hook and eye.  They really can turn out cute!  I get started and had way too many sayings!  Still have lots of spools but you get the idea.  Start saving sayings and they you can do this too!

I hope you can read these.  I was selling them at the Appalachian Art and Craft Center in Norris, TN.  But I'm getting so busy with all the quilt orders I have for customers, I'm dropping out of the shop for now.  So if you want any of these, you'll have to contact me at  I'll be bringing these all home next week.  They are $9.95 each.

There was one saying "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."  One woman bought one and asked for a second one.  She has 2 daughters and wanted to give one to each of them!  I love the saying, "Don't mistake endurance for hospitality!"  there are so many cute sayings and you can add a decoration that goes along with the saying.  I love old wooden things.  So I have kept wooden spools, sock darners, baskets, and other small wooden thiings.  One time in an antique store, I found a darner and took it to the counter.  The young girl said, "oh, you found the masher."  She thought it was for the kitchen... I had to explain that people used to fix their socks when they wore out the heels or toes.  She thought I was crazy.  No one would do that! 

I collect alot of little things.  Intaglio salts.  My Mother had collected those.  So I asked for those when she died.  I also collect thimbles and penny candy scoops.  You don't find the scoops much any more.  They were used in old stores that had the jars of candy and you went in with your pennies.  Got a penny's worth of what you wanted. They had to use the little scoops to measure out the correct amount.  There are several around that look like little beer mugs.  Some people think they are for toothpicks.  Nope.  I have quite a variety of the little mugs.  One has the "NECCO" on it.  the New England Candy Company... they had their own scoops made to advertise. 

I have lots of other little collections of pin cushions with the little men around them.  Those are getting harder to find.  And tins of all shapes and sizes.  Drives my hubby crazy to see all this stuff around.  He likes the clean look.  (He married the wrong person!)  I told him, that if he wanted "normal", he should have kept looking!!!  He has quite a collection of tools, and guy stuff.  So he doesn't bug me about fabrics at all!  He really does understand that I sew before I eat and breath... it keeps me home and out of trouble!  Can't ask for more than that! 

Y'all take care and enjoy Christmas, family and friends.  Then go work on a quilt or two! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little over a year ago, I tried the Sketchbook Project.  You send away for the book and you fill it in with the theme you pick.  Or just fill it in.  This is through a library in Brooklyn, NY.  They do this every year.  So I have mine in there.  My theme was "In 5 Minutes."  I also picked triangles to see what I could come up with!  These are ironed in.  Here's the first page.

There are not in order.  But there has to be a dragon in there, somewhere.

Fun with triangles!  You can play around and get ideas for your quilts.

Design all kinds of things.

Just added a ladder or chain.

The tree is my favorite!  Really was getting into the designing by then!  Added the bluebird!

Of course a quilter has to add in spools.

Animals were a challenge.

Teddy Bear wasn't so great, but you get the idea.

Boat and a goldfish.  The whole idea for the "in 5 minutes" was fun.  But what can YOU do in 5 minutes?  Take a deep breath and relax.

A stylized beach with waves, and getting home!

Sit with your quilt! 

You should try other things.  I don't know if anyone even has looked at my stetchbook.  But I gave it a go.  I'm sure most everyone gets a journal for Christmas.  So pull it out and add something, anything, to it.  Doesn't matter what.  Draw, paint, iron-on was easy and fun.  Stretch alittle and try something different and see how it will end up in your quilting.  I have done some iron on things.  But I'm not very good at it.  I need to do some more.  I also want to do more felting too.  I actually got a felting machine over 1  1/2 years ago, and it's still in the box.  Terrible!  I need to write on my calendar to take it out on one day and play.  That's how I give myself permission to try.  It's on the calendar!  So it's ok...

I did finish a quilt yesterday!  Which is why I didn't get to blogging.  (Blogging still sounds strange to me, like clogging....)  Anyways, I'm bringing it to bee.  Since I may enter it into shows very soon, it's not wise to put up pictures yet.  Aaaaah. 

A while ago, some shows and very strick contests said that they didn't want entries that had pictures up in public or online, ANYWHERE.  So it's made quilters pull back from showing things at quilt guild meetings or put pictures "out there".  I will post more pictures of things especially when I get going through the stacks of quilts I have at home.  How many quilts do you have in the house?  Every time I start counting, I loose track. 

Way back, when I was first married, I couldn't sleep one night and started counting (in my head) how many quilts had I made so far.  When I got up to 40, I realized it was time to make a list and get pictures organized.  Well, many had gone to customers, so those I don't have pictures of.  But I have taken pictures of almost all the others.  It's not done until I take a picture and catalog it.  I have worked on over 813.  Some I have done just alittle bit to, like mark it or sew the blocks together.  Then I don't know how to count the purses that I made 4 from one pattern, so that was "one".  I just keep going and don't worry about being real picky on things like that.  I do have pictures and books from AQS to keep track.  If several months have gone by, I'm in trouble trying to remember when I finished something. I'm in the sewing room all the time. 

Today is Bee!  I'll show the quilt and bring something else to work on.  I have been beading a dragon, and quilting on my dolphin one.  Plenty waiting their turn.  At least quilts don't spoil like food while sitting there!  I hate cooking..... but that's another story!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Well, I found this one.  Was my first picture as my profile shot.  This one I made from a silk, hand painted panel I bought at the quilt show in Alace, France.  I went to visit Joni in Switzerland and we drove over to the show.  It was fantastic!  Anyways, these women in Spain hand paint on silk.  The challenge was to take the silk panel and redo/redesign a wall hanging.  Send it back in and they published a book.  I don't know if I won anything in their show.  This ribbon was in Asheville's show or SMQ's show.  I really don't keep track of things  very well.  It was very interesting working with silks.  I put iron on stuff on the back so it would keep it's shape as I worked on it.   I hand couched the yarns onto it and along the edge..  Music is a fun thing to try and interpt onto a wallhanging.  This is "Go with the Flow, Water, Wind and Music"
About a year ago, Pat brought in her scraps to Thursday Bee.  All the scraps had the iron on stuff on the back.  So we brought in fabric for the background and we all played that day in Bee.  These are some of the pictures of things we worked on.  This was mine.  I did later machine quilt it and add the words "Bloom where you go to seed."  It was completely different for me to iron on and machine quilt.  Fun, fast, and finished.  Not bad!

This is Nellie's!  Same bag of leftovers!  Everyone had very different tastes in fabrics and designing.  We "feed" off each other's creativity.  Really alot of fun.

This is SANDY's!  She is really coming around to doing original designs.  I never saw this one finished.  It was really turning out well.

Here's Gloria's!  Love the colors!  Some of these got finished and put into the small quilt sale at the Smoky Mountain Quilt Show.  That's coming up in March in Maryville College.  You need to come and get a small quilt!

Here's Tone's!  The color choices are so individual in this group.

Gloria started a second one... It ended up being a vegie pizza!  wonderful!  The cheese added was cheese cloth! 

Being in a group that meets every week keeps your creativity going.  We often bring in projects to show, or ask for advice.  Since we are full of it (advice), there is plenty of "try this" or see if this works, or what if.  You don't have to use any of it, but if it leads you to the next step, then it's worth listening to it all.  Thursday Bee is kind of known as the loose group.  We don't like rules or being told what to do or how to do it.  So when we set up a challenge.... we have a tendency to ignor the rules or do what ever the he.... we want to do anyways.  Corners don't have to meet.  Lines can be crooked.  Unevenness is encouraged!  I'll have to find the picture of the quilt I made the hasn't got any straight lines.  I think I mentioned it in another blogday.  the judge was making such a stink about "straight lines should be made straight", and you know people tried their hardest to do just that.  The quilts get handled, folded, shipped, stacked, and moved.  So you just need to smooth them out alittle and the lines would be straight.  Mine is curved piecing... circles, and wiggley lines.  Ok, I'll go through the pictures and see if I can dig it out....