Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I think this was Cologne....

We went into the town by bus and walked through the streets to get to the Cathedral.  This was a bridge turning to let a boat pass by.  One man (blue shirt on the other side) would put the chain across, and control the turning of the bridge.  then take the chains down.  Nice job!
The woman there is the tour guide.  She is French and was fun!  Lots of information and humor.

The buildings were mainly owned by people who did leather work.  So the very upper parts of the roofs had windows that stayed open  They were drying out the leathers upstairs.  Later when they weren't doing much leather work during the wars, they stored food up there and had to keep the air moving so wheat wouldn't catch fire.

The art work was wonderful everywhere!

In shops,

and on the buildings.

A jewelry shop,



and goose pate!

Cute goose!

First pictures of the cathedral!

Across from the Cathedral...

The front door.

Inside, it was good luck to touch the dog on one statue.

This is the biggest clock you will every see up close.  It was built over 400 years ago!  From floor to ceiling were moving parts, people, the moon in it's different phases, and the biggest wheel at the bottom had every day of the year on it, and all the saints birthdays.  We were there at noon to see all the moving parts and listen to the chimes and bells!

The 2 figures on either side of the regular clock, one rang a bell, the other turned over an hour glass.  Below that were charitures that moved around.

The top circle here showed the signs of zodiac.

The black ball was the moon.  It was in the "new moon" time of the month, so it was black.  More figures that moved just above it.

A skeleton ran a bell, as the man would go through his life as a young person up to an old man.

This is some of the main part of the clock!

This is in front of the largest wheel with all the days on it.

Now the clock stopped about 150 to 200 years ago.  No one knew how to fix it!  The makers were all long gone!  They hired this expert clock maker/repair person to fix it.  Any guesses on how long it took him to get it going!? 
5 YEARS!!!!
The portrait was painted showing him holding his head as he tried to figure it out.  Amazing clock!  Worth going to see and hear it ring and watch all the moving parts.
I don't go to cathedrals much, but that one was the most interesting because of this clock.  400 years old and the most complex thing I think in the world.  Let's hope it doesn't stop again, because that guy is long gone now!!!
So what are you making that will last way past your time on earth?  Quilts for me!  Art will always be looked for to tell the future people what we were doing now.  So make art and leave it for the next generations to wonder, "What the hell was she thinking?!"
(He, he, he!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A day tour off the ship

One day tour off the ship was to a cathedral.  I was amazed at the floors!  Now these were done centuries ago.  No computors to figure things out.  No lazers to cut out the mosaic stones.  All hand done in the whole cathedral! 

I can see quilting everywhere.

Had to wait for people to move off the floor sections to take pictures.

Amazing work!

Huge circle designs.

And people have been walking on these for centuries!  (How's the tile in your bathroom and kitchens holding up?)

A back piece in the altar, with gold on it.   As an artist, I was going crazy in there.

This is the only stained glass picture that came out well.  Can't see the details well, but the sun was behind it so you can see the colors.

Found a great place to eat.  PJ could sit in the sun....

... and Terry and I sat in the shade.  Frank was in the sun also.  Local beer with pizza and paninis.  Very nice.

There were so many buildings that protected the cities, and you just walk past them wondering how long have they been there.  The amount of detail in everything older was fantastic.

THIS is the chocolate museum!  Wow!!!  We got there and just went into the gift shop. 

And yes, they do sell chocolate bars with "hemp" in them.  I did get one, and it tasted terrible.  Had the same amount of corn flakes in it as the hemp.  Bleck.

This was the cafĂ© in there!  OMG!

There's Frank on the bridge going to and from the island that had the chocolate museum.  And the building there is the back side of the picture I posted up a few pictures.  And there is a beer garden where the umbrella's are.  Plenty of those around.

Better picture of Frank.

This is the top of the ship.  Mini golf, and beside that are the fresh herbs growing that the chef used every day in the food!

Looking down the river.

and a different shot from the front of the ship.  There was a tramway you could take over the river to go up to the top of the mountain on the other side.
Not quite halfway through the trip yet... Believe me, the river cruises are great.  When you go to a meal or leave the ship for a tour, you come back and the stewards have wiped down the bathrooms, restocked supplies, and folded up clothes you left out.  Always neat and made up beds.  It was great.
Now I'm home.
Ok, my sister and her hubby came down from NH to see the eclipse.  Terry and Phil went a little farter west, and got great pictures!  Laura and I stayed at the house.  Still saw it.  Great to see nature's show from your own house!  I didn't take pictures.  Everyone else in the world did, and they will be a lot better than anything I could have done!
So today will be an easy day, hanging out with family.  and getting my quilting stuff ready for tomorrow's meeting at Norris guild!  We have invited the Oak Ridge guild to come over and have fun!  Need to dig out some show and tell....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More pictures.

It's 93degrees, and 97% humidity.  What else can you do in this heat?  I'm piecing a quilt and then this blog.  Tomorrow is the eclipse, and I don't think I'll be outside too long!  This picture is of an old turnstile base in Amsterdam.  I love the design of the old parts of town.

This was the building that over looked the turnstile.  I would love to live in this!  All glass downstairs and great view from upstairs. 

Ships around the harbor had cool designs.

And the bikes that had been parked sooo long,

That the flowers grow up through them.

Amsterdam was beautiful. 

These are the huge machines which were used to repair and build ships!  Don't they look like big sewing machines! 

Very cool.

Now we saw an add for this.  It's wool "armor". 

And a picture of the harbor before it started to rain.

And dinner on the ship!!!  I had a rib eye.


Other tasty foods!



I don't remember this one, but my pictures are so mixed up.  I do love this with the gears.

At the windmills!!!  These are some of the tools used to make the parts of the windmill.  The part to the right front, is one of the large wheels that the top sits on to be moved to face the wind.  There were 40 that the top sits on.  You can't even lift that!

Ah, the shoes.

Wind mill at the distance.

This is the new pumping station, diesel.

I really loved seeing the windmills up close.

Inside was set up very well, using every bit of space.  Kitchen is right by the big wheel turning to pump water.

3 stories up.

the shoes..our guide said they were only good to put plants in.

The main bed for the parents and the kids slept in the drawers.

And they had the hand crank sewing machine!


In the distance, you can see a water tower.  It's for sale!  People are buying them and turning them iinto Air B&B.  We would love to do that!!!

And on to seeing another old city.  Have to look in my journal to remember which one it is!

1st. cathedral we saw!  Amazing.

Now I think I goofed when I loaded this one.... I don't think we saw this.  But it's a cool looking castle!

Beside the cathedral is the working area to repair blocks and statues.  Talk about job security! 
Well, it's time to go figure out dinner...
Stay cool!  and have fun!