Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Quilting inbetween life.

I got the quilt top off the free table at guild meeting.  Love quilting this one!

She did a nice job piecing the top!

Ah, a machine quilted piece.  I'm not great at this, but it's for a child to drag around and use.

Close up of the kitties!  I quilted around each face.

Terry has been getting the car ready to go to the track soon.  He noticed in time that the tire is worn down to the cord!  Ugh!

He didn't see it until he washed the tires.  So new tires are on their way!  Need to be safe out there at high speed!

I quilted this one up very quickly.  Just loved it!

Here it is with the blue lines washed off it.  Doesn't take long to hand quilt!

 Close up of the quilting.  Background is white thread.  Then green vines and blue for the circle and around the border. 
There is always time for what you really want to do.  Make time.
A good friend of mine died on Sunday.  I have not seen her in years, but we kept up on face book.  Thank for that.  But you can't get back in touch when they are gone.  Call, write, go see.  Stay in touch.  Sit and sew, or go for a drive.  Don't wait! 
Go see a friend!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day at the Zoo!!!

Knoxville Zoo was great!  It was much bigger than I had thought it was.  Being Mother's Day, the line was very, very long.  And it never ended all day.  I got in free, but it cost for the guys and parking.  I didn't think it said that in the paper! 

First we saw the elephant!  Love the texture of their skin.  Watched her pick at hay with her trunk.  Amazing.  I love elephants.

the Rhinos were pretty quiet..  You could see where they rub their horns on the cable.  Worn down. 

Giraffes  were fun.  The biggest one is the male, and there were 3 others.  2 females and one littler one that was one year old.  You could see that the spots are different for different species of giraffes.

This bird kept walking back and forth, just too quick for me to get a good picture!  The feathers were a wonder shine in the sunlight.

Meercats!  Too cute!

2 in this area.  Not enough.  This one was pacing in front of the window.

Zebras!  Nice lines! 

The lions were down for the day.

Baboons.  They have 5 males.  only can have 2 in each cage.  Brothers in together so they don't fight as much.  They are very angry and extremely strong.  Just don't mess with them!  If they put in a female, then all hell would break loose!

The keeper could train this one.  He like apple juice and would do things to get a drink.  She never put her hand near him, and he would stick his hand out or foot out between the wire.  She would only touch him with a long Qtip.

chimps were pretty relaxed.  They had very gray hair around their noses. 

There was supposed to be a waterfall going on, but it was shut off.  They looked disappointed.

Gibbons playing around.

Now, there is a red wolf in this picture, way in the back.  Look between the shed and the log, and go back to the fence in the back.  He's lying down. 

Red Panda!  Isn't he cute!  Climbed all over the tree setup. 

The Tiger was beautiful!!!  Went into the water there.  This exhibit had just opened a week ago.

In the water.  It was hot out by now.

The otter was coming up to any little kid, or person holding a camera!  What a ham!  Had to be fast to get a shot of him!  Then he would flip over backwards and swim away, and come right back! 

Little girl had quite a giggle from this one!

Then turtles and tortoises.  I do love these guys!  Don't need a big fence to keep them in.

Spider turtles...look at the design on the shell, like a spider web.

Another of that.

Look at this one!  Love the design.  Nature is great!

The big guy was beautiful. 
I hadn't been to this zoo, and we have lived here for over 22 years!  We love zoos.  So it was great for my guys to take me there.  First Terry and I had bagels.  Took a couple for Mike to have.  Mike gave me a great Mother's Day card!!!  After the zoo, we found a Dairy Queen and had blizzards!  Terrific Day!
So home and worn out.  leftovers and just pick at food.  Tv and bed.
Who could ask for anything more!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why keep blogging?

got this off the "free" table at the last meeting.  I couldn't believe she wouldn't quilt it!

It did have a large square in each corner that seemed to fight your eye for attention.  So I cut that down to a triangle and seems to be gentler on the eye.

Been quilting in feather designs.  I love those. 

black thread in the blue triangles and yellow thread on the black fabric.  Really stands out nicely.
So?  Why keep blogging?  No one makes any comments.  No feed back.  I have a few friends who tell me that they like looking at the blog.  Here's who else tuned in the last week:
United States  54
Russia 23
Germany 5
UK 5
Netherlands 5
France 4
Venezuela 4
Portugal 2
Canada 1
S. Korea 1
I believe that some of these hits are actual quilters, but several are not.  My computer is being hacked again.  Want to guess where they are coming from?  Pick a number, any number. 
I used to get up every morning and write for 20 minutes on the blog.  Then it got farther apart.  Loved sharing quilts from shows, and what I'm working on.  But if no one can take the time to even let me know that they are enjoying this, then it's time to quit.  I listed things for sale at times, with no response.    I don't believe that several of the hits are actual quilters.  They are searching for something else.  Before the election last fall, there were 154 hits from Russia.  Do I believe that there was something fishy going on with elections... ?  Right....
So?  Either let me know you are there.  Quit hacking into my computer.  Or I'm done.  I'm just a quilter working at home and enjoying fabric. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The "Way Back Machine"

2010 Doesn't seem like that long ago.  But it also seems like ages ago.  We went to a good friend's place on the French Broad River. 

Ate watermelon and lunch by the river.

And sat in the river.  Just enjoying the sun and water.  Ever take time to just be with friends and watch the water go by...?
I'm going to do that more often now.  Don't wait.  Take your quilting and go sit with them.  Eat watermelon and spit the seeds out!  What will you remember about summer this year!?  Make it happen. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Where does the time go?!

I did the cataloging, and still need more of either of these books.  They are out of print, but I have heard of many people who got them and never used them.  I'll take them off your hands!

This is the quilt top for the hospitality house charity that Ritzy Thimbles always gives quilt to.  It's farther along than this picture...but I love the hot colors!

"Spare Logs" is done!  Going to a couple of shows this summer.  Lots of hand quilting in it!

another smaller piece done...

This was a project that I saw in a magazine.  Terry was getting rid of the wool sweater that had moth holes in it, so I got to cut it up and use it in this project!  Makes a cute book cover!

Then at the yardsale at a guild meeting, I got a preprinted panel and quilted this up!  Here it is with the blue markings still on it.

And now with the markings washed off.  I really enjoyed quilting it. 
There has been weeding, trimming, and all kinds of outside work being done...and I would rather be inside.  But the garden needs help.  There are appointments galore coming at us!  Wednesday and Thursday I will be at an AARP driving school.  Now why?  Well we do drive at tracks, but this short course will take off some of the car insurance payments!  So why not!  It's 4 hours each day.  Not a biggy.  Besides, they might update us on new laws of the road, and other things that have changed in the last 50 years...whoa...I've been driving for 50 years!!!  So it doesn't hurt to have an update.  They do that to all these computer things all the time!  But it's cutting into my workout time, Bee, and sewing times.
Go grab life and have some fun in any time you can find!!!