Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Slowly she quilts....

Not sure there are any pictures in my camera... eye surgery sucks.  Don't let anyone tell you different!  I can see far away which has been my problem since I got glasses in 1971.  Now I can see distance, but close up is fuzzy!  WHAT!???  And I want to sew!  So other glasses will have to gotten.  I have a small pair from the dollar store.  Don't know when I got those, must have been in a bag of stuff from the guilds at one time.  So those are ok, but they don't fit very well.

I did some things in the sewing room today and my eye is so tired.  Never thought that would ever be a problem!  I don't spend hours on the computer or other things.  But it was telling me to just take a break.  So I took a nap for 1 1/2 hours today.  Then went outside when I let the dog out.  It's 73 outside!  and SUNNY!!!  It was so bright to me!  Colors are more vivid!  Some of this eye thingy is great.  But having someone dig around in your eye with a very bright light shining straight in to it!  Sorry, but it hurt and it was scary. 

Ok, so there's that.

I really want to get back to sewing and filling up the trailer with things.  Terry is outside washing and waxing it, or one side today.  Unreal.  I feel like a worn out dish rag, and he's waxing a trailer!

I have quilts to get ready for the show in June, and July.  Bee has an exchange with 11 people participating.  It's fun one.  We each picked a theme.  The small blocks are to be the side of a piece of paper.  3 layers and quilted.  So it's not bad.  I was working on cutting out stuff for 2 of them.  I figure that if I do 2 at a time, it won't take a long time to get them done.  Should write to everyone to keep up with it all or they will be making all of them in November.  We will do the exchange at the Christmas party.  So I will get pictures of what each person has made, then the exchange and take a picture of what each receives.  If someone doesn't make one for you (FOR SHAME!), then you don't have to give them the block that you made for them.  Fair enough.  The block of shame can be included on your finished piece!

So?  What are you working on?  Gardening?  I should be doing that too.  Never mind.  I have to make a pizza run!  Patty

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Before eye surgery yesterday...

I got this one quilted up for a customer, good friend of mine.  My eye sight today is ok, but I got this done so as not to worry about things.

Here is the back!  Had to look to make sure I quilted ever seam line!

Got this little one almost done.  The quilting is done, but I think the machine needs the thread to run from the spool down to the needle.  Add something sparkly to make it the center of the quilt.

The jar has loose ribbons behind the tulle netting to make is seem more like a jar full.

I love all the little spools!  This little quilt top was on the free table at the quilt guild meeting!  Had to finish it!  I really feel that every quilt should be finished!

This is my challenge piece for the Norris quilt guild.  Lets see if anyone in that guild is reading my blog!  I played a game that had 7 questions.  After each question was asked, the card they wrote the answer on was passed to the right.  The card was then the premise to the challenge.  You have to use at least 5 out of 7 things on the card! So mine was blue, white, circles, modern, table runner, machine quilting, and piecing.  Each persons will be a different 7 things.

Next, I started these blocks for a quilt for the Oak Ridge quilt guild.  We give quilts to the Hospitality house every year.  They give them to people staying there that are going through chemo, or other treatments.  They get something to keep that is wonderful while going through something terrible. 

This is it on the design wall.... I'm still working on it.

This is the lay out.  But as I sew on the triangles, they seem to change places, so the design does have a life of its own! 
The picture doesn't show the colors very well.  They  are light and airy spring colors with the sun light peeking through.  Must be the light in the room and the camera just can't get the right shades in there.
So my left eye had a cataract.  Had to learn how to spell that word!  Now if you ask me was it easy to get it done... no... but being able to see without glasses is a trip!  Wow!  So I'm still healing.  No driving for a couple of days and no lifting anything over 9 pounds...?  What?  I don't use my eye to lift but there is a straining going on, so hubby will have to go food shopping with me.  Ever lift up those shopping bags when you are done?  More than 9 pounds no matter who fills them up!
I also have to get just reading glasses.  You can get those in any shop, even the dollar store!  But if I want to have the progressive lens with the different levels of vision, then its back to the expensive ones at the eye place.  I don't care, but we shall see how this all plays out.
Weather is still COLD, god damn it.  I want warmth!  The sun is out and that is really bugging my eye today.  But once it's warm, I'm going to be out there sunning myself!  My sister in New England got 26" of snow yesterday.  I'm so glad I don't live up there. 
Now it is winter!  And it snows in Winter!  So why is everyone so surprised when it snows?!!!!  So many people move from one area to another, or across country with out checking out what does happen with the weather in the places they are going to.  And then they are surprised!  Really?  You just don't check out how far away you are from the store, or where are the schools, or where you can take the dog to a vet.  You also have to check what weather occurs there!  Like hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and other over the top stuff.  Sand storms don't happen too often here anymore, but certainly other storms do.  I just hate the weather stations acting like, "OMG!  It's going to snow!" and you get an inch.  Big deal.  Have food in the house.  Board games and puzzles.  Water in bottles, and hunker down.  Don't drive in it!!!! and if you do, don't be surprised if you get stuck.  Have supplies in the car and stop blaming everyone else for your acts.
Sorry.  I grew up in Vermont.  Snow from November to May some years.  We always had supplies and snow tires...and chains on the truck tires.  We skied, sledded, snow forts, snow ball fights, and WALKED to school in the snow!  Get over it and Get ready for it! 
And now....please spring! Could you hurry up and get here!  I need it bad!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ideas? Where do they come from?

Ok, you can start with a stack of fabric!  I love mixing and working with colors.  Start with your favorites and add a couple of others in there for fun!

Then go to the easy 9 patch and have each square a bit different.  I sew 3 strips together for each part, then mix those around.  The triangles are a new idea from guild!  Cut them long way and add to the square.  It tilts the square to add interest and something a bit different. It makes the block a little bigger.  This is fun.

Now this is the shadow from the deck over hang on the hanging plastic curtain... Very interesting!  Looks like a modern design for sure!  Have to print that out so I don't forget about it!

Still working on this one.  Quilting on the black fabric is difficult.  I went to the eye dr because my left eye is bugging me.  I have a fast growing cataract!  Crap.  Surgery is scheduled for mid month.  Maybe it will be easier to thread the needles after! 

This is in a movie and I LOVE the design!  There are so many more circles in the movie, but I couldn't sit there with the camera ready the whole time.  This is the alien's name in their writing.  Very cool!!!  I can see this in a quilt!
Do I have to write for permission?  or just change the "writing" a bit?

This is a sample of the stitches that my machine can do.  I was wanting to do some fancy stitches on the coat I made and didn't know how big the designs would actually be.  A good idea, actually a great idea, is to do up a sample of the stitches, with different lengths and widths.  Make sure to write those changes on the fabric beside the lines.  Then make this into a cover for your machine!!!!  You have the reference right there.  I didn't think that one up.  I don't know where I read it or heard it, but it is a wonderful idea. 
In guilds and different quilting groups, ideas are exchanged all the time.  I have a note book that I carry with me now to write down things from guild meetings, bee meetings, doodle ideas, and most of all, put down fun sayings that come up!
If it's not one thing, it's your mother!
It will be alright in the end.  If it's not alright, then it's not the end!
If you only do what you can do, you will never be more that you are!
Rock bottom can be a great foundation!
I have a whole drawer full of those sayings!  Good to have them come out once in a while.
So during yet another gray day, what are you making?  I have way too many projects out to work on and nothing seems to be getting finished right now.  Then all of a sudden, they all seem to get done within a couple of days and I'm what can I start?
I did borrow a pattern to do a mermaid!  One woman in the guild did one and it's gorgeous!!!  So I have to make one!  Then I ordered 2 more BIG Hawaiian patterns.  I love those!  And more ideas for things to make for the guild's charities.  Plenty of those!
So cataract be damned!  Full speed ahead!
Cut the fabric!
Thread the machine and needles! 
I'm hot to quilt!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Do over?!

I took this out of the frame to work on it at the table.  Seems I have been paying more attention to what is on the table than the frame this year!  Once it's done, there will be more pictures.  Would like to get it done for the quilt shows this year.

Here is my frame.  It is wood with metal cardtable legs.  Never fold them up.  There is always something in it!  A chair on either side makes it easy to quilt down one side, and move to the other side and quilt.

There is a wing nut in opposite corners to adjust the tightness of the top bar when you put a quilt in it.  I have the muslin strips (hanging down right now) to roll up the quilt on both sides and tie those across the top.  Keep the quilt off my lap.

And the rest of the room has so many ideas and projects just waiting impatiently  for me to get at them! 

And more ....
And our dog has chewed up the ADT sign!  Take a bite out of crime.  You may get in, but you won't get out!
Another dreary rainy gray yucky day.
I overslept! 
Time to sew!!! 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Time flies when you are just trying to keep up!

Things are done!  The newest coat, purse, scarf, and hat!  This is one side of the purse...

... and this is the other.  On the left is the pocket for the water bottle.

Hat!  Bigger so it comes down over my ears this time.

Other side.

Scarf!  Has pockets in behind the fabric so you can keep your gloves in there!

Other side.

Back of the coat!  And it is warm!!!

Front of the coat.  Had some trouble sewing on the binding.  Not sure what was going on, but the thread kept splitting.  I didn't use that batik anywhere else on the coat, so I think it must have been the fabric.  I'll find out when I start the next project(s). 
So many things to do this weekend.  And most is not fun sewing.  Paperwork.  That pretty much says it all.  Bleck. 
So the gray clouds have moved in again.  It was 48 degrees this morning.  Not too bad, but not great either.  I'm ready for spring and colors!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pictures! No Bee Today!

I really don't mind being home because  of ice on the roads, but I do mind missing bee!  Knox schools are closed, so we don't have bee.  So I'm starting another block to give to a friend.  Can you guess what it says?  I'll tell you at the end of the blog.

Here's the back and the front of the fleece coat.  Got the other pieces almost done.  Doing a lot of machine stitches on the parts of it!  Just having fun!

I finished appliqueing the top of this last week at bee!  Some things just take time.  I love the needle turn technique!  Got plenty of these to quilt up!

One sleeve!

Two sleeve!  Need to do the collar and the scarf.  The hat is done!  And it's bigger so it goes down over all my ear!  Looks huge, but it's what I wanted!  Warmth.

This is the sample piece I was using to see what the stitches really look like in the machine.  And then I changed the length of the stitch and the width on some of them.  You need a reference!  So I will make a cover for the machine with every stitch on it and write the number next to it and any changes I made to width and length.  Then I don't have to go through this again and again....again....
I also made a list of challenges that I want to do and specific quilts that I want to finish for shows.  Not long, but I'm wondering if I'll get them all done by deadlines.  Maybe?  So I have to prioritize my list again.  I usually take the small pieces to bee to work on.  No Bee?  Mmmm?  Choices are hard to make some days.
It's icy on the roads.  Why chance it?  !!!!  No!!!  Seen too many accidents every single year.  So we are in the house with a dog that has too much energy.  Terry does training then and hides treats for finding things.  Cute.  Now I find a few treats...
So what are you working on this winter while we are happily stuck inside?
The block at the beginning?  Figure it out?
"Love Ewe."
So go have some fun!
Work on something that you want to do and haven't had the time.
Life is too short to put things off.
I also figure, if I have it started, I won't forget that I wanted to do that!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snowed in.

Ok, I'm busy in here!  Plenty to work on and paper work to get done.  I'm giving a lecture on the "Out of Towners", a group of us that made quilts for 10 years together.  And that was easily 10 years ago.  So try to remember all that you made in 10 years!  Not easy.  I have been digging around in my rooms to find magazines and books that are quilts were printed in.  Pictures were all on slides, not in the computer.  Yea, it was awhile ago!

There is a space there for me to sew on things!  I'm making the new fleece winter coat!  Being snowed in gives me time and instinctive to get it made!  It was 4 degrees this morning.  The snow that came down yesterday has turned to ice on the roads.  Not going anywhere.  There are too many people that just don't take care on the roads.  They barely clear off a spot on the windshield to see through!  And no snow tires!  So I'm home until the roads are much better. 
We live on the top of a ridge.  So we may get done the hill...but not back up.  Barely any traffic here by the house.  So others are being careful too.  This happens every winter in January/February.  Just stock up the pantry and wait it out!  My sister up in New England has more snow, but we both have the terrible cold temps. 
So I got a couple of movies on Monday.  A fun one is "Going in Style".  Check it out.  3 old men rob a bank and get away with it!  Great fun to see how they did it! 
So stay warm.  Quilt.  Eat.  Sleep and don't catch that flu bug that is going around.  I will never get another flu shot again.  I got really sick and had pneumonia after the shot.  Terrible.  Took months to get over that!  So I'm avoiding people anyways.  Did you notice that the flu spread after everyone traveled "home" for Christmas!?  Stay away from relatives.  And the people traveling all were sick and spread it around while waiting, stranded in the airports.  Not healthy!  Just send cards and call next year!