Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Do over?!

I took this out of the frame to work on it at the table.  Seems I have been paying more attention to what is on the table than the frame this year!  Once it's done, there will be more pictures.  Would like to get it done for the quilt shows this year.

Here is my frame.  It is wood with metal cardtable legs.  Never fold them up.  There is always something in it!  A chair on either side makes it easy to quilt down one side, and move to the other side and quilt.

There is a wing nut in opposite corners to adjust the tightness of the top bar when you put a quilt in it.  I have the muslin strips (hanging down right now) to roll up the quilt on both sides and tie those across the top.  Keep the quilt off my lap.

And the rest of the room has so many ideas and projects just waiting impatiently  for me to get at them! 

And more ....
And our dog has chewed up the ADT sign!  Take a bite out of crime.  You may get in, but you won't get out!
Another dreary rainy gray yucky day.
I overslept! 
Time to sew!!! 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Time flies when you are just trying to keep up!

Things are done!  The newest coat, purse, scarf, and hat!  This is one side of the purse...

... and this is the other.  On the left is the pocket for the water bottle.

Hat!  Bigger so it comes down over my ears this time.

Other side.

Scarf!  Has pockets in behind the fabric so you can keep your gloves in there!

Other side.

Back of the coat!  And it is warm!!!

Front of the coat.  Had some trouble sewing on the binding.  Not sure what was going on, but the thread kept splitting.  I didn't use that batik anywhere else on the coat, so I think it must have been the fabric.  I'll find out when I start the next project(s). 
So many things to do this weekend.  And most is not fun sewing.  Paperwork.  That pretty much says it all.  Bleck. 
So the gray clouds have moved in again.  It was 48 degrees this morning.  Not too bad, but not great either.  I'm ready for spring and colors!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pictures! No Bee Today!

I really don't mind being home because  of ice on the roads, but I do mind missing bee!  Knox schools are closed, so we don't have bee.  So I'm starting another block to give to a friend.  Can you guess what it says?  I'll tell you at the end of the blog.

Here's the back and the front of the fleece coat.  Got the other pieces almost done.  Doing a lot of machine stitches on the parts of it!  Just having fun!

I finished appliqueing the top of this last week at bee!  Some things just take time.  I love the needle turn technique!  Got plenty of these to quilt up!

One sleeve!

Two sleeve!  Need to do the collar and the scarf.  The hat is done!  And it's bigger so it goes down over all my ear!  Looks huge, but it's what I wanted!  Warmth.

This is the sample piece I was using to see what the stitches really look like in the machine.  And then I changed the length of the stitch and the width on some of them.  You need a reference!  So I will make a cover for the machine with every stitch on it and write the number next to it and any changes I made to width and length.  Then I don't have to go through this again and again....again....
I also made a list of challenges that I want to do and specific quilts that I want to finish for shows.  Not long, but I'm wondering if I'll get them all done by deadlines.  Maybe?  So I have to prioritize my list again.  I usually take the small pieces to bee to work on.  No Bee?  Mmmm?  Choices are hard to make some days.
It's icy on the roads.  Why chance it?  !!!!  No!!!  Seen too many accidents every single year.  So we are in the house with a dog that has too much energy.  Terry does training then and hides treats for finding things.  Cute.  Now I find a few treats...
So what are you working on this winter while we are happily stuck inside?
The block at the beginning?  Figure it out?
"Love Ewe."
So go have some fun!
Work on something that you want to do and haven't had the time.
Life is too short to put things off.
I also figure, if I have it started, I won't forget that I wanted to do that!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snowed in.

Ok, I'm busy in here!  Plenty to work on and paper work to get done.  I'm giving a lecture on the "Out of Towners", a group of us that made quilts for 10 years together.  And that was easily 10 years ago.  So try to remember all that you made in 10 years!  Not easy.  I have been digging around in my rooms to find magazines and books that are quilts were printed in.  Pictures were all on slides, not in the computer.  Yea, it was awhile ago!

There is a space there for me to sew on things!  I'm making the new fleece winter coat!  Being snowed in gives me time and instinctive to get it made!  It was 4 degrees this morning.  The snow that came down yesterday has turned to ice on the roads.  Not going anywhere.  There are too many people that just don't take care on the roads.  They barely clear off a spot on the windshield to see through!  And no snow tires!  So I'm home until the roads are much better. 
We live on the top of a ridge.  So we may get done the hill...but not back up.  Barely any traffic here by the house.  So others are being careful too.  This happens every winter in January/February.  Just stock up the pantry and wait it out!  My sister up in New England has more snow, but we both have the terrible cold temps. 
So I got a couple of movies on Monday.  A fun one is "Going in Style".  Check it out.  3 old men rob a bank and get away with it!  Great fun to see how they did it! 
So stay warm.  Quilt.  Eat.  Sleep and don't catch that flu bug that is going around.  I will never get another flu shot again.  I got really sick and had pneumonia after the shot.  Terrible.  Took months to get over that!  So I'm avoiding people anyways.  Did you notice that the flu spread after everyone traveled "home" for Christmas!?  Stay away from relatives.  And the people traveling all were sick and spread it around while waiting, stranded in the airports.  Not healthy!  Just send cards and call next year!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Getting into the sewing room...

Finished this in December!  Machine quilting is ok, but I need more practice!  Of course got it done after Christmas.

Pulled out colors to start a new fleece coat!

An old pattern but I love it for making these coats.  I have made several, but the last one is about 6 or 7 years old and is looking worn.

So here's the start on the back.  I did add more prairie points to it for color.

And this is the start of the front.  Decided to make the sides different from each other this time around.  Need some variation.

Now this little robot dog was a thrift store find!  Too cute to leave on the shelf.  Put batteries in it and he does all kinds of things.  With the help of some friends and my hubby, we found directions and what he does!  I reacts to music!  So cute!  Head moves and the ears, lights come on in the "face" area.  Very cute.  Mess with his tail and he growls.  Does bark and whine too.  So these are sold in many colors and sizes.  Didn't have the wire, but you can use a wire to pull it in to something that plays music and it's a speaker too!  I thought it looked like something from the Jetsons cartoon....yea...a long time ago!
Now I have had 84 views of my blog this week from Russia.  Really?  Are there that many quilters out there that are checking out my quilting?  What else are they doing looking at my blog.  Just seems strange to me.  I do love the quilting designs from Russia.  I saw many when I was at the quilt show in France several years ago.  They are completely different designs and really wonderful.  Still... I find it strange that there are that many views and no one adds any comments?
Got a friend moving away this week.  Hate that.  I stay in touch with many people who have moved around the world.  Get to visit them or have them come back here.  Don't neglect your friendships!  They are more important that fabric, quilting and sewing.  And that's saying a lot from me!  So call people.  Write letters or emails.  Go visit!  Have them come and see you!  Lunch out!  I have a great friend that we meet up once a month for breakfast, lunch or dessert.  We live about 1 hour apart and always go see each other! 
Start the new year out without resolutions. 
Just do things that you want because they make you happy!
Make others smile!
Eat chocolate, drink the wine!
It's time to be happy with friends?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018!

New year starting and it will be over before you know it!  The last 2 or 3 years have flown by and I just can't remember all that has happened!  I look back on my blog and realize that I show the same pictures several times in a row.  I'm slower at quilting.  My hubby and I have both retired and haven't gotten in to a clear pace to get things done. 

Things get done, but it takes more time.  Went to the social security office today to sign up today, and all we did was make an appointment to go back?  I thought I had set this up to get it done today!  see!  just takes twice at least to get things done.

I have gotten the duvets done up for the trailer.  Got some things for the kitchen.  Not running out and going crazy all at once.  It's like setting up a playhouse!  I am really looking forward to traveling and being comfortable on the way.  I'm enjoying the process of setting up a new place.

I have started to make another winter coat with fleece as the base.  Not batting.  I find it washes up easier and dries quicker.  Got out about 20 to 25 blue fabrics and will be cutting them out carefully.  Just enjoying the process!  Isn't that what quilting is really about?!  So many face book entries are about women who are struggling to quilt.  Can't decide what colors to use or how big to make a border.  Honestly, stand back and look at the piece.  Pick out what you want!  Or go to a quilt shop or guild and ask for help.  People who are on face book give an opinion, but you don't know how much they know.  You are getting their taste.  What if you don't like it when you are done...

I got a jar to write something nice that happens each day of the year.  So far we are on day 2 of the year, and I haven't written anything yet!  Just not used to doing it.  So what happened yesterday?  I was warm in bed and had to get up, way too cold...went to work out at the gym and food shop.  Mmm?  Nothing great yet. Ah ha!  Finished the duvet for me!  Got to write that down.  Today, I'm starting on the coat.  I love those coats.  People enjoy seeing them.  One woman whispered to me that I was very brave to wear it.  I asked her if it made her smile?  She said yes!  My work there was done.

Do you make people smile?  Should try to everyday!  I brought a cart back in the store today for a woman who had just emptied it.  It was so cold out and I was going inside the store, so why not help her out!  It's not a big deal, but sometimes it is the little things that are warming to that person.  So if my coats and outfits are crazy and make people laugh, then I'm good.  I tell people that I just am here to make them look normal!  And I walk away laughing!  So who is really having more fun!

Life is a bitch.  So we might as well get in there and help each other out.  Make someone smile and laugh.  Find something fun to do or make.  Enjoy the fabrics you have.  You don't have to cut them up if you don't want to.  Make a big quilt with big pieces of those fabrics.  Honestly, I'm turning 65 this year and realized that I won't be able to sew up all the fabrics...but I'm going to give it a damned good try! Yes I do sit on my favorite chair at the end of the day and vegg out.  That's what I like to do! 

So enjoy things!  Help others cut up their fabrics!  Love the ones you are with!  And all that good stuff! 


Thursday, December 21, 2017

What?!! 114 visits to my blog one day last week!!!

Well for all you out there looking at quilts, here's a couple I have finally finished!  This is for the Quilter's Treasures Challenge.  The blue appliqued fabric is the fabric for the challenge.  Theme is Ice is Nice.

Mine is called "Cold Currents".  Icy waters moving around and carrying ice chunks around in the waves.  I love it!

The ice chunk is in the middle.  This is all hand done!

Just had a great time thinking out side the boxes... well, I lost the box a long time ago!

This is now marked and in the frame!  It's mine and will be in shows, once I get it done.  Seems to be taking me much longer to get things finished!  Started this top almost 2 years ago.

But I stopped and made a tutu for a friend so she could wear it at Christmas parties.  I wore it to one party.  Just having some fun!

FINALLY!  It's done!  Yes, this one has been a while in the making!  Digital hearts. 

Not sure the picture is very clear to see the quilting. 

Can see it better in this one. 

And now for something completely different.  I'm cutting a duvet in half so Terry and I will have separate covers in the trailer.  Fine with me.  Got a king duvet from long ago and this is what you do.  Baste on the bias tape on either side of where you will cut it in half.  So everything is neat and in line.  Cut, then sew with machine, turn over the tape and stitch down.  Then I noticed that the duvet had very, very little stitching through the layers.  So out comes the heavy duty quilting machine and away I went!
Had to find the extra bobbins.  You go through thread on the bobbins very quickly!  That took about 15 minutes to find those!  Wind thread, and GO!  Got one side done, then Terry and the dog got home and I had to pay attention to them.... No problem accept the dog wouldn't stop barking!  He was very hungry and need to relieve himself.  It was raining out... and a wet dog. 
Today is bee!  Yea!  I made a dessert that I have wanted to try.  Every start making something and you find the vanilla flavoring has gone bad?  Good thing I didn't just dump it in!  I really don't cook much.  So I wasn't surprised.  And the cheesecake should take good without that in it!  I added mini chocolate chips instead!  Whatever!
We are not going anywhere for Christmas!  I love it!  Home with the dog and quilting... And my sweet hubby!  Last year he did get me that quilting machine.  A Brother PQ 1500SL, Project Runway Limited Edition... Notice how machines are now starting to "code" like cars?  All letters and numbers?  Drives me nuts.  I can't remember my phone number, how am I supposed to remember these names that are letters and numbers?  Call it the Dragon Edition!  Yea, I love that.  I got a Dragon quilting machine!
Have a great Christmas time!  Call it what you want.  Hug everyone.  Eat good food and drink what you enjoy!  Then get out that rotary cutter and go to town!

These are the sheet to be cut up for the duvet covers!

This is one I made last year.  So are the next couple of quilts.

Read between the Lines.

For the Cherrywood Challenge.  Got into the second group of 80 pieces.

Saw family in England!  3 generations in this picture!

Keep going!!!

A block for a president from the Oak Ridge guild.

And a modern landscape that I'm making! 
Love, Patty