Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The first adventure!

Fall Creek Falls State Park is beautiful.  Spent 4 nights there.  Here's one of the many waterfalls.  We are on the rocky cliffs across from it.

I have a great little PHD camera...push here dummy... and it can zoom in nicely.  Don't have to hang off the cliff!

And this gets better!  Not many leaves starting on the trees yet.  So we do want to go back there to do more of the trails.

It was so great to see these falls.  Hard to get to a couple of them, and Terry had trouble getting pictures with all the other people standing in the way getting selfies.

Now at the little snack bar there they have the local brewery's on tap.  You can get this tasting tray and try to see which one you like.  The name of the brewery is Calfkill. 

Ok, I like the mild one.  They all had a very strong taste, and strong alcohol content. 
It was nice to be in the trailer in the woods.  Campground was not too busy during the week and this time of the year.  The temps would change dramatically and we got so cold one night!  And the first propane tank went empty that night!  Terry had to go switch tanks at 3:30am.  The trailer was down to 48degrees!!!  Ugh!  I can't stand the cold like that.  Sure we had plenty of blankets, but it only holds in the heat you make....I was not making anymore heat by then!
One night was a terrible thunderstorm!  The rain sounded like tons of Ping-Pong balls pelting on the roof!  Unreal!  Could have been hail, but I wasn't getting up to see!
The dog loves the trailer!  All one big happy family in a small box.  He loved the smells outside and the walks.  So he will be going with us on more trips.
So we emptied the trailer of some things that we need at home.  Forgot a couple and Terry will go get those items.  We also made a list of other things that we want in there.  It is setting up another household. 
I did get to quilt on a small piece.  Almost done and may just put that into the Smokey Mountain Quilter's show in June.  Got plenty more things to get done in the sewing room.  Ever ends, but that is the part that I like in there!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Here we go...

After pulling out fabrics a couple of weeks ago,

to making 9 patches (which I love),

And adding the triangles in between the 9 patches,

then putting on the border!  Ta-Da!  I love the spring colors!

Then these are the orphan blocks all brought in by members of the Norris guild.  I took home mostly log cabin blocks or things with squares in them. 

Add sashing of 4 different fabrics,

and a border!  Another Ta-Da!  Love it when things get done.  This one got handed in for quilting and be given away to charity.  They are going to give me more of the blocks to see what I can do with them....
I also volunteered to make the ribbons for the Norris quilt show.  It's always on July 4th in Norris, TN.  Great place to be on the 4th.  Like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting.  Home town things with families!  Kids decorate bikes and have races.  Boy scouts are there.  The Lions club has the BBQ lunch.  Women in town all bake pies!  there are tents with other bake sale items, and interesting things to see.  The QUILT SHOW! and a slip and slide down the hill in front of the school so you can cool off!  Just a wonderful, fun day!

Saturday, March 24, 2018


This is a long post.  about 50 pictures of wonderful quilts up in Pigeon Forge quilt show.  It's still going on this weekend and well worth the trip!  Free to get in.  Lots of vendors and stuff to get.  Go look at the quilts first.  Then buy and carry the heavy things last.
This quilt is all hand quilted!  they had a separate category for hand quilting!!!  Yea!!!  The detail in it is gorgeous.  She used to make miniature applique pieces.  I love, love, love her work!!!  Jane Holihand, pardon my spelling, I have admired her work for years!

Amazing Lone Star!  Think it got Best Machine workmanship.  Sat in a chair across from it later in the show to rest my feet and let my eyes have a treat!

Very cool piece with lots of different hand workmanship!  That's what the ribbon is for! 

Lot the coloration in this one.  It takes time to get that right!

Now a simple 9 patch is really nice.  The reds are all different.  If you can see the quilting, it is very cool the way it "goes" behind the reds!

The picture doesn't do this one justice.  It was outstanding.

Here we have a wonderful colored quilt.  The applique was raw edge.  There was a tremendous amount to raw edge in the show!  It was well done, but I love the applique to be turned under.  Always wonder how long before it starts to fray.

This was slightly bigger than a piece of paper!  It took my breath away from a distance and didn't disappoint up close!!!  She's got it down.

All the pieces in the background were raw edge cutouts.  Not pieced.  Lots of quilting.  It was amazing.  I still not sure how I feel about raw edge pieces ironed on and then getting a blue ribbon?

Lots of paper pieced stars this year.  Must have been classes or a sale of the patterns.  Done well, and the colors of this one was striking!

Wool!  How cute! Love the chickens!

Close up of the upper block.  Just adorable.

At first glance, what?  But it's made from old blue jeans!  Recycle and reuse.  Nice.

Lots of applique quilts that were so well done.  I'm never going to make one, just too fussy for me to handle.  So I really did enjoy these.

A pattern!  So wonderful!

Look at this fabric!  The dragon flies are beautiful!  Don't know where she got that, but I'll be looking!

Linda Roy!  Gorgeous!  (No ribbon?!  What were they thinking?)

The little log cabins were the center for the flowers!  Clever!

This is only one block of a very large quilt.  All rainbow colors in each.  I loved the quilting in this block!  Machine quilting is really coming a long way.

Miniature!  OMG!  I doubt I'll ever do something this small.  So well done and the quilting design really fit in well.

This was stunning!  The center here, is all crewel work!  WOW!

Here's the whole quilt!  Amazing! 

She had silk ribbon flowers, embroidered vines, and details!  I spent a lot of time looking at this one, far away and up close!  It has the "double wow factor".  You see it far away and go "WOW!"  Then you come up close and get your nose a couple of inches away from it and say "wow" under your breath! 

A fun fun fun one!  A quilter's basket!  Complete with cup of coffee, Herseys Kisses, cat that is playing with an extra block and the basket full of sewing things!

This one was an angel for each month.  So detailed in each angel.  

So I got a couple of pictures of those, but from a distance, it was hard to see all the hand work.

The blue in this was shining!  Another wow quilt.

The blue work was well done, and the sashing was fussy cut border print.

Now this one was a breath-taker-away!  Oh Man!  Each basket has a different state flower!  Research done there.  Every little basket was different and quilted differently.  Machine quilted!  Another OMG!  You couldn't see where she had gone back over to get to another starting line! Peggy Green!!!  Should have been best in show in my book and to many others standing there admiring your work.

Center of the quilt.  Clam shell quilting was so even!  Flowers had the edges turned under!

Pickle Dish!  So wonderful to have it all green!

This one looks very different in a picture!  At the show, the blues all seem to compete with each other for attention.  So the blue all looked like a solid piece.  Picture breaks it up to see all the different shades.

This was just to happy!

And another super duper Baltimore style quilt!  Look at all those little circles!

Paper pieced pattern I'm sure, there were several there.  But this has the swirling effect to it!

Ok, from a distance, looks like too much....

but up close!  My goodness!  Happy colors and easy quilting that fit the design so well.

(Not done yet!  can you tell I was having a good time!) look at the close up.....

Wow.  Love the colors and the movement!

I have seen many, many grandmother's flower gardens, but this border is the best I have seen in a very long time.  Appliqued flowers that just frame it beautifully!

Paper piecing that boggles the mind.  I love/hate it.  why?  Because I can't paper piece worth a darn.  I learn new ways to swear.  This is amazing.

Ok, this was unreal.  Diamonds were about 1" by 1 1/2".  Crazy.  The applique gives your eyes a place to rest.  Colors were super.

ABC's are fun!  Love all the parts of this! 

Ok, this is a miniature... about 20" square.  Down 2 pictures is the bigger version.  You can tell they are 2 different quilts by looking at the borders.  Paper pieced.  Ugh. 

This is so sweet.  The butterflies are 3-d.  I didn't even realize there was a mouse at the bottom until I down loaded the picture.

Bigger one!  About 36" square.  Well if you are going to do one, you may as well do 2.  Mind boggling to me.

Ok, I recognize this block...most people make the whole thing.  I figure she made one and said the hell with it, and framed it.  Might be a great idea.  I bought the pattern years ago.  Good thing it's lost in the sewing room!

Plenty of paper piecing there!  Kind of a drunkard' path going on.  Which, by the way, is next year's theme!  So start your engines running.

I have seen all these cats/veggie block patterns, but never seen one completed!  Its so cute!

There is the corn cat! 

This was a huge bee!  Wow.  Modern category.  Now I don't like real bees, but quilted ones are special.

This is a pattern, and the booth was selling the kit.  I didn't want to get all the fabric, heaven knows I have plenty, so I skipped getting it.  But later on, walking through other booths, there was just the pattern!!!  Yea I got it!  Now the thing that I love about this one, it may look like there are curves, but it is all straight lines!!!  OH YEA!

Last picture.  Good thing, my typing is more backspacing than going forward right now.  Modern quilt!  Great from a go in for the close up....

Wowsers!  Look at the quilting!  Very cool design and colors of orange in there. 
I go every year.  It's close enough to drive up, spend the day, and get home in time for dinner.  Terry took me out to eat, not just because I was tired, but it was my birthday!  I got a quilt show for my Bday!!!  Too cool!  Got fabric too!  It's in the washer now.