Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ever feel like running away from home, but you want to take it with you?

The one in the middle is ours.  We will be traveling next year!  Hopefully, I can get to some quilt shows and shops!  And National Parks before those are gone or destroyed....

Done! and Shipped off.  It's "Cold Currents".  For the next Quilter's Treasures Challenge.  Hawaiian style, my design, all hand done.  Hand quilted.

A few more waves at the bottom.

More ice in the middle and waves taking the ice away.

This one I pieced over 1 1/2 years ago!  Finally marked and basted.  In the frame and the next to get quilted.

And someone needed a tutu... so I had a wedding vale from a thrift store that I added a waist band and ties, and voila!  A tutu...
Tutu is a ballerina's skirt.  In Hawaii, it's a grandmother.  In Louisiana, it's a man's mistress!  So watch out when you ask about a tutu!
Too cold outside!  Did my errands this morning.  And a touch of Christmas shopping at Home Depot.  Can find lots of good stuff there! 
Had one party last night at the local quilt guild.  Fun, Food and Friends!  Another one tomorrow and then Thursday Bee will have theirs.  Eating too much!  But it's time to hibernate and stay inside!
Eat, and quilt.  Repeat.  Many times!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What is today?

No pictures today... too busy doing everything!  Who said you get more time when you retire?!  Crap.  No way!  I haven't cleaned out the garden yet...and it's getting cold outside!  The more I try to get done, the more there is on lists....lists that are everywhere.

There was one year that I sent out Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards, I was so behind.  Feels like another one of those coming up!  Got two quilts that I have to get done, and they are close to that, but time just isn't there.  And when I do sit down, the dog comes up and bugs me.  Or I have to go get something else done.

We went to the race track over the weekend and had a blast!  I'm so much faster and handling the car really well!  I'm 10 seconds behind Terry!  That's a lot on the track, but I'm working on it!  So we are home and cleaning up things so they can be put in storage for the winter.  Driving suits have to be cleaned a special way because they are fire resistant.  Helmets have to be aired out.  Car needs the oil changed, and all the rubber cleaned off the outside. 

In my head, I'm still driving.  It was so much fun!  Next year, Chin motor sports org has 59 track events planned!  If you want to drive, use that group.  They are so organized, and work on safety first, fun and learning to handle your car the best way!  I'm ready!

So with winter coming, I'm going to get quilts lined up and put in the frame.  Terry is working on my favorite hoop.  It's getting dried out and splintery.  Needs a good sanding and maybe some kind of finish put on it.  Just too much to do.  I have to vacuum more now with the dog here!  So that takes out of sewing time.... Need to come in here after dinner, but after a glass of wine, I don't always sew or cut straight!

Keep on going!  There is so much more that I want to do and go see!  I'm turning 65 next March!!!  OMG!!!  What a hoot!  I never thought I would make it!   But here it comes!  So we plan on traveling a lot more in the next few years.  I'll bring hand work with me.  No sewing machine in the camper/trailer.  Yea, we got one!  Have fabric will travel!  The dog loves to be in the truck.  So things will work out well. 

Merry Christmas, if I don't get back here by then!  I will post pictures of things as they get done!!!


Friday, November 10, 2017

past quilts that have come back.

A very long time ago, my father in law asked for a wallhanging, and I showed him a card with Carol Bryant Phaler's quilt on it.  (got the spelling wrong, but I'm sure you can tell who I mean.)  So I did my best to make one similar.  Not exact, but I love it.  My In Laws loved it to.  But their living room and most of the house is in earth tones, so I don't think it was hung up. 

Close up... Well, my Mother in Law died October 19, 1997.  So this quilt and the next one got put away.  Ken remarried a wonderful woman and they were married for 18 years.  Then Ken died 3 years ago....

So these quilts have been returned to me for my use.  I'm happy to get them back, but not for the reason why.  New Mother in Law is so sweet and wonderful, so she offered them back. 
Now when I look at my workmanship on these that were done over 20 years ago, the stitches are so much better.  Tiny and lots of them.... but the designs lack originality.  So my designs are now my  own.  My hands are getting slower and can't make the little stitches as well.  That makes me sad.  I still love my work and making quilts.  Things change as time marches on.

Close up, very old fabric!  Some from the 1970's!  But I still love this one.  I took a class from Marilyn T. many years ago to make the kalidescope quilt design. 

And all the stitching was fun!
Are you still making quilts!?  How has your quilting changed?  Designs more your own, and then a rush to get them done because there are so many more you want to make!  Funny how things do change.
My good friend, Kitty, used the brown floral fabric in so many things, she said it should line her coffin so she would be comfortable.  I want so many fabrics with me so I can keep quilting.  Death will not stop me!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

more and more!

Made the block for the President of Ritzy Thimbles.  The largest circle is the fabric she picked for everyone to have a piece in their block.  This can be called one of several names... Circle of Friends, Organized Chaos, or The Guild Meetings.

The baby quilt is done!  Now to call her to have her come get it.  Baby boy, so snips and snails and puppy dog tails.  Remember that poem?
Look in the white blocks!  Little boy foot prints with the dog foot prints, a lizard, and

Snails, and dragon flies.

Had the hand quilting class for beginners yesterday!  Great time with those ladies!  So this is the sample for the next class, advanced hand quilting.  What does that include?  Marking borders, quilting in crosshatching, and corner to corner quilting in a grid without marking.  Easier ways to keep quilting without  having to mark everything, and how to jump the lines and keep thing going.  Lots of hints about handling the needle and thread.  And making stencils.

This wonderful fabric will be placemats and table runners for me, but also a class example.

More things ready to teach!

I got the fabric for the next Hoffman Challenge!  Now I have ideas floating in my head... and need time to draw and start piecing.

Got this one back from Quilter's Treasures!  I got best embelishments.  (never did win a spelling contest!)  I'm working on next years piece which is a beautiful blue with green marbled fabric.  Their stuff is gorgeous!

A small white on white panel that I quilted.  Did use colored thread on it.  Just love it!

And the heart one is in the frame.  More than half done.  Trying to get to it. 
Ok, plenty to do.  Haven't been keeping track of work since vacation!  Need to catch up on that this winter, I guess!  I also came across a disposable camera in a drawer, with 9 pictures left on it!  Need to finish the roll and get it developed.  find out how old the pictures are!  Who knows what I have on there, but it's probably all quilts!
Rainy day.  Just want to keep all the lights on and look at fabrics.  I still haven't gotten to work on my quilts yet!  Been making Christmas presents!  Since many will go over to England, they have to be light weight, easy to ship and unbreakable!  Got it going this year!!!  Pictures will be posted later!
So enjoy the inside time.  It was this or gardening..

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Where have I been?

Well, we have a new dog.... and I'm down a pair of shoes, and a pair of shoe laces.  And several other things.  Takes a lot of time when the dog is in the toddler stage! 

This one is now quilted, pictures to come.  Weather is getting colder and I did get one garden weeded with the help of the dog.  Now have holes ready for new plants....

this one is in the frame and half quilted.

This is for a challenge due the end of the year.  Got to get going on this one!

The one in the frame came out for the heart one to go in... it's waiting.  The one folded up is the 9 patch that is done.

I love this little one.  It's waiting patiently for me to quilt it up.  I am teaching a hand quilting class at Atomic Fibers next Saturday!  Still room in the class!  Always fills up so go sign up now. 
Now that we have a dog, picking up more toys and vacuuming more fur.  Terry has a cough that is from allergies!  Might be the dog, but I'm betting it is the dead leaf syndrome.  He's never had this before.  But a friend of mine reminded me that he always went off shore for two weeks, and that salt air might have cleared out things when he went!  Ok. 
Time to clean while the dog and Terry are out walking.  Plenty in the washer, and dryer!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


When you go to the shows, which quilts just make you smile?!  This is a fun one!

Here is one that uses up bits of lace and other fabrics that you just can't get rid of the pieces.

And who doesn't love a happy goat!  He is so cute!  These were at the Asheville quilt show.

This is one that I pieced and quilted several years ago.  Going through the pictures of the quilt show on a different memory card, I came across these next few.

One for a baby girl! 

My Monster quilt!  Just fun!  Uneven edges!  And a blue ribbon in the quilts for kids category.

Got this one basted up today.  It will have to wait to be quilted.  Have at least 5 ahead of it.  But it's ready!

Working on this one in the frame.  Nice piece to be working on.

Not too big.  And great fabrics. 
So get in there and cut something out!  Winter is coming, you have to have things ready to quilt on. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Eye Candy!

The Asheville quilt show was last weekend!  And it was great!  Went up on Saturday, and it wasn't as busy on that day.  So here's a few that I loved.  I had tried to down load all 123 that I took, but the blogger just couldn't handle it.

The machine quilting in the background was fantastic!  I'm coming around to the machine quilting. 

Just love the simplicity of this one.  This is what I think is modern.

Fun, fun, fun! 

This one from a distance looks like a painting.  It was incredible. 

Another modern variation that I love.  But the quilting just is straight lines going up and down.  I don't think it enhances the actual picture.

This is very interesting!  Took some time to get the pieces to meet at all the seams.

Another fun piece!  I had to have the white glove person take off the name tag.  It was on the side and covered up about 1/3 of the quilt!

Love this!  It's like looking into water. Just fun.
Ok, so I never got all my vacation pictures sorted out.  Oh, well.  I have so many quilts to work on.  I have basted up 5 and have another to baste on the table.  Then a few small Hawaiian blocks that are fun to applique, and need to get those done so I can baste and quilt them up. 
Just not enough time and energy to keep up with things.  We did get to IKEA and bought closets.  Which are built up to where we had to order shelves, drawers, and rods to hang clothes on.  And those are all being delivered tomorrow... and Terry has a dentist appointment at 1pm.  So guess when they are coming?  Between 10am and 2pm... of course.
My washing machine still won't run the cleaning cycle, which you are supposed to run that once a month.... So Sears came and checked it and sure enough, it's the computer board.  Ordered and should get here this week, and the guy will be here on Friday to put it in.  Now a washer is a big deal to someone who gets fabric and prewashes all of it before it goes into the room.  I just do.  Such an argument about whether to do that or not.  Do or don't do, there is no try.  I figure the factory is not clean.  Packed bolts, shipped in dirty trucks.  Handled by people who don't wash their hands as soon as  they enter a store, so there is food, car dirt, makeup, germs, and other dust and dirt on the fabrics by the time you buy it.  So wash it.  Then you also know if the color will run, or if the fabric will shrink.  Just makes sense to me.  Ask me how I know....
I haven't entered near as many shows as I used to.  Expenses are going up in fees and shipping.  Prize money is going down, and there is less of it.  If you enter shows, you always hope to get something back.  Rules are changing and you have to enter on line... at least you don't have to go get a DVD made up of the pictures anymore.  I never could get  that right. 
There should be more of a standardized entry form!  Make it easier for the actual quilters!  Come on!  Most shows are put on by quilters.  Ok, I need chocolate and a good night sleep then a day of quilting!