Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


So?  United Arab Emirates checked out my blog, 130 times midday on July 1.  What's up?  Haven't had any feed back from there before.  Just checking out quilts and quilting or are you looking for something else?  Think it's time to close down the blog if quilters aren't checking in and only people slinking around the background....

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Quilt show pictures!

Went to the quilt show today at the Expo Center in Knox.  Not as many quilts as other years, but there were some really good ones and very interesting other ones!  The bee was up in Pigeon Forge show as well as a couple of others.

This is selvages!  Very cool and used a lot of them!

Loretta's engineered piece!  Silks in this.

I have seen several quilts done with all these pieces.  Don't know if it's a pattern or not, but it is beautiful.

Nice modern one.  Used many different grays for the background.  More interesting!

I love this one.  I saw one lady standing beside it saying..." but it's not even!"  She was having a tough time.  Needs more meds....

Strips done well.

Interesting how she used the raw edges on this one.

colors were carried out into the use of threads in all the quilting!

The pictures doesn't do it justice.  It was a yellow background.  Really well done!

I like how the pictures seem to be floating out of the frames.

Nice blue double wedding ring quilt!

Called Special K.  Lots of little squares...

The blue in this was viberant!    Super.

Love Sally's quilt!

It is a pattern. I'll never make one with all those points!

Tone's quilt.  She teaches this in a class.

Glenys Nappo's quilt.  I hand quilted it! 

Tone's again.  Pretty cool piece!

This was interesting with the 4 patches in the blocks. 

Tone's again... nice!

Very 3-D.

Melissa's quilt!  Soft colors.

This had a lot of fussy cutting to make it work really well. 

Another one with tiny piecing!

Very tiny...

Best of Show Wall Quilt. 

Close up.

My hand quilted piece.

Nice Kitty!

My modern landscape!

There are 2 seaside pieces, and one is Sally's...

Another white on white piece.  Beautifully done.  (Not mine...sigh...)

This had been up in Pigeon Forge.  Strangest bunch of things on it.  Think it might be some gaming stuff....

Or this is Sally's?


8 x 12" and very nicely done!

Melissa's quilt with family members names on it.  I really like this one!

My fiber guitar! 

Tone's big leaf!  She actually brought it back from Hawaii and used it as a pattern.

Jean Lester has an exhibit of her quilts.  This is one she made for a family member.  I love the colors!

This was at Pigeon Forge also.  I do like it.

Jean was making the pie blocks in Thursday bee.  There were going to be more pies, but she lost the templates to make the crusts!  So just 9 pies!

Strawberry pie!

Each basket was different and the flowers were so well done!

And look at the border!  Circles!

3-D flower!  Very nice.
So there are so many different kinds of quilts and all were fun to see!  I did like the vendors they had.  But since I had bought fabric on the trip, I didn't buy anything there.  I was not busy in the afternoon.  People there said that it was busy in the mornings.  With it being 94 degrees outside, I'm not surprised that people didn't want to go out.  And several other festivals were going on.  I went to the Lavender Festival in the morning and got some plants and home made soaps.
It's important to enter quilts in the smaller shows and go to see them.  Or these shows will not be able to stick around.  The vendors didn't do well, so you know they just can't come back if they aren't even breaking even. 
The Asheville show is the end of September.  I'm going to enter but I won't be in the area in order to go see.  I love that show!  over 400 quilts and lots of great vendors.  I don't enter the really big, big shows.  The entry fees, and shipping prices have really gone up.  So unless you win some money back, it's hard to enter those.  Having said that, it seems like the same quilts are entered into all the big shows and no one else stands a chance.  I guess if I spend all that time to make a superior quilt, I would send it out to win all I could. 
There's the rub...
So now in my quilting life, I am finally making quilts for fun!  I'm trying new things that aren't even in books or being taught... so if I can come up with new techniques (that people are interested in) then I'll be known.  If not, then what the hell.  I'm having fun and playing with my fabrics! 
So go to it!  Cut it up and play!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Just keep swimming.....

I have been sewing and have 2 huge bags of scraps!  In one guild, the challenge is to make a scrap quilt... Got to get started on that!

Finished this one, "Modern Landscape".  It will be in the SMQ quilt show June 15, 16 in Knox Expo Center.

Made this 12" square piece for a magazine challenge to celebrate the space programs.  3-2-1 Blast Off.  I didn't get in.  Ah, well, you have to try!

This is what's on the other side of the black hole!  I like it!

Got a top made but no time to hand quilt it.  So it will have to wait!

A block I did for an out going president of one quilt guild.  I love Ewe!

Parts of the next coat that got done just as the weather got warm.  Of course. 

Another Hawaiian applique done.

There's a sleeve to the coat!

And this is a practice piece to find out what the stitches actually look like on my machine!  I want to make a cover for the machine and have all the stitches IN ORDER, so I can find them....

This is the Hawaiian Piece that I entered in the challenge from Quilter's Treasures.  Go to their website to see others.
So I do use a lot of blue.  That is my comfort zone.  My neutral colors.  You do have to add other colors to make the designs pop. 
Well I better get to sewing.  Putting the binding on a big quilt that I want to enter into the Asheville show.