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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another one done!

I have put on the binding and it's done!  Of course it needs the casing and a label.
Which leads me to the big discussion that quilters have when entering a show.  When is a quilt done?  When the binding is on?  The casing and label?  Or when it's entered into it's first show?  How about when you take a picture and show it for the first time? 
It makes a difference in some shows.  They want a quilt that has NEVER been seen before or shown on any media.  So you have to be secretive.  Not easy for me by any means... Some shows have a specific year or years when it had to have been finished.  Ok, so what if you "finished it" in December 2013 and they only want quilts from 2014/2015?  Close enough? 
I don't put the date on the back of my quilts anymore because they seem to be so strict (silly?) about the dates.  Some people wait to put on the label, then call it done.  I realize shows want the most current quilts for shows and not just have the same ones in the show circulation.  I also find myself not bringing quilts to show at meetings.  Just in case.... And I usually miss those deadlines for the shows that want things not seen before. 
Well this quilt is done and for sale.  It's 72" x 67".  Nice size for a throw on the couch or for a wall hanging.  It's machine pieced and hand quilted.    If you are interested, leave a comment.  I'm not quick about getting back to people because I'm usually quilting.    I am taking it to a quilt guild meeting Monday night. 
Keep cutting up fabric and trying new things!  I'm still Modge Podging the guitar case!  It's turning out really fun!  That will be my suitcase soon.  I'm enjoying the process of decorating it! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What 'cha doing?

Look!  My table is cleared off!!!  Doesn't happen much...but I have to baste a quilt.

Backing down and secured with painters tape.  Don't pull it tight, just keep it from moving and wrinkling up.  Batting down and smooth.

I use boxed to hold down the top while I baste it.

It's basted.  the white thread doesn't show up too well in these pictures. 

It's in the frame and I plan on sitting down and figuring out how I want to quilt it.  I'll follow the design.

I'm also making a couple of pin cushions for the show to sell at their booth.

And I'm trying my hand at machine quilting.  Not very good by any means, but you have to start somewhere! 

Here's the next top on the design wall.  I haven't appliqued down the "ferns".  I'm just playing with shapes.

And I'm quilting the border on the one that came out of the frame.  Almost done on this quilt!
So what are you playing on today!  It's raining out and I'm sewing.  I need a mocha/coffee thing to get more energy going.  Gray days don't give me much energy.  So I need to put on a movie to listen to that has a lot of music or activity going on. 
I don't understand why so many people are destashing their fabric collections.  I want to play with all mine!  Cut things up, mix and match.  Try new techniques!  Sew it all up!  Don't be worried about mistakes... you can give those away to the relatives you don't like!  Just get in there and have more fun!
Ps.  Some one asked my why I don't get many comments?  I don't know....anyone out there?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Necktie quilts!

A new book that is out, written and quilts by Christine Copenhaver!  She's a good friend of mine and she came to the meeting last night to show us her quilts and the book.

Christine with the pile of quilts!

These are some of the quilts from her book.  A Dresden plate variation.

Lots of ties went into the making of these!

I love these quilts with the black squares in between the strips.

This one is not in the book.  It is made with power red ties!

She hasn't finished with one yet!  All yellow ties!  I love it!

Here's a view of the piled quilts.  There are lots of instructions in the book.  Plus how to take apart neckties and what to put on the fabric to make it easier to use. 

Can you see the border?  It's ties that haven't been taken apart! 

Another quilt done with straight pieces.  Ties are 54" long.  Nice width for a quilt.

This is "Grandfather's Flower Garden"!  Too Cute!

There are some small projects in there also.

6 point stars, each one made out of 1 tie.

this one is not in the book.  But it's beautiful!
The book is out now by C&T Publishing for $24.95.  The number is 9781607059585.  You can go to the blog for C&T or I think the book will be on line for sale at other places.  She's a great speaker if anyone wants her to come and give the lecture.  She does work full time, so may have to work around her schedule. 
I don't make necktie quilts, but after you see how they shine in the light, you just want to start collecting them!  Right now I have so many things going on, that I can't fit anything else into the sewing room!
I didn't get down to the lecture today at the E. TN. Historical Museum.  They were going to be talking about the clothes that are used in the Downton Abbey series, and clothing made back then.  I just got doing things and decided not to run downtown again.  I am going to bee tomorrow, and have a quilt to baste.  If I could find the top to my table, I could do it here.... too much work to get it completely cleared off. 
I did sign up to help set up the quilt show.  It's May 22 thru 24 in Maryville, TN.  It's always got interesting quilts to see, and vendors with great stuff!  Then I'll go see it all set up.  Terry and I signed up for another track event, so I won't be there at the end of the show.  I'm trying to keep up with things around here.  Some days, I'm just so worn out... Need to start drinking coffee!  I do drink hot chocolate with 1/2 a teaspoon of instant coffee in it.  But since we mix decaf with regular, some times I don't get a kick from the coffee flavor.  Placebo coffee just doesn't work.
I have so many ideas for quilts that I just have to start them all so I don't forget my ideas!
Keep quilting! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day started out ok...then...

Things started out really great.  Met up with a couple that was traveling through here and we had breakfast at First Watch.  Great food and wonderful conversation!  She is a quilter too!

Came home and was working on the spools.  I love wooden things, especially wooden spools!  So I write sayings on muslin and sew them onto strips of colorful fabric.  Sew on snaps or other closures and a little decoration.

And all of a sudden, Terry yells for me to come down stairs..... there was hot wire was the water heater!  Been having problems with it.  It would boil over some nights.  Other nights it was fine.  It's 14 years old, so it has lived longer than most do (average is 10 years.).  Great... turn off the electrical, shut off the water, start draining it, and off to Home Depot.  Called our handyman and he was here before we were!  They are changing it out now.

This is some of the little things that I sew onto the spools!

And here are some of the sayings!  I hope you can read them.  If not, let me know and I'll type out some of them. 
They are fun little things that I like to make.  Using the spools and not throwing them out is meaningful to me.  I may be a pack rat, but I only collect small items.!  Can you imagine how many spools have been thrown away!?  Trees were cut down to make these things.  I want to find more things that I can do with them.  Rewind stuff on them.  Legs on boxes...
The box the hot water heater came in is really big!  (80 gallon heater).  I love the movie Box Trolls... I could be heater!  Would love to make a castle part or a box troll outfit.  I know I still think like a kid, but the whole adult thingy just isn't me!
Isn't it funny how things break on holidays?  Or when people are coming?  The last time the water heater died was on a labor day weekend.  It was going to cost an arm, leg and liver to get it replaced.... so I told them I would just shut the water off at night until Tuesday, and pay the regular amount!  Just annoying, all these holidays.  Seriously, shouldn't they be for fun?  Too many things for sale in the stores.  We used to color eggs and think about bunnies.  Made Christmas presents at school.  Decorated for Halloween and Thanksgiving out of things that we made.  That was the major part of holidays for us.  Now it's just buy things, slap them up and put them away.  Only to loose the box before next year!  
Ok, I don't usually rant, but the "almost" fire and water leakage is messing with my head.  The heater is right under the newest part of the house! 
So back to sewing and spools!  Anyone have short, cute sayings that I can use?  I'd love to read them!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Quilt top done and other fun things.

The Scotty Dogs are put together!  Very cute! 

Close up!  Just got the top done.

Now around in my sewing room there are a few places with fun things.  This has some of my favorite things!!!

On Facebook, there are some easy ideas to make things, so I am putting a couple up here.  Just for fun!!!

I'm not into paper piecing, but I did save this one. 

I love this.  Need to put a few up around town!

Now I have 2 of these charts!  Copy them and use them for sizes that you will be making in quilts.  Helps when you are going to get fabrics!

They will help out.  I just use the size that the battings are, and you can't go over  queen size and still call it a queen quilt.  Had someone try to pull that one over on me.  If you have to get a king sized batting, then it's not a queen quilt. 
It's warming up and I have been pulling weeds.  Then it takes me 2 days to recover.  Yuck.  But the yard looks great and the gardens are looking better.  Mulching is next... yea....right....
Next week is a quilt meeting on Tuesday.  Then a talk down town about the clothing used in Dowton Abbey show on Wednesday.  Thursday is Bee.  I'll be so full of quilting and fun with my friends!  Good week!  I guess I can order the truck load of mulch and move some around... maybe not.
Fabric is my life! 
Life would be so much better if we all wore more tutus!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Closet and soap dishes...

Ok, not quilting, but these things have to get done or you can't quilt.  So the shelves went up a week ago.  Very nice.

Wooden shelf has been one of my favorites so that will hold shoes and things.

Now with my clothes in, it looks great and I have more room!

Fun clothes on one side!  I haven't seen some of these clothes for over 1 1/2 years!  They have been packed away for that long waiting to get things done!

Hats up high...I still have two large clear boxes of hats that I can't find in the house!!!  I have put them somewhere out of the way, and really can't find them.  They are the felt hats that I got in England!

Now soap dishes might not seem like a big deal, but it's driving me crazy.  Try to find one that goes with the bathroom, and doesnt' get too slimy from the soap!  This one goes with the colors of the room, but gets slimy very quickly and the soap would stick to the dish.

So I got this thingy to keep it out of the slim, but now it doesn't look very good...

So I found these beach chairs (actually salt and pepper shakers).  They would hold a bar of soap until it got worn down, and then it would slip out of the chair. 

So in Walmart clearance isle, there was this alligator dish with the little bird on the back.  It's working out very well so far!  Just is fun!   With me, I go for cute and fun every time.  Why not? 
I even got some playdoh to try to make a soap dish.  I want a wave that has a place where the slimy stuff could run down into the sink instead of building up.  See how I could have it on the edge of the sink and let the goop drain out.  So one day, I will get out the playdoh and have some fun! Got the colors of water to try and make it look like waves heading to the sink. 
I usually go into the sewing room first, so it might be a while! 
But fun will always happen around here!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quilt show eye candy!

The show is in Pigeon Forge and today is the last day it's open.  Well worth a trip there!!!  So here are just a few for you to see.  The quality of quilts this year was very, very good!!!  This one is a Hawaiian style one in the antique quilt section. 

The different areas were labeled well and they even had the name of the judge up.  Don't ask me who it was now, I forgot to take a picture of her sign.    I love the rainbow colors in this one!  Things that just POP off the quilt really catch my eye

I tried to get the names, but by the time I down load the pictures then transfer them to the blog...I'm not so sure you can read them.  I love this one with the reproduction fabrics!!

This one was amazing.  Looks simple, but go up close and there was an amazing amount of stitching in the leaves.

Can you see in the white and red leaves?  So much detail.

The hand work in this one was super.  I used to do embroidery before I started quilting.

This was so cute!  Lots of work in each block. 

This has been published and I remember looking at it.  But up close!  there is so much detail in every single part!!! 

Three-D stuff in every corner and the top has waves in fabric.  If you ever get a chance to stand in front of this one, take time to just look! 

There was a challenge where they pick 2 crayons and could add a third color to make a small piece.  The designs were creative and delightful!

They have the crayons in the baggies.

Nice Hawaiian design on a pieced background!

This is the technique with cutouts folded back.  Very clever!  I do want to try that someday...

The amount of thread in this one is unreal.  His pants are blue background, but it's totally sewn over to make the highlights.  I'm surprised that didn't get a ribbon.

My camera didn't get the colors exactly right.  But on a black curtain without a flash, it did ok.  There was a lot more royal blue in it.  I love this bargello.  Another one on my list of things to make one day!

This one could be easily overlooked, but it was very, very interesting!  Simple boxes of all different sizes with something in each box!  Colors are balanced and put together well.  I really like this one!

Nice to see Hawaiian ones getting blue ribbons in Tennessee! 

This is just too cute!

A bird of paradise!  Nice the way it more than fills out the quilt.

Soft colors with exact piecing!  Not easy with those thin pieces!

This bear is adorable!  It was velvet fabric, sewn on there very loosely!  Just wonderful!

Here's an interesting way to make a double wedding ring!  And it so deserved the blue ribbon! 

Here's the detail shot.  I loved this one, not just because it's blue...but it was so beautiful.

This Halloween quilt had so much applique details!  I just loved the little owls in it!

Another Hawaiian design takes a ribbon!!!

This one I want to make!  You can see the spools very well.  I hadn't noticed that the one in the bottom corner was tipped!  It is so pretty!

Another challenge there had fabric that was the colors of peacocks.  The pictures don't do them justice.

This eagle was so realistic!

Just a gorgeous design!

Best one!  I can see why!

The 2 love birds!!!

And this one had so much going on in the middle with 3-d fabric exploding out!
Going to shows always gets my designing juices flowing!  There is so much that can be done with fabric.  Following a pattern...well, you know exactly what you will have in the end.  And I did pick up a couple of patterns up there.  I use them as the diving board.  I don't make exactly what is there.  Mine always take a flip or turn and then it's "mine".  You just have to trust your instinct and go with it!  Now plenty of my things have just gone badly...but you learn that is not the way to do something.  Sounds silly, but remember when you were learning how to drive?  You might have made a few mistakes along the way?  Parallel  parking?  Never use that much any ways, but you had to try.  So try new things and see what it brings. 
Before it you will be making your own designs that others might want to know, "how did you do that?"  Fun!  And then you see people either copying it, or doing a variation.  I figure if they can copy mine....more power to them!  I'm having fun!  Maybe I should put out a book... but that would take time away from the actual sewing! 
So cut, sew, play.  Then if you don't like it...cut it up some more and add something else to it!  You never know what can happen!