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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What inspires you?

I miss the beach.  Lived by the beach for one year in Hawaii and about 8 years in Florida.  Just loved the waves, sand, being tan and relaxed.  The beach is an inspiration to me.

Nature is great.  You don't have to look too far to find great things.  We have a turtle or two living around the house.  And plenty of weeds.  I did spend more time than I wanted to pulling those out!  Can't keep up with everything!

I know I have been quiet for a while.  And I will be busy again for more time.  Thursday bee was held over at Deb's house and Mellissa and I decorated her walker!  Different and fun to do.  Mellissa got a bike light, horn and cup holder.  Then I did some bling and bells.  It did make her laugh!

I love this saying!  I was a hippy for a while.  You don't loose that waits for you to get done with other things.  Don't want a van again though.  Having lots of fun driving the newest car.  Then I took the Turbo out and forgot it had a clutch!  Wouldn't start until I depressed it!  Only thing that works better depressed!

This is a wonderful thing to make and leave places for kids and adults to find.  Just make a little bunny out of fleece and put a tag on it.  Seems that more and more people could use some extra smiles!  (Don't leave it in  a store that sells things like this.  They may think someone is stealing it.)  Put it in the library, coffee shop, gas station, the gym.... be creative! 
I have sewn up the nighties that I cut out a while ago.  I made a small quilt all with cat fabrics.  Got a bunch of fabrics from someone downsizing...I guess I'm still upsizing!  Love fabrics and just don't want them to be thrown out.  Some thrift shops do that.  So be careful where you send it to a new home....
I really want to sew up that denim coat that I got last year about this time.  It's long and fits well.  Got it at an estate sale for $5.  Just needs lots of fabrics on it!  And maybe some other fun stuff!!!    What will you be making?  I would love to know!  Even though I think I have more time.... other things keep getting into the way.  Just trying to keep up!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rows are done!

Here it is!   I have 9 rows in this.  All hand quilted!

The bottom 2 rows were from quilt shops out in NV.  Sent to me by a great friend out there!  She got me going on this project and I had a blast doing this!

The waves are from Sewing Machines etc., here in Knoxville.  I added the rubber ducks in there for fun.  The boots in the puddle are from a shop in Tazwell.  Can't remember the name of that one!

The one on the left side is from Mid South Sewing.  The lines under it are a waterfall.  The crab with the flip flop is from Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge.  I will be teaching the hand quilting class there.

The elephants in the mud are from Gina's in Knoxville.  And the top one with the birds flying is from Quick Cuts in Clinton.  I worked with my own fabrics....I have plenty.... so the colors would all work together.  I just got the binding on it today.  So tomorrow I will call and see if any shop has not had a winner show up and see if I can actually win something!  That would be fun!
Quilt meeting is Monday night in Oak Ridge.  Love this guild.  They are fun.  Let's face it, we can all use more fun.  A good friend of mine is here from Tunsinia.  She's a blast and does her own technique of quilting.  I marvel at it!  Always try new things.  Then you can teach or write a book on it. 
Well, Terry and I went to go get him a couple of pairs of pants.  And I didn't want to have to hem them, so we went to Burlington Coat place... he got 2 pairs that don't need hemming.  I tried some on and actually found 4 pairs that fit!!!  and they all need hemming.... damned.  now I still have to do that!  Not fun, but have to do it.  I should find petite, but you can't always.  So they are 2 to 4" too long.
Got so much to do! 
Keep playing with your fabrics!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Row by Row

Boy!  Did I get hooked!  These are so much fun!  At first I was going around to get the printed license plates for myself and a friend.  Then I started to check out the cute patterns and thought "I can do this with my fabrics!".... Sure enough, once you get started, you have to keep going!

Love all the rows.  I did change a couple just a little.  Like adding in the rubber ducks into the waves.

And I have the crab taking the flip flop away!   I always love to add a little giggle in there!
I didn't seem to use up much fabric.  Once you get to a shop...well, you just get more.  I did find a panel of Olaf!  He's so cute and happy!  I'll make something fun with that!
A friend called me a day or two ago.  She and I and several other people are always trying to find a place to put our things for sale.  It's limited that's for sure.  Some how the artist always seems to have to pay money, and time to have things in a shop.  Or spend so much time doing craft shows.  Terrible time.  I was going to get a website set up, but honestly, it'll just be one more thing for me to fool with when I'd rather be sewing.  So I have decided not to worry about it!!!!  I'm going to sew and make quilts to my heart's content!  If anyone is interested, contact me.  I'm usually home after I run errands.  Some weeks are busier than others.  I have over 100 quilts here that are waiting for the next "caretaker"/ owner! 
Keep quilting!!! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Feels like I'm slow....

There is a turtle that comes to the house in the summer.  Then he goes back across the street for the winter time.  He's beautiful.  But he doesn't like people (me) talking to him.  Wild and has a place to go.

Saw these on facebook!  Handy things.  Don't remember the source, but I think everyone who quilts should have these.
Well, I started doing the row by row patterns that quilt shops are handing out.  And I'm getting the cloth licence plates.  They are so cute!  I can't help myself!  I'm not getting the kits because I have way too much fabric.  this way my rows will match up more.  Just fun!  Got a couple more shops to go to and get that.  I also want to hand quilt my piece.  No fast, get it done, just to get the prize.  I want to enjoy the quilt when I finish it!
So?  What are you working on?  I haven't sewn up the clothing I cut out.  It will probably take me one afternoon to sew them up.  Just not as much fun as quilting!    I did make a pan of brownies tonight.... with chocolate chips in them!  Oh wow.  Wonder how long it will take my son to smell the brownies and show up?! 
Terry's left.  He told me that I should drive all the cars while he's gone to keep the batteries charged.  OK!
I can do that!  FUN TIME!
So, brownies and cars. 
AND fabric!  Sweet.  I'll be teaching a hand quilting class in November at the Atomic Fiber Shop here in Oak Ridge.  We are working out the details now.  Stay tuned!
Keep at it! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When did I post last???

Ok!  Finally got this Hawaiian one quilted.  I only had single lines in the background and decided to put double lines! 

What was I thinking...ok, I do like it better, but trying to make sure I did every line again, well, there are more things that I would rather be doing!

But it does look good to me.

And I'm appliqueing more onto this piece.  It doesn't make sense yet, but I'll keep at it.  Kind of a Zentangle with out the pen.  The fabric is the design that is filling up space. 
Been busy since Terry got home.  more to do, but less running around.  Bee is tomorrow and we are going out to eat lunch at the First Watch.  Great fresh food there!  They only serve breakfast and lunch things.  Well worth finding and enjoying! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

work, work, fun!

Ok, I do love to make clothing.  I'm cutting out some new long shirts/nighties for wearing to bed.  This is old t shirt knit!  It's much thicker than the stuff that is out now!

I basted 2 quilts the last couple of days.  This one is the turkey tracks quilt.  So I can get to work on that one soon.

This is the Dresden plates one that I marked and have started to quilt it.  It's so sweet!  I love it.  Can't see the quilting yet, but I'll put up pictures when there is enough to see.

Ah, and a second shirt/nightie.  Soft yellow in the thicker knit.  At least they will last!  The thin stuff they sell now is terrible!

And now!  I went and saw the new car today!  They are going to put the clear coat on the front to help prevent rock chipping.  Then we do the paperwork, and it's all ours/mine!  Love the "duck tail"!!!

Side mirrows have the black on the bottom to also protect from the chipping.

Inside!  Well what can you say? 

Only 22 miles on it so far, but I got to sit in it!

Sweet ride!  I told Terry he could be the test driver.  Maybe I had better say the first tank of gas or one day, which ever comes first!
You know, it's only money and you have so much fun driving in comfort!  When you come to this time in your life (empty nest and not quite old....)  go for it!  There has got to be things left to look forward to doing! 
Having said that, after looking at the car today, I was at a light waiting to turn left.  Got the green arrow and the van coming from the left side either didn't see the light, or he was going to just run the red light....and we barely missed each other.  I  had just started to pull out when I realized, he was not on the brakes!  So I gunned it!  If he was going to hit the truck, then I didn't want him to hit the driver's door.  Glad he had good brakes and the truck had good pickup!  I had an instant headache.  I had to go into a parking lot and walk it off.  Still took 2 excedrine and got a bottle of wine on the way home.  That goes with dinner tonight!
So everyone be careful out there!  Life is too short to get into an accident!!!!  Who would get all my fabric?  I have too many more quilts to make and a car I have yet to drive!!!
I have a friend who is going to have knees replaced.  The best thing to do when a friend is going through things is to go see them!  Bring lunch and chocolate!  Laugh and love your friends!  When it's your turn to have them over, they will bring good stuff too!  Don't ask what can I do?  DO THINGS.  Call, send cards, talk to them, knock on the door and go see them.  If they don't like what you brought over, she'll throw it out, but she'll still be happy you came! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

4th in Norris!

Norris is a great place on the 4th.  Here's some pictures of the activities!  Slip and Slide is busy with kids!

Tents set up with bake sales, boy scouts, and other groups.  I got the best zucchini bread!

People dressed in period costumes!

And another! 

All kinds of things!  Kids have decorated their bikes.

3 jumping things were busy!

Lions club did the BBQ lunch.  Library sells off books to get new ones.

You can pick a duck to win a watermelon.  This little guy almost fell into the pool while he was spinning the melons!

And here are the kids lines up for the start of the race!  They go by age groups.  They are so cute.  There's always one in every group that races right down, and the others are looking all over the place.
I grew up in Vermont, and this sort of thing went on with parades every holiday.  Always  the whole family had things to do. It was great.  I go over there every 4th!
Quilting is slow, and I'm getting ready to baste the next one or two quilts.  Always takes time to clear off the table!  And while it's clear, I try to get several things down before it gets piles of fabric on it again.
It's too hot out to do that darn gardening... so I'll be sewing!  Cars and Coffee will be down at the West Hills Mall at 8am to 10am tomorrow!  Go see fantastic cars and trucks!