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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Extra goodies for give aways!

Ok!  You know that bag made out of 6 fat quarters on one side and 1 1/2 yards on the inside?  Well there is my attempt.  Then someone was kind enough to send me the directions! 

So I made a small version.  4 fat quarters and a yard on the inside!  Still pretty big.  This one went together much faster.

Then at the modern quilt guild meeting, one woman told us about making over a tv tray table into a small ironing table to use near your sewing machine.  She had bought a set of 4 tables and only wanted one.  So I got 2.  One for me and the other for the Christmas exchange in December's meeting! 

It was pretty easy.  Cut 3 layers of cotton batting, each slightly different size so the edges blend off the edge of the table.  I sewed them between 2 pieces of muslin to keep them nice.  Then you cut a piece bigger than the table top, turn the edge over to make a casing.  Run a ribbon through that and tie it on to the table gathering in the edges to fit the table.  Voila!
I have made so many ironing board covers in my life time.  The can get dirty, brown from the heat, and colors of things being ironed get into the fabric.  So it's a different shape, but small and easy.
So?  What are you making for presents?  I sent off pillow cases, bags, and bowl koosies.  Plenty to make, but you sit and think of the people when you are working. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

on going work...

Ok. it's appliqued and pieced the borders.  Just playing around with different ideas!

Finished this little cutie!  Not big but it was fun to finally finish the quilting. 
Plenty left to do!  So tomorrow I'll get a few more things organized to work on!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A VERY big quilt is done!!!

Wow... it's 88" x 106".  It's folded into quarters right now so I can show it to you.

This is the snowball block.

the 10" wide border.

and the TN star block. 
This quilt took about 4 1/2 months to quilt.  Just been a crazy year with too much going on.  So now I can baste one of mine and get it into the frame! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What a day!

Yesterday was the Holiday Sale at the Art Center in Oak Ridge.  It was great!  Sold a lot of items and had a blast talking with everyone!  I was so worn out at the end of the day.  Didn't have a lot to pack up and bring home!  I may just do this again next year!

I didn't buy anything (but lunch.).  I need to be getting to the projects that I have at home.  I'm getting ready to put the binding on a very large quilt for my great customer and friend!  Then I can get it boxed up and in the mail before the big holidays get started up!

I'll be having turkey at a wonderful friend's house with her kids and their partners.  Terry and Mike will be with us!  Quite a crowd!  I have know her since we lived down in Louisiana before our sons were born!  We are still very close.  Brenda and I go out to lunch once a month! 

So I have started to think about new year's resolutions.  Last year I wanted to make a quilt top every month.  Didn't quite get to that many, but 8 or 9 was pretty good!  So maybe next year, I should keep trying to do that, and quilt some of these up!!!  I'll never complain about having too many things to "work" on.  It's so much fun for me!

I plan on getting my entry forms done for the modern quiltcon show in Savannah in February.  I have 2 to enter.  Got to do this online... tricky for me!  Time to stretch and grow! 

Terry has retired, so we are making plans to travel and enjoy more things!  I love that idea!!  So I'll get some pictures going on what is getting done in the sewing room.  When it comes to the holidays, eat dessert first, and take home leftovers! 


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things for sale next weekend!

Busy, busy, busy.



Baby sized quilts.

Little bigger quilt.

More cats!

Square baby quilt.


Love the colors!


Queen sized quilt.

With lots of quilting, all by hand.

Bowl koosies.

And the practice set up for my booth.
the booth space is only 4' x 8'.  So I'm limited on how much I can bring.  The larger quilts will be home, but if you want to purchase them, contact me.
Today, I will be teaching a class on hand quilting at the Atomic Fibers Shop in Oak Ridge, TN.   This is the third time I will teach this in a year.  There are plenty of people who want hand quilted quilts!  I still get calls even though I have stopped taking in new customers.
I am running around in circles today!  I also saw an ad about a person who buys old toys, he's coming into Knoxville next weekend.  Well, I'll be busy on the Friday and Saturday at the Art Center selling my items.  But Sunday I can take the load of toys down there to see what he may give me for them.  It would be nice to sell them to someone who knows what they are worth.  Not just someone who is going to pay way less than the value and have them be chewed up by the dogs.  So I have to dig in the store room to find the rest of the things to bring down there!
Always something else thrown in to make life more interesting.  I'm not going to run any marathons, but it sure feels like I'm on the track to no where many days!
What happened to just sit and sew!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

For Sale!!! Lots of good things!

I'm going to be at the ONE DAY ONLY holiday sale at the Art Center in Oak Ridge, TN on November 12th!  These are some of the things that I will have there for sale! 

Small bags with cats on them! There are larger bags also that are packed and ready to go! 

Here's one bag with many pockets inside...

and this is the other side of the bag.

Small quilt, "Eat my Dust".  Supposed to be a tire track across the road!

In one corner, I stenciled in the lizard.  All hand quilted!

Dissappearing 9 Patch background with large daisies!

All hand quilted!

This is one that I started years ago, and finished recently.  Again, all these quilts are hand quilted.

I have been making modern designs for years!

This is the 9 Patch Pizzazza style of designing with large prints.  I used  panels that have the cats on them.

Cute cats!

A great baby quilt with the bright colors!

And quilted, and has the koi fish in some blocks.

All circles!

Each block different colors.

4 patch background, with daisies appliqued on this.

The "Log Cowbin" quilt! 

And quilted!

This is a double bed quilt.  I bought the top in an antique store!  It was just sitting there, and I knew I had to finish it.  So I designed the quilting to fit in the spaces.

I love the feather design on the older quilts.

The colors are from the 20's?  Not sure if it's from the 20's to the 40's.

Another picture of the quilting.

These are some of the bowl koosies that are going to the sale.

More koosies....

and a few others...

and a couple more.  They are reversible, and can be machine washed.

cat bags are going!

And here's my practice set up for the back of the booth.  I can't bring too many large quilts, so I'm hoping the small items sell well. 
This is a great place to buy presents for Christmas time.  There are so many wonderful artists there.  Pottery, paintings, photography, soap makers, doll makers... and many others.  The place is always busy, it's one day only! 
Ok, I should be out clearing out the garden beds.... nay.  I'm going to quilt once I get done here.  Maybe tomorrow for outside..... maybe not! 
I have priorities!